ERE99- Very Happy and Spiritual New Year

ERE98- Sacred Places

ERE97- There is a Prize to be Had

ERE96- Know That You Are Loved

ERE95- Utility Providers

ERE94- Divine Law

ERE93- It Doesn’t Work Like That

ERE92- A Proposition

ERE91- A Matter of Harmonics

ERE90- Seasons Greetings Beloved Children

ERE9- S333 on Stasis

ERE89- Capitalism and Communism

ERE88- Working with the Spiritual Hierarchy

ERE87- Silver and Gold

ERE86- Ducks in a Row

ERE85- Bottoms in the Dirt

ERE84- Love and Blessings

ERE83- On Jealousy and Fear

ERE82- Cleaner and Cleaner

ERE81- The Mirror Technique

ERE80- The Golden Minute

ERE8- Monjoronson on Abundant Hope

ERE79- The Financial Pyramid

ERE78- Regarding Updates

ERE77- Stability and Measured Changes

ERE76- Sightings

ERE75- Development Programs

ERE74- Clerk of the Works

ERE73- Mother’s Message to Her Beloved Children

ERE72- A Degree of Faith

ERE71- A Visual Question

ERE70- The True New World Order

ERE7- The Troublesome Dark Ones

ERE69- The End Time Cometh

ERE68- A Very Crucial Point

ERE67- Getting It

ERE66- More Dialogue

ERE65- Few and Fewer

ERE64- The Few

ERE63- A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

ERE62- A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

ERE61- Signs of the Times

ERE60- A New Epoch

ERE6- Message to Channelers

ERE59- A Question and Answer

ERE58- There’s No Going Back

ERE57- The Time is Nigh

ERE56- Black Rot and Mosquitoes

ERE55- Education and Training

ERE54- On 24/7 Protection

ERE53- The Post Stasis Scenario

ERE52- Stasis Conversation Continued

ERE51- Stasis Conversation

ERE50- I AM your God

ERE5- The Coming Times

ERE49- Words Flowed Like Holy Water

ERE48- Upsetting the Applecart

ERE47- Why?

ERE46- Diversions

ERE45- The Time Draws Ever Closer

ERE44- The Gulf and Other Events

ERE43- A Few Realities to Consider

ERE42- A Mission Update

ERE41- A Difficult Conversation

ERE40- The Human Being and the Anima

ERE4- A Few Realities

ERE39-Big Bang or Whimper?

ERE38- Robust Exchange of Views

ERE37- Ongoing Ascension Project

ERE36- Things Are Going According to Plan

ERE35- A Little About the Invisible

ERE34- Occupations and Diversions

ERE33- Change of Emphasis

ERE32- Answers to Questions on Stasis

ERE31- A Few Insights

ERE30- Aspects of Multi-Dimensionality

ERE3- Gadget Slavery

ERE29- On Frustration and Irritability

ERE28- Failed Light-Workers

ERE27- Global Banking

ERE26- Spiritual Materialism and Post Stasis

ERE25- The Ascension Process

ERE24- Values and Beliefs

ERE23- In Conversation

ERE22- Death’s Warm Embrace

ERE21- Paradigm Shift

ERE20- Be True to Yourselves

ERE2- You Are Loved

ERE19- Questions About Being in the Flesh

ERE18- Communications

ERE17- Monjoronson on Telepathy

ERE16- About Slavery

ERE15- We Are Nearly There

ERE143- Peace on Earth

ERE142- Catching Up

ERE141- Values

ERE140- Turning Hatred Into Love

ERE14- Political, Financial, and Banking Vermin

ERE139- Unconditional Love

ERE138- Bowel Cancer

ERE137- Spiritual Way Points

ERE136- Your God Spark

ERE135- Wealth

ERE134- The Nature of Soon

ERE133- What’s Happening

ERE132- Terminology and Rank

ERE131- Towards an Ethical Society

ERE130- The Un-Creation Option

ERE13- Conversation about Channeling

ERE129- Economic Realities

ERE128- The New Stone Age

ERE127- The First Steps

ERE126- A Voice Message to You

ERE125- The Tip of the Iceberg

ERE124- The Pacific Rim

ERE123- A Few Words

ERE122- Current Events

ERE121- Falling Masonry

ERE120- Intuition, the Way Forward

ERE12- There is a Way Forward

ERE119- Champagne Dinner

ERE118- Questions to Ponder

ERE117- A Simple Thought

ERE116- Ripple Effect

ERE115- Simplicity

ERE114- Animal Rights and Wrongs

ERE113- Apple Pies and Reincarnation

ERE112- Join Us in Thought

ERE111- The Child Inside

ERE110- More Questions Than Answers

ERE11- Introductory Message

ERE109- The Gathering 2

ERE108- A Sign of the Times

ERE107- Authenticity

ERE106- The Gathering 1 – Sessions 1-3

ERE105- Some Basics Again

ERE104- Short Break

ERE103- Ascension Career, Catastrophism

ERE102- Is There Something Wrong

ERE101- Practical Spiritual Philosophy

ERE100- Futility of Clockwatching

ERE10- Questions on Stasis 2

ERE1- War is a Business Enterprise

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