JSP11- Your Conflicted World

2021-01-28.  Your Conflicted World. Y O U R   C O N F L I C T E D   W O R L D – JSP#11      Your world is experiencing a great transition.  There is a spiritual pressure to move into a deeper understanding; an understanding with love and respect for the social diversity of […]

LLN604- Soul Review – The Pieces of “You”, Free Will

2021-01-28. Soul Review – The Pieces of “You”, Free Will Mother Spirit January 28, 2021  – LLN #604 (The complexity of being human)  (Personality Survival)  (The Eternal Now)  (The purpose for, and within, life)   (Visiting your  soul)  (A life of appreciation)  (The reason for the Urantia Book)   (Rebellion against divine order)   (A spiritual example for everyone—encourage freedom)  […]

RRS1- Opening Intro to RRS, Democracy, Lessons to Learn

2021-01-25. Opening Intro to RRS, Democracy, Lessons to Learn 2021-01-25, RRS #1, Machiventa Rapid Response Solutions #1 – (Find this and any other RRS’s at: https://bigmacspeaks.life/) Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics: Rapid Response Solutions and the past tense Your Stage 2 democracies are naïve Stage 1 democracies Stage 2 democracies Getting to Stage 3 A […]

11CT-570- Two Important Papers®

2021-01-24.  Two Important Papers. Dear friends and light workers, Chris Maurus. There are many changes taking place in our outer-world as well as in our inner-world. Personally, I have been going though my own struggle with these changes as I know you are, but I am more than hopeful about the future, and I continue […]

paper- Stage 3 Democracies A Design-Build Project – 53.08

2021-01-23  PLEASE DOWNLOAD TO VIEW PAPER To leave a comment, reply or question… CLICK HERE   ABSTRACT   53.08  STAGE 3 DEMOCRACIES Many citizens, Americans, Brits, Australians, New Zealanders, French, German, Italian, and of every other democratic nation are now wondering about the future of their democracy, whether it will succumb to the extremism of the […]

LLN603 – Consciousness Shift – Let The Games Begin!®

2021-01-21. Consciousness Shift – Let The Games Begin! Prayer: Divine Parents, join us as we join each other, as we circle up around the light of love, as we come gather around the warmth emanating from our central creation of light. We come together to commune with you, our Divine Parents, and all of our other friends of […]

MUS14- Can We Command Celestial Beings?

2021-01-18. Can We Command Celestial Beings? Recently I reread a couple of notes I had taken from reading a couple of scrippets of messages from Machiventa Melchizedek. Of all the ones I had read over the years, these struck me enough that I thought I had better save them. Then, recently, my co-facilitator Raymon and […]

11CT-569 The Beginning (5:52)®

2021-01-17. The Beginning (5:52). The Collective of Urantia Thought Adjusters. This message is for all souls on Urantia that are willing—that they may understand the mystery of the Indwelling Presence of Universal Father living and working in their mind.  We, the Thought Adjusters of Urantia, are making known to you—blessed souls—the meek, the kind, the […]

JSP10- I AM Revelation

2020-01-15. I  A M   R E V E L A T I O N I came to your world for the expressed purpose to reveal the Father, to release His Spirit of Truth, and show mankind the brother and sister relationship within the Kingdom of Heaven……..a spiritual kingdom.  The Old Testament expected a Messiah, one […]

MUS9- Reaping What Has Not Been Sown

2020-01-13. Reaping What Has Not Been Sown. There are many citations regarding reaping and sowing, usually in the context that what one sows is what one reaps. We have heard the expression, “Today is the father of tomorrow.” In Galatians 6:7, (and UB 2:3.2) is written, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked, for whatsoever a […]

MUS13- The Work of Byron Katie

2021-01-11.  The Work of Byron Katie I want to introduce to you Byron Katie and her process of helping others to challenge their negative and mostly erroneous belief systems and overcoming the thoughts that make them very much less than they should be. In a key way, this is another way to slice David Hawkins’ […]

MGM26- Healing a Tormented Heart®

2021-01-11.  Healing a Tormented Heart. Monjoronson. When all is disclosed some may find themselves in a strange alliance that does not appear to be what they signed on for.  Others may find themselves experiencing the reality of dark premonitions they had in the past.   Some will adjust their alliances; others will stand firm in their […]

JSP9- Be you perfect, even as I AM

2021-01-08. ”Be you perfect, even as I AM”. ”Be you perfect, even as I AM”. – SJP#9 My Friends, can you truly understand that My Father personally guides each and everyone of you.  The Father indwells you for just that purpose; that you may achieve His level of perfection.  The substance and quality of your […]

LLN601- Communication®

2021-01-07. Communication. Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2021-01-07 – LLN #601 Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice T/R: Mark Rogers Prayer: We here tonight have come to the realization that we are capable of exercising our spiritual birthright and placing ourselves in the circuit of receiving and being grateful for the grace, for the love on high that we feel […]

MUS10- Monotheism or not?

2020-01-06. Monotheism or not? We read in The Urantia Book that one reason Michael of Nebadon chose the Hebrew society to be incarnated within was that its worship of one God. This one God whom these people worshiped was significant because he was a singular being, a point that was always important for the evolution […]

MLV28- You are unique

2021-01-05.  You are unique. Quebec, Canada, January 5, 2021. Teacher : Monjoronson  Subject : You are unique Message received by : Michel Levasseur Monjoronson: Hello my friends, here Monjoronson and on this day I want to convey to you some information which has never been conveyed to you in the past My friends, open your hearts and imagine the greatness […]

JSP8- God Is There

2021-01-03. God Is There. G O D   I S   T H E R E     – JSP #8       Today, I greet you in peace!  You live in times wherein the soil of conflict, dissension, and viral plague cannot grow peace, nor sustain it in equal measure. Political and economic turmoil headline the so-called […]