Q1: What do the abbreviations on the Group Names mean?

A1: Each of the Teaching Mission groups gave themselves a name; usually to identify an area or city where they are meeting or some other name to describe an effort or a stage in that time period they were meeting.

Below is a list of teaching mission groups that appear in the transcripts on this website. There may be more added as time goes on.

Abundant Hope TeaM – (2009-2015) is a group focused upon exercising reopened spiritual circuits now operating on Urantia by way of disseminating telepathic messages received from various spiritual entities.

Andover TeaM – (199702012) The ”’Andover TeaM”’ is in Andover, MN where [[Leoma]] Sparer serves as TR joined by her husband Randy.

Arcadia TeaM –(1998-2011) Participants held their meetings in Arcadia, CA

Bakersfield TeaM – (1998-1999) Participants lived around the Bakersfield, CA area.

Black Brook TeaM –

Buffalo TeaM –

Butler TeaM –

CCDT TeaM – (2006-2009) and stands for “Co-Creative Design Team” and was a conference which shared a class at the Assn of Light & Life held at the Unity Village, MO. TR was Daniel Raphael and the celestial names Sondjah was most frequent during these workshops and sessions.

Cincinnati TeaM –

Corona TeaM –

Corvalis TeaM –

Costa Rica TeaM –

CWM – Conversations with Monjoronson – 

Dallas TeaM –

Denver TeaM –

Denver Boulder TeaM – 

Erethea TeaM – (2010-2011) is a UK based organization devoted to publishing telepathic messages received from members of the Spiritual Hierarchy since June 2010 and include the works of Monjoronson, Mary Magdalena, S333 & Michael of Nebadon.

Kona TM – The Kona Urantia Community dates back to 1971, when several of the founding members settled coffee and macadamia nut farms on the slopes of Mauna Loa just above the shores of historic Kealakekua Bay. As the years passed, many UB readers from the other islands and the mainland joined them and soon many children joined too. Most still live here and Study groups met each week as they have for many, many, years. It is a loose association of independent like-minded people who have truly grown into a community. Veronica, Norson, Sig-El are the most frequent teachers among several others.

Marin TeaM – Marin TeaM refers to The Teaching Mission group of Marin County and has been meeting from 2000 -to- present.

Monjoronson Special Sessions – 

NOCO – The NOCO group stands for Northern Colorado operated from 2001-2013. The TR (transmitter/Receiver) was mostly Daniel Raphael among others. 



Pre2K – various Teaching Mission (TM) transcripts from TR D Raphael and are uncategorized.


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