GEO180318- Remember the Tarpan

GEO180310- Gather the Fruits of the Spirit

GEO180126- Not Less, uh, uh! More!

GEO180121- Awakened Andite Genes and Minds

GEO180111- The Borderland of “Human/Spiritual” Waste Products

GEO180104- No Stone Left Unturned

GEO171206- Collective Karma and not Revelation.” plus “True Revelation.” (Part 2)

GEO171204- Collective Karma and not Revelation.” (Part 1)

GEO171124- The Near-Irrelevance of Timing

GEO171118- An Almost Entirely Human Affair

GEO171105- A Total Network

GEO171026- Without Coercion or Intimidation

GEO171012- All Versions of the Truth

GEO171008- Justice Done and Presenting a Balanced Ego

GEO170914- The Same Project

GEO170829- What Troubles You So?

GEO170821- Unity and Cooperation

GEO170814- Compassion — Innate and Learned

GEO170710- Messages from the US West Coast

GEO170703- Setting the Record Straight

GEO170618- Caring for the Family

GEO170608- In My Name

GEO170606- So Fortunate! The Outright Winner!

GEO141219- Warfare — Never an Excuse

GEO050101- Intro to the Search for 11:11

11GBsp-200327 Ustedes Pueden llamarnos los Influyentes

11GBsp-200313 Acerca de la Vitamina C y el Covid-19

11GBsp-200218 Los Tiempos Mortales del Periodista

11GBsp-200205 El Nuevo Coronavirus, una Pandemia

11GBsp-200128 Auto-Realización

11GBsp-190105 Sólo Profesionales

11GBsp-190102 El Estudiante Indio, Ganid

11GBsp-181220 En la Medida Correct

11GBsp-181212 Empatía, Madurez, Espiritualidad

11GBsp-181209 Perdiendo el Punto. Completamente

11GBsp-181207 Trabajando Juntos

11GBsp-181203 Maldad y Absolución

11GBsp-181128 Cuidado y Sinceridad del Mundo Mansión

11GB-201019- The Reset®

11GB-200818 Those Illusive Dates and the Ultimate Reset®

11GB-200707 He is a Brother®

11GB-200607 A Different Innate Mindedness®

11GB-200528 Hard To Justify®

11GB-200519 Not through Suffering®

11GB-200509 Fusion on Hold®

11GB-200505 Fusion on Hold is not Torture®

11GB-200426 The Sins of the Fathers Part4®

11GB-200327 You May Call Us the Influencers®

11GB-200313 About Vitamin C and Covid-19®

11GB-200218 The Deadly Times of the Journalist®

11GB-200205 The New Coronavirus, a Pandemic®

11GB-200128 Self-Actualization®

11GB-191220 A Small Twist, Big Changes – Part 1

11GB-191211 Considering the Preparedness

11GB-191118 I Will be Back by Tomorrow

11GB-191115 Enter the Wise Long-Headed Ones

11GB-191109 Thought Adjuster or Divine Love?

11GB-191019 Engineering – a Serious Responsibility

11GB-191010 Engineering – a Serious Responsibility

11GB-191007 A Left-behind World

11GB-190912 Time is Short.

11GB-190812 Midwayers’ Name-codes – Part 1 & 2

11GB-190807 Awaken the Adamic DNA

11GB-190713 No Offence and No More Lucifer

11GB-190708 Other Worlds being Compared

11GB-190703 Life Is All About Service

11GB-190618 You are Better Positioned

11GB-190608 WWIII or No

11GB-190607 Dreams about Retirement

11GB-190526 We Are of the Same Age

11GB-190512 Beware of Staking Claims

11GB-190501 Teacher and Student

11GB-190417 His Fabled Legions – Part 1 & 2

11GB-190324 Insanity or Possession

11GB-190316 Further Notes to that Tipping Point Claim

11GB-190218 We are Absolutely Beside Ourselves

11GB-190212 The Tipping Point and Patience

11GB-190211 Eleven-Eleven

11GB-190116 Innate Humility, a Priceless Commodity

11GB-190111 A Balanced Life

11GB-190109 Becoming an 11:11 Midwayers’ Messenger

11GB-190108 A Sucker for Punishment

11GB-190105 Professionals Only

11GB-190102 The Indian Student, Ganid

11GB-181220 In the Right Measure

11GB-181212 Empathy, Maturity, Spirituality.

11GB-181209 Missing the Point. Entirely

11GB-181207 Working Together

11GB-181203 Wrongdoing and Absolution

11GB-181128 Mansion World Care and Sincerity

11GB-181121 Inherited Memmories – Epigenetics

11GB-181115 The Sins of the Fathers – Part 2

11GB-181103 Abundant Gratitude

11GB-181010 The Sins of the Fathers – Part 1

11GB-180803 Receiving and Transmitting

11GB-180720 See Yourselves as the Lucky Ones

11GB-180719 The Truth as You See It

11GB-180715 While You Sleep

11GB-180708 Deserving of the Best and Brownie Points

11GB-180620 Of Friends and Relatives I Meet & Do Make It Your Legacy

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