MAR99- Warfare & Crime

MAR98- Perfection of Matter & Personality

MAR97- One Foot On The Dock

MAR96- Limitless Immediacy of Stillness

MAR95- Causes Of Impatience

MAR94- Nature Of Spiritual Beings

MAR93- The Origin Of Thoughts

MAR92- What Stillness Emcompasses

MAR91- Grow The Spiritual Dimension Of Your

MAR90- Be Embodiment Of God’s Love

MAR9- Re-Coursing your Life, Part 1-4

MAR89- Friendship, Service, & Vocation

MAR88- Spread The Good News, Urantia’s History

MAR87- Spiritual Symbol Of Water

MAR86- Inner Compasses, What God Does Not Do

MAR85- Meaning Of Spiritual Value

MAR84- Inexorable Evolution

MAR83- Dimensions In Being Human

MAR82- Seasons Of The Soul

MAR81- Soul Of Time & Space

MAR80- Embracing Both Gender Traits, Psychic Phenomena

MAR8- Hope

MAR79- Deja Vu, Archetypes, Solar Dynamics, Earth Stability

MAR78- Hallmark Of Wisdom

MAR77- Truth, Reality, & Freedom

MAR76- The Awareness Of Spirit

MAR75- How To Be Open, Attention & Decisiveness

MAR74- Spontaneity, Prejudices, Starting From Zero

MAR73- Reality Of Spirit

MAR72- Urantia’s Quarantine, Cosmos Of Personal Beings

MAR71- Stillness & Re-Evaluation

MAR70- Heart & Mind Work Together

MAR7- More on Trust

MAR69- Preparing For Monjoronson

MAR68- What Is Spirit?

MAR67- Discovering God’s Will, Love Without Possession

MAR66- Stillness, Universal Soul, Facets of Reincarnation

MAR65- Striving Toward Unity, Hallmark Of Wisdom

MAR64- Spirit Is Ever New

MAR63- Recognizing & Evaluating Spirit

MAR62- Seasons Of The Soul, Preparing For Monjoronson

MAR61- The Inner Compass & Your Natural State

MAR60- Respect For Your Bodies

MAR6- Welmek – Self Forgetfulness

MAR5sp- Imanes de Amor

MAR59- Reality & Purpose of Pain, Tithing

MAR58- Spiritual Pain Of Boredom

MAR57- There Is No Substitute For Experience

MAR56- Adjutants, Stillness, Worship, Survival

MAR55- Abilities & Confidence

MAR54- Willing to Act, Animal Laziness

MAR53- You Are Living In A Renaissance Like No Other

MAR52- You Can Feel Us As Subtle Pressure In Your Mind

MAR51- Personality

MAR50- Prayer

MAR5- Magnets of Love

MAR4sp- Servicio

MAR49- Your Guardian Guards Your Potential

MAR48- Difference Between Inner & Outer Space

MAR47- You Move Around In Your Spiritual Bubbles

MAR46- Emotional Development

MAR45- You Are Only Alone As You Wish To Be

MAR44- Choice And Choosing

MAR43- Think Of Your Thought Adjuster

MAR42- Realm of Wisdom

MAR41- Uncertainty With Security

MAR40- Contemplating Freedom Of Living

MAR4- Service

MAR3sp- Transformación del alma

MAR39- Power & Humility

MAR38- Grow Or Die

MAR37- I Am In The Realm of Pure Spontaneity

MAR36- Spiritual Challenges Bring Change Into Sharper Focus

MAR35- Seek The Way To Go

MAR34- Hopes & Fears

MAR33- Feedback & Freedom

MAR32- Limits of Empiricism & Materialism

MAR31- Personal Uniqueness

MAR30- A Bubble of Familiarity

MAR3- Soul Transformation

MAR2sp- Cambios en el Cuerpo

MAR29- Wonders & Adventures In God’s Creation

MAR28- Clear Self Understanding

MAR27- Christmas & Renewed Relationships

MAR26- How Shall We Greet Each Other Often Each Day

MAR250- Always Something New

MAR25- My Peace Does Not Remove You From Life

MAR249- Michael’s Christmas Message

MAR248- The Question of Purpose

MAR247- Open Your Mind to Everything

MAR246- Mother Spirit’s Shared Mind

MAR245- Personal and Impersonal Reality

MAR244- What Are Our Bodies

MAR243- All Spirit is Personal

MAR242- Looking Forward

MAR241- Helping Spirit Contact

MAR240- You Are a Spiritual-Creative Being

MAR24- Viewing Future Like Standing At Edge Of Chasm

MAR239- One More Spring

MAR238- Christmas and New Year’s Message

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