LYT210505- Every Moment of Your Day and Night

LYT210423- I Promise to Lead and Guide You

LYT210419- The Love of God Shall Triumph

LYT210418- Sharpen Your Persistence

LYT210417- Wipe Clean the Slate

LYT210416- For I am Your Trainer

LYT210404- Become Aware of My Nearness

LYT210401- Untrammeled by Outward Influences

LYT210328- God-ward With Right Thinking

LYT210316- Bathed in My Love

LYT210314- A Most Fascinating Journey

LYT210306- The Troubled Road

LYT210228- The Most Important Lesson

LYT210227- Forever

LYT210226- he Gifts I Hold in Store for You

LYT210220- Together We Shall Clear the Hurdles

LYT210213- Your Faith and Trust in The One God

LYT210211- The Spirit Lives On. Forever

LYT210204- By Tiny Steps Of Faith®

LYT210131- What Would Jesus Do?®

LYT210130- And Trust the Process®

LYT210128- This Eternal Adventure

LYT210127- It is I Who Escort You

LYT210123- Alike to a Sweet Incense

LYT210120- Unconditional Love

LYT210118- I Will Lead You Steadily God-ward®

LYT210114- These Three Gifts®

LYT210112- As the Veil Is Slowly Lifted

LYT210111- You Shall Minister in My Name®

LYT210108- While I Cheer You On

LYT210108- Only the Great One®

LYT210103- Hold onto Me

LYT201228- With Pure and Sincere Intent®

LYT201217- According to Your Faith

LYT201212- Mortal Death – A Door to Eternity

LYT201205- Discovering What Is Truly Important

LYT201128- Practicing the Presence In You

LYT201121- Come and Confide in Me

LYT201030- The True Meaning of Love

LYT201013- Your Ultimate Destiny

LYT200920- A Matter of Priorities

LYT200912- Your Thoughts Are Pure Energy

LYT200824- Each Honest and Sincere-Of-Heart

LYT200815- The Greatest Visible Sign

LYT200809- The Goal of Finding the Creator

LYT200801- The True Purpose of Life

LYT200727- A Boundless Giver

LYT200710- The Prize of Great Value

LYT200705- Life Everlasting

LYT200620- Remember This

LYT200607- A Lesson on Awakening

LYT200605sp- Una lección sobre la Responsabilidad

LYT200605- A Lesson about Responsibility®

LYT200603sp- Benditos sean Aquellos

LYT200603- Blessed Are Those®

LYT200524- In Love Lies Abundant Healing.

LYT200510- A Lesson on Connecting®

LYT200510- A Lesson on Connecting

LYT200509sp- Una Lección de Esfuerzos y Luchas

LYT200509- A Lesson in Effort and Struggles®

LYT200509- A Lesson in Effort and Struggles

LYT200423sp- Una Lección sobre la Conciencia

LYT200423- A Lesson on Awareness®

LYT200423- A Lesson on Awareness

LYT200421sp- Una Lección de Paciencia

LYT200421sp- Una Lección de Aprendizaje

LYT200421- A Lesson in Patience®

LYT200421- A Lesson in Learning®

LYT200331sp- La Materia de la Eternidad

LYT200331- The Matter of Eternity®

LYT200304sp- Un Ensayo sobre la Fortaleza

LYT200304- An Essay on Strength®

LYT200303sp- Un Ensayo sobre las Directrices

LYT200303- An Essay on Directions®

LYT200224sp- Un Ensayo sobre la Disponibilidad

LYT200224- An Essay on Availability®

LYT200219sp- La Promesa de la Auto-Educación

LYT200219- The Promise of Self-Education®

LYT200217sp- Un Noble Sistema de Cambio

LYT200217- A Noble System of Change®

LYT200123sp- Tu Eterno Compañero

LYT200123- Your Eternal Partner®

LYT200111sp- Una Pequeña Chispa del Gran Creador

LYT200111- A Tiny Spark of The Great Creator®

LYT200109sp- El Poder de mi Amor

LYT200109- The Power of My Love®

LYT200105sp- El Eterno Ahora

LYT200105- The Eternal Now®

LYT191230sp- Una Vida Dirigida por el Espíritu

LYT191230- A Spirit-led Life®

LYT191226sp- El Camino hacia la Perfección

LYT191226- Road towards Perfection®

LYT191222sp- No Te Desanimes Nunca

LYT191222- Do Not Ever Grow Discouraged®

LYT191219sp- Es Nuestro Viaje

LYT191219- It’s Our Journey®

LYT191215sp- ¿Por Qué Despreciar a la Guía Perfecta Interior?

LYT191215- Why Spurn The Perfect Guide Within?®

LYT191214sp- Sólo Tú Puedes Ayudarme

LYT191214- Only You Can Help Me®

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