CWM78 – Mortals Participation; Social Balance; Celestial Assistance

CWM77 – Earth Problems; Energy Systems; Psychotropic Drugs; Global Economy

CWM76 – Afterlife; Preparations Needed for Catastrophes; Fear

CWM75 – Mortal Participation; Vern Grimsley

CWM74 – Moral Code; Dealing with Trauma; Psychotropic Drugs; An Abnormal World

CWM73 – Economic Collapse; Psychotropic Drugs

CWM72 – Social Responsibilities; Core Values; Planetary Management

CWM71 – Morality of Social Sustainability; Responsibilities

CWM70 – Focused Move to South America; Morality

CWM69 – Individual Empowerment; Hope

CWM68 – Value of Loyalty; State of the World Report

CWM67 – Politics; Discernment, Validation, Mystics, Internet

CWM66 – Directions for the Coming Year

CWM65 – Discerning Validity of New Information Being Posted

CWM64 – Design Team Development

CWM63 – Celestial Teams; Marginalized Groups; Intellectual Maturation of Individuals

CWM62 – Discernment; Agondonters

CWM61 – Intentions, Decisions, Actions, Co-Creation

CWM60 – Integrity of the Team; Team Qualities

CWM59 – Divine Justice; Divine Laws; Morality

CWM58 – Genetics; Sustainability; AI Moral and Ethics

CWM57 – Consciousness & Self-Awareness, Genetic Beliefs

CWM56 – The Art of Asking and Answering Questions

CWM55 – Learning in Infants and Children; The Art of Asking Questions

CWM54 – Healthcare; Consciousness; Higgs boson particle

CWM53 – Basic questions for new readers

CWM52 – Vectors of Influence, Free Energy, Effective Prayer, ET’s

CWM51 – Father’s Work on Urantia, Co-Creative Responsibility

CWM50 – Forming Co-Creative Design Teams

CWM49 – Team Building Techniques

CWM48 – Future of Urantia; About Monjoronson’s History, Avonals

CWM47 – Social Morality

CWM46 – The Unexamined Life; Cultural Creatives

CWM45 – Social Sustainability; Morality

CWM44 – Politics Continued, “me-ism” vs “us-ism”, Energy Alternatives

CWM43 – Politics

CWM42 – Cultural Transformation; Parenting & Children

CWM41 – Procreation

CWM40 – Social Sustainability, Eugenics, Borderland

CWM39 – Education, Borderland, Parental Responsibility

CWM38 – Social Evolution, Ultimaton, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall St

CWM37 – Changes in Our Social Institutions

CWM36 – Consciousness

CWM35 – Consciousness; New Morality

CWM34 – Service-based Society; Moral Compass

CWM33 – Social Change

CWM32 – Revelatory Commission; Human Genome; Borderland

CWM31 – Consciousness

CWM30 – Cleaning The Grid

CWM28 – Sustainability; Working With Religions;

CWM27 – The Golden Rule

CWM26 – Morality, Patience & Mental Discipline

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