LLN589- Manifesting®

2020-10-08.  Manifesting. Prayer: I’d like to bring into full recognition, the en-circuitment that we just did, that we are, that we create when we join in this way. A unique configuration, a unique energy grid, a unique creation that we all have engaged in, even now. I’d like to give word, give definition to such a […]

NET101- Values, Correcting Time, Cultures, Zero-Point Energy, Crises®

2020-10-05. Values, Correcting Time, Cultures, Zero-Point Energy, Crises. Your role in all this. Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a wonderful day to be here. There are many in the world who are aggrieved by conditions around them—conditions in their lives and so on—yet, in the Father, all is at peace, all […]

11CT-566- A Period of Recess®

2020-10-04. A Period of Recess. Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus Dear Friends, As I have indicated in my previous communication, “The Changing of the Guard,” we have entered a period of recess with Trinity Teacher Uteah.  I do not know in human measures how long this recess will be, but she has indicated to […]

LLN588- Meridith Tenney®

2020-10-01. Meridith Tenney. Mark: Long time Urantia teacher Meridith Tenney recently graduated to the mansion worlds and this missive is dedicated to her. What we can learn from her is what it looks like to put your faith in action and move from thought through word and into deed through the process and maintain your principles […]