LLN579- TA Relationships, Your Magisterial Mission Efforts

2020-07-30.  TA Relationships, Your Magisterial Mission Efforts. Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2020-07-30 – LLN #579 Teacher: Inner Voice, Monjoronson T/R: Mark Rogers Prayer: I’d like to invite you all to join with me in supporting this circuit of receiving, this circuit of transcending the mortal and connecting to spirit where we actively seek the divine guidance and […]

MGM19- God as a Pronoun®

2020-07-28.  God As A Pronoun. Introduction: In each and every reference I make to God, it becomes a struggle for me to represent the ‘First Source of All’ in gender related pronouns. Should God be called He, She or It?  Our cultures are becoming more and more sensitive to the need to correct our gender […]

NET96- Education, Social Institutions, Spirituality, Core Values, Viruses®

2020-07-27. Education, Social Institutions, Spirituality, Core Values, Viruses. Opportunity and success in difficult times. Machiventa. Good morning my friends. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I am reveling in the brightness of your smiles, the radiance of your personalities, and the God presence within you. Thank you. Today we engage you in some of the traumatic realities […]

11CT-559- The Circuits are Energized®

2020-07-26. The Circuits are Energized. Uteah. My Dear Students, I have a very important message on communication with your Indwelling Spirit of the Father—your Thought Adjuster (T-A) that I would like for you to consider?  During this time of correction on Urantia, there have been many changes in “policy” that affect the way consciousness operates.  […]

NID1062- Stronger Connections

2020-07-26  Stronger Connections NID #1062 North Idaho July , 2020 Developing a connection with Monjoronson Serena  TR: Cathy Serena. You are correct in the feeling of connection that we have been building over time.  We are here and will connect with more of you as the mission progresses. Wave  TR: Cathy WAVE. I  join you […]

LLN578- Manifold Workings of Love

2020-07-23.  Manifold Workings of Love. Mother Spirit on July 23, 2020. – LLN #578 Nebadonia – T/R—JL (Handling the virus threat) (Love) (Love is connection) (Love=appreciation=value) (Love is both created and recognized) (We were designed—no accident) (Keep a warm heart, and lovingly tease) (Fighting the paralysis of despair) (Getting outdoors in the sun and air) (Practice […]

NID1061- The Angels of Progress®

2020-07-19.  The Angels of Progress. Monjoronson. The Angels of Progress are very active at this time in many aspects of life.  They are united in promoting the Correcting Time plan of Michael.  As you observed in the Hackathon 2020, their support enables groups to bring forth solutions to problems in a time of radical change.  […]

11CT-558- An Apocalyptic Showdown®

2020-07-19.  An Apocalyptic Showdown. Gabriel.  Dear One,  There is a battle on-going in the mass consciousness of your world and you are not the only soldier fighting the good fight.   Your seer of old saw a vision of this battle and described it as the armies of Earth coming together for an Apocalyptic showdown.  […]

LLN577- Inner Voice Connection & Spiritual Muscles®

2020-07-16.  Inner Voice Connection & Spiritual Muscles. Prayer: Divine Parents, we come to you once again to seek your embrace in this process of our growth. As we become more and more aware it is our desire to be more and more like you. And so, we approach you at these times and reach up […]

NET95- Inflection Points, Will-Command, Co-Creative Designs for Sustainability®

2020-07-13.  Inflection Points, Will-Command, Co-Creative Designs for Sustainability. Inflection Points As An Opportunity—For You. Machiventa: Good morning dear friends. This is Machiventa Melchizedek and it is my heightened delight to be here with you today. One thing about working with mortals is that there seems to be no end to new activities that mortals get […]

LLN576- Energy Fields and Circuits®

2020-07-09  Energy Fields and Circuits Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2020-07-09 LLN #576 Teacher: Inner Voice, Dr. Mendoza T/R: Mark Rogers Prayer: I would like to pause to add some notes of gratitude for our Divine Parents for all that we experience, all that’s around us and before us, all that’s within us, all the expectations we […]

LLN576sp- Campos y Circuitos de Energía.

2020-07-09 Campos y circuitos de energía LLN576sp- Campos y Circuitos de Energía. Tema: Teleconferencia Lightline 2020-07-09 Maestro: Voz interior, Dr. Mendoza T/R: Mark Rogers Oración: Me gustaría hacer una pausa para añadir algunas notas de gratitud para nuestros Padres Divinos por todo lo que experimentamos, todo lo que está a nuestro alrededor y delante de […]

NID1060- Light Opportunities in Dark Times®

2020-07-05.  Light Opportunities in Dark Times. North Idaho July 5,  2020   – NID # 1060 Machiventa   TR : Cathy Machiventa. It is good to see the celebration of freedom and family in these turbulent times.  You are strategically placed throughout the United States, and indeed the world, to provide a network of connection.  Connected with […]

LLN575- Opportunity for Reevaluation, Fruits of the Spirit®

2020-07-02. Opportunity for Reevaluation, Fruits of the Spirit. Mark: I invite you all to come with me and join up together and as was mentioned, I would like to direct some focus/attention to firing or building up the Thought Adjuster circuit because it flashed on me that if we want our news from a real […]

LLN575sp- Oportunidad de Reevaluación, Frutos del Espíritu

2020-07-02. Oportunidad de reevaluación, frutos del espíritu. LLN575sp- Oportunidad de Reevaluación, Frutos del Espíritu Teleconferencia Lightline 2020-07-02 – LLN #575 Maestro: Voz interior, Machiventa Melchizedek T/R: Mark Rogers Mark: Los invito a todos a que vengan conmigo y se unan y como se mencionó, me gustaría dirigir algo de enfoque/atención a encender o construir el […]