ANY210111- Victimized by Hate but Justified by Love®

ANY210101- The Resolutions That Truly Matter®

ANY205011- Prescription for Prayer®

ANY201128- Inject Your Life with the Plasma of Truth

ANY201125- Seventy Times Seven Is the Magic Number®

ANY201124- With the Heart of a Philanthropist

ANY201123- Saturate Your Soul with Benevolence

ANY201122- Face the Music!®

ANY201121- Forgiveness Is a Two-Step Process

ANY201120- Your Dream Team

ANY201117- One Vetted Supremacy

ANY201113- The Truth About Lies

ANY201110- Under the Shepherd’s Staff®

ANY201107- Chin Up!®

ANY201106- A Monumental but Inconspicuous Step

ANY201105- Asked and Answered

ANY201104- Be Spiritual Victors®

ANY201030- The Chain of Custody of Your Identity

ANY201026- Humility Issues Your Permission Slip for Divine Intervention

ANY201025- Follow Him!®

ANY201022- Evolution with Twists of Improvisation®

ANY201017- An Inexhaustible Patience®

ANY201016- No Special Treatment®

ANY201015- Love’s Transcendence®

ANY201012- The Mark of the Beast®

ANY201010- What Has Been Swept Under the Red Carpet®

ANY201008- We Form a Nucleus

ANY201004- From a Goblet to a Chalice

ANY200921- Operate Within the Safety Net of the Golden Rule

ANY200919- What Will You Bring to Show-and-Tell?

ANY200918- The Aerodynamics of Willpower®

ANY200913- What Is Humanly Possible

ANY200912- What Makes You Tick Makes the Clock Stand Still

ANY200908- For a While Versus Indefinitely

ANY200906- The Divinely-Enacted Universal Rules of Conduct®

ANY200905- The Only Divinely-Condoned form of Globalism®

ANY200903- About Emotional Intelligence®

ANY200901- Raise His Voice!®

ANY200829- If Law means Order, Anarchy means…?®

ANY200825- Lies Make Fools Out of You®

ANY200818- Peacefully Successful and Successfully Peaceful®

ANY200815- Only Say It if You Mean It®

ANY200814- Only Love Can Set Souls Afire®

ANY200812- Play Fair!®

ANY200811- The Truth Serum of Sincerity®

ANY200810- The Usurped Bragging Rights of Pride®

ANY200806- Keep It Up!®

ANY200728- The Teacher of Right Living®

ANY200727- No Such Thing as a Peace Corps Composed of an Angry Mob®

ANY200727- From Human to Super-human®

ANY200721- Love in Crescendo®

ANY200719- About Peaceful Activism®

ANY200718- What Do You Bring to the Roundtable?®

ANY200716- A Forbidden or a Sanctuary City?®

ANY200715- Recipe for a Quantum Leap®

ANY200712- I AM Already Here®

ANY200709 -The Universal Language of the Soul®

ANY200703- From Parasitical Origin to Paradisiacal Glory®

ANY200630- The Inaugural Ribbon Cutting of Your Spiritual Career®

ANY200623- Peace of Mind Generates Mental Clarity®

ANY200621- The Spirit of Good Will®

ANY200612- Promote a Culture of Peace®

ANY200610- Catch and Keep!®

ANY200604- Take a Knee Only to the Father®

ANY200601- The Native Tongue of Your Soul®

ANY200531- The Miracle of Pentecost®

ANY200523- An Unfortunate Misalliance®

ANY200508- Do Your Prayers Bleep on the Divine Radar?®

ANY200507- From Candid Prayer to Faith-Powered Action®

ANY200420- Who Made Whom in His Image®

ANY200411- About Spiritual Apps.®

ANY200408- In Weakness as in Strength®

ANY200407- The Bedazzling You®

ANY200405- The Day Your Life Stood Still®

ANY200405- Head or Tail Winds?

ANY200404- A Quarantine with a Twist

ANY200403- I Came As a Teacher and Never Left

ANY200402- Cherish & Respect Yourself

ANY200401- About Homework Assignments

ANY200222- From Sunrise to Sunrise

ANY200221- Do You Get an Encore?®

ANY200220- Mercy Petitions for Clemency

ANY200219- About the Sacredness of Trustworthiness

ANY200218- Safely Crank Up Your Will Power

ANY200217- To Be Human is

ANY200216- About the Implementation of Wishful Thinking

ANY200215- I AM THAT I AM®

ANY200118- Home Is Where Hearts Beat in Unison®

ANY200113- Agents-of-Grace

ANY200107- Step Out of Artificial Compartmentalization!®

ANY200105- About the Telltale Luminosity of Enlightenment®

ANY200102- Learn to Become Still®

ANY191223- About the Proper Care of the Soul®

ANY191217- Right Thinking Leads to Right Living®

ANY191212- Have Faith in the Power of Faith®

ANY191206- About the Peace Molecule®

ANY191203- You Are Channelers®

ANY191129- Ignorance Is Like Mind-Leprosy®

ANY191125- When All Is Said and Done®

ANY191119- About Jesus’ Unsought Induction into the Hall of Fame®

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