JSP18- Will Is Your Rudder

2021-02-28.  Will Is Your Rudder. W I L L   I S   Y O U R.  R U D D E R All life began in the mind of God.  First was the thought and out from the thought in every direction possible issued its expression.  God, the thought is always at the center.  Reality […]

LLN608- Open Mind, Curiosity, and Wonder; Free Exchange of Ideas and Unity®

2021-02-25.  Open Mind, Curiosity, and Wonder; Free Exchange of Ideas and Unity. Prayer. Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, It is so good to be here again with the two of you–our wonderful, spiritual parents. It helps us imagine just for a few delicious moments, what it must be to be a Creator Son and Daughter […]

JSP17- Golden Key

2021-02-24.  Golden Key G O L D E N.  K E Y My children, you do not live up to the faith you truly have. Your minds are creative; they can visualize and real-ize.  Begin to allow your thoughts to consider possibilities.  Your ability to bring in new concepts and act upon them is key to […]

paper- Progressive’s Handbook For Reframing Democratic Values – 19.26.05

2021-02-21. PLEASE DOWNLOAD TO VIEW PAPER To leave a comment, reply or question… CLICK HERE ABSTRACT  19.26.05 The Progressive’s Handbook for Reframing Democratic Values NOTE: The word “progressive” refers to those individuals of any political party who seek the legitimate means to support the evolution of democracies to become more effective and representative of citizens, […]

11CT-571- The Ascendant Path of the Soul®

2021-02-21.  The Ascendant Path of the Soul. Vutia.  Greetings to you my dear brother!  My name is Vutia (Voot-cha) and I am an ascendant soul once residing on the planet called “Panoptia.”  I belong to a group of seven that contacts you from the fifth mansion world and from its sea of glass.  We are […]

LLN607- Spirit Growth, Development & Exercise®

2021-02-18.  Spirit Growth, Development & Exercise. Prayer: I welcome Machiventa Melchizedek again in faithful camaraderie. No matter what the circumstances are, may we always work together and grow in our connection. Machiventa: [Mark] And it shall be so, as you say my friends, because you have shown you will make it so. I recognize that capacity […]

JSP16- Difference Between Right & Wrong

2021-02-16. Difference Between Right & Wrong. D I F F E R E N C E   B E T W E E N   R I G H T  &. W R O N G Today, I’m going to show you reality from a different perspective.  Mosaic Law, the Old Testament Commandments, were laws which […]

paper- Progressive Politics- 56.06

2021-02-16  PLEASE DOWNLOAD TO VIEW PAPER To leave a comment, reply or question… CLICK HERE ABSTRACT:  Progressive Politics, Democracy, and Human Motivation Progressive Politics, Democracy, and Human Motivation provides a brief insight into an integrated system of those three elements.  There is a reason people all over the world have gravitated toward democracy.  It is […]

JSP15- Standing Too Close

2021-02-14. Standing Too Close. S T A N D I N G   T O O   C L O S E      – JSP#15 There was a certain man conflicted by which life to live. The life he was born into didn’t quite fulfill him; The life he aspired to live was one of intention, […]

JSP15sp- Estando Demasiado Cerca

2021-02-14. Estando demasiado cerca. E S T A N D O   D E M A S I A D O   C E R C A – JSP#15 Había un hombre que estaba en conflicto por la vida que debía vivir. La vida en la que había nacido no le satisfacía del todo; la vida a […]

MGM27- Love Will Prevail®

2021-02-13. Love Will Prevail. Monjoronson. “To those who are lonely, to those who are confused, to those who feel loss and find it difficult feel hope for the future, to those who cannot see their way out of the chaos of these times, I come to you with assurance from the Father that you are […]

LLN606- Health, Healing & the Power of Timeless Love®

2021-02-11. Health, Healing & the Power of Timeless Love. Prayer: I try to express where we are, where our hearts are, where our concerns are, to try and be players and make this dynamic two ways, not just waiting for your actions and your response but positioning ourselves to be players in the process. So be […]

JSP14- Who Are You?

2021-020-08. Who Are You? W H O   A R E   Y O U  ? First my friends I will show you what doesn’t change.  In your life on this world you notice that everything is constantly changing.  So the Father is the one person that actually doesn’t change.  Yes there are levels and dimensional aspects […]

JSP14sp- ¿Quién Eres Tú?

2021-020-08. ¿Quién eres tú? ¿Q U I É N   E R E S   T Ú? Primero mis amigos les mostraré lo que no cambia.  En su vida en este mundo ustedes notan que todo está cambiando constantemente.  Así que el Padre es la única persona que realmente no cambia.  Sí hay niveles y aspectos dimensionales […]

RRS2- The Ways of Love, Discernment, Idealism of the 60’s & Millennials, Celestial Expectations

2021-02-08.  The Ways of Love, Discernment, Idealism of the 60’s & Millennials, Celestial Expectations. World Economic Forum simulations. Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. We will begin with questions if you have any. Jeff: Good morning Machiventa, this is Jeff. Are you familiar with the World Economic Forum and their sponsored sub-forums? Machiventa. We […]

JSP13- The Three Persons

2021-02-06. The Three Persons. T H E   T H R E E   P E R S O N S – JSP#13      In the manner of my teaching, I am going to tell you the story of the three persons inside of a man.  The first person is the one you think you are, […]

LYT210204- By Tiny Steps Of Faith®

2021-02-04.  By Tiny Steps Of Faith. The Beloved: “Wait upon Me, My beloved, and hear My words in quiet contemplation. Your attempts to bring knowledge of Me into the public domain, so others may learn about Who lives in their hearts, is greatly satisfying to Me as your Teacher. It is truly necessary to be open […]

LLN605- Flowers in the Garden – Offspring of Divinity®

2021-02-04. Flowers in the Garden – Offspring of Divinity. Prayer:  Divine Parents, please join us in this meeting of family. It is with such great appreciation and gratitude that we recognize we have been cared for, nurtured, protected, encouraged and loved by you throughout our journey that many of us have been on together for […]

JSP12- Compass of Guiding Light

2021-02-03.  Compass of Guiding Light. C O M P A S S   of   G U I D I N G   L I G H T       With so much conflicting information creating confusion leading to polarization, discernment becomes an increasingly important issue.  Discernment comes from the ability to use intuition and understanding.  Here […]