POD104- The Golden Rule®

2020-09-27. The Golden Rule. To Listen – <<click here>> Wisdom from Urantia’s Planetary Manager. Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast #104. This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek our planetary manager and perhaps other celestial personalities who are here to assist us depending on […]

11CT-565- The Day of Equilibrium®

2020-09-27. The Day of Equilibrium. Chris Maurus. I have learned from the difficult lessons of the past and by the folly of others that making predictions is a sure way to discredit yourself and create controversy for those that support you.  I have vowed to never make predictions even if having the greatest inspired knowledge […]

LLN587- Urantia Book, Jesus’ Life, Patience®

2020-09-24.  Urantia Book, Jesus’ Life, Patience. JL: This year–twenty-twenty–I hope gives us some good vision, both inward and outward. Nebadonia:  Good evening, this is Mother Spirit, and I’ll second your notion about good vision. That is what Michael and I definitely wish all of our children to keep striving for. It’s both that good vision […]

11CT-564- Enhanced Circuits Explained®

2020-09-20. Enhanced Circuits Explained. The Urantia Collective of Thought Adjusters. This message is for all souls on Urantia—that they may understand the mystery of the Indwelling Presence of Universal Father living and working in their mind.  Each one of you has a powerful Fragment of deity (the Thought Adjuster / T A) that works with […]

LLN586- Desires To Be In Service®

2020-09-17. Desires To Be In Service. Prayer: I now invite our spirit based component, the part of ourselves that is an onboard partner, a gift from The Father Himself. I invite us all to set a place at our table for such a guest as we would like to welcome and I would like to […]

11CT-563- The Changing of the Guard®

2020-09-13. The Changing of the Guard. Dear Friends, There’s an eerie silence that I been experiencing in the last few weeks and I wanted to let those that may be concerned that I have not dropped off the map.  I’m waiting patiently for what feels like a “Changing of the guard.”  I can’t tell you […]

POD103- Death & Dying – Part 1®

2020-09-12  Podcast Series 103 – Death & Dying- Part 1 To Listen – <<click here>> Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager Podcast 103 – Death and Dying Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast 103. This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek, our […]

LLN585- Challenging Times®

2020-09-10.  Challenging Times. Prayer: Divine Parents, please embrace our collective petition to approach you and be close to you and your emissaries of light as we desire to be more like you and find you in this process. Help us to open our capacities Divine Parents. We come again to this well, we seek again […]

NET99- Values, Urantia School, Celestial Actions, Soul Growth, Black Swans®

2020-09-07. Values, Urantia School, Celestial Actions, Soul Growth, Black Swans. Rancor in the U.S. election. Machiventa: Good morning. For some of you, it’s good afternoon, or good evening. This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I greet you from our place and abode here on your planet. We are here at times, sometimes we are afar, but, […]

LLN584- Connecting to Your Thought Adjuster®

2020-09-0.3 Connecting to Your Thought Adjuster. Prayer. I ask that we send our petition out to the universe as a collective antennae. We now set the stage for this gift of grace among us and between us and our spirit components. I invite us all to enter that spirit arena that we have within, that […]