MGM9sp- Transmitir es un Proceso Co-Creativo

MGM9- Transmitting is a Co-Creative Process.

MGM8sp- ¡Atención! Te Estamos Provocando

MGM8- Heads Up! We are Prompting You.

MGM7sp- Moviliza, Unifica y Lidera con el Corazón

MGM7- Mobilize, Unify, and Lead With Your Heart.

MGM6sp- Ver este Cambio como Renovación

MGM6- See This Change as Renewal.

MGM5sp- No se Puede estar Demasiado Preparado para una Pandemia

MGM5- You Cannot Be Overly Prepared for a Pandemic.

MGM4sp- El Desafío y el Arte de la Soledad

MGM4- The Challenge and Art of Aloneness.

MGM3sp- YO ESTOY Todavia Presente.

MGM3- I AM Still Present®

MGM2sp- No Temas Estar Solo

MGM28sp – La Talla Única no se Ajusta a Todo

MGM28 – One Size Does Not Fit All

MGM27sp- El Amor Prevalecerá

MGM27- Love Will Prevail®

MGM26- Healing a Tormented Heart®

MGM25- The Earthbound Borderland – Cleansing the Grid®

MGM24- Ode to George Bernard

MGM23- Contemplating Future Possibilities®

MGM22- Stand Tall in the Winds of Change®

MGM21- Seeing Beauty in the Passing of Life – Part 2®

MGM20- Seeing Beauty in the Passing of Life – Part I®

MGM2- Do Not Be Afraid to Be Alone.

MGM1sp- Tormenta Perfecta, Tiempo Perfecto.

MGM19- God as a Pronoun®

MGM18- In the Name of My Brother®

MGM17- These are Troubling and Transformative Times.

MGM16sp – La Verdad Viene en Todos los Colores

MGM16 – Truth Comes in All Colors®

MGM15sp- La Realidad Actual de las Vacunas

MGM15- The Current Reality of Vaccines.

MGM14sp- Cuiden de sus jóvenes

MGM14- Take Care Of Your Young Ones.

MGM13sp- Mantengan sus Ojos en el Horizonte

MGM13- Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon.

MGM12sp- Se Vuelve abundantemente Claro

MGM12- It is Becoming Abundantly Clear.

MGM11sp- El Futuro es Suyo para Elegi

MGM11- The Future Is Yours To Choose.

MGM10sp- El Prejuicio yace en el Corazón de Mucho Sufrimiento

MGM10- Prejudice Lies at the Heart of Much Suffering.

MGM1- Perfect Storm, Perfect Time.

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