MGM18- In the Name of My Brother®

2020-06-29  In the Name of My Brother Monjoronson. “In the name of my brother, the Creator of this particular universe and from whom many of you have originated, I come to share what only He, Jesus of Nazareth known widely as Christ Michael can profess.  That there will be no resolution until each and every […]

NET94- Pandemic, Qualities for Sustainability, Fear Not®

2020-06-29.  Pandemic, Qualities for Sustainability, Fear Not. A false sense of security. Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and I am pleased to be here with you. Today marks a new chapter in the saga of Urantia—of its becoming a part of the family of inhabited planets and in Nebadon. Your consciousness is vital […]

NID1059- Harmony and Healing®

2020-06-28.  Harmony and Healing. North Idaho June 28, 2020 Machaventa   TR: Cathy I am most appreciative of your intention to bring harmony and Healing to this world. Many aspects are coming together to bring healing.  We see groups bringing this intention to the circuits to good effect.  All thoughts are drawn to the Creator and […]

LLN574- Virus Mindset, Open to God’s Influence®

2020-06-25. Virus Mindset, Open to God’s Influence. Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, thank you so much for coming to us this way, making yourself available for our listening ears and our hungry souls. Especially double thank you for being so much a part of our lives. Michael, I like to think of your Spirit of […]

11CT-556- To Be or Not to Be®

2020-06-21. To Be or Not to Be. Uteah. My Dear Students, For all you blessed souls on Urantia that are indwelt by the Father’s Spirit, it should not be surprising for you to understand that your Thought Adjuster (TA) is the reason for your being.  The very reality whereby your consciousness operates is existential in […]

NID1058- Father’s Day Message®

2020-06-21.  Father’s Day Message. Michael.  On this day in honor of Father’s Day ==  I join you to recognize the power of our Heavenly Father. On your planet the original Adam was to provide guidance and example for all Fathers.  In the Adamic default this visual example was removed.  There were memories of strong Fatherhood […]

LLN573- Desire To Partner With Divine Energies®

2020-06-18. Desire To Partner With Divine Energies. Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2020-06-18 – LLN #573 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan T/R: Mark Rogers Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for this grace. Thank you for this opportunity to join us as we come together as we attempt to join you in our process of seeking and finding. Dr. […]

NID1057- Lightline Healing Intention®

2020-06-18  Lightline Healing Intention In response to a Lightline healing intention. Light. I am joining in celebration of this event of faith. You can be assured that the proper action has been taken and accepted. Your faith is standing forth as a testimony of your connection with our Divine Parents.  Together we form a circle of love […]

NET93- Justice, Racism, Social Evolution & Social Sustainability®

2020-06-15.  Justice, Racism, Social Evolution & Social Sustainability. On leadership. Machiventa.  Good morning. This is Machiventa and I am here with my team of Melchizedek’s to speak with you today. We have continued to observe your world as your world now has something to bring all people together—that is, a terrible disease that is decimating […]

NID1056- Be a Force for Good®

2020-06-14 Be a Force for Good Machiventa. I wish to speak briefly about progress on the planet.  There is much that you are unaware of. Many good aspects are coming together to bring real change in this beginning of The Correcting Time. Be a force for good and continue to connect with the planet circuits […]

11CT-555- Discover a Life of Meaning®

2020-06-14.  Discover a Life of Meaning. Uteah.  My Dear Students, The conditions whereby consciousness operates on Urantia is in flux—constantly changing, and it is changing to benefit humanity.  The opportunities for souls to progress are increasing in ways that have never been available at any other time since Christ Michael’s bestowal.  Like all opportunities, it […]

LLN572- The Waters of Life®

2020-06-11.  The Waters of Life. Michael.  (CathyM)   In my time on your world the term was used in many instances to bring the glory of the Father to mortals in a way that could be accepted.  I referred to my spiritual journey and the help that I received in the terms of life giving fluid.  […]

11CT-554- Understand the Primary Relationship®

2020-06-08.  Understand the Primary Relationship. Uteah. My Dear Students, There is but one way to secure your continuity in eternity, and that is to recognize that you are host to the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator Father (Thought Adjuster).  You are the vessel that carries the Divine Fragment and by understanding that there is a […]

LYT420- A Lesson about Responsibility®

2020-06-05.  A Lesson about Responsibility. The Beloved One. “Today’s lesson will be about responsibility. Responsibility or rather being responsible for the actions, one undertakes has been very little understood by the majority of the people on this planet. Actions often follow spontaneous thoughts or are done in the ‘heat of the moment’, without spending much thoughts […]

LLN570- Circuitry, Energy, Gift of Grace

2020-06-04 Circuitry, Energy, Gift of Grace Lightline – LLN #570 (Circuitry, Energy) (Gift of Grace) T/R: Mark Rogers Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2020-06-04 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Inner Voice T/R : Mark Rogers (Circuitry, Energy) DR MENDOZA:  Thank you for setting a place for me and creating a space that I am welcome because of your intention […]

MGM16 – Truth Comes in All Colors®

2020-06-03. Truth Comes in All Colors. Monjoronson.  :  During these times of uncertainty and unrest, let us talk about truth. Truth comes in all colors. It does not matter whether you are black, brown, yellow, red, or white.  It does not matter whether you are affiliated with blue or red.  It does not matter whether […]

LYT419- Blessed Are Those®

2020-06-03.  Blessed Are Those. The Beloved One. “Presently you see only with material eyes. As yet you can have no real concept of the grandeur of the invisible world. The celestial world which holds untold beauty in store for those who dare to believe, there to be more to life than in a short earthly existence. […]

NET92 – Religion, Discernment, Authority, Social Issues & Progress®

2020-06-01.  Religion, Discernment, Authority, Social Issues & Progress. Nature of current crises. Machiventa.   Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and it is a pleasure to be with you. Myself and my team greatly appreciate the connections you have made with this telephone service so that we can connect personally with those in foreign countries around […]