RIO168- Organic Nature of Re-Encircuitment

POC81.1- Mission Grows

POC25.1- Three Areas of Evil

POC238- To Be of Good Cheer

POC237- Concept of Progress

POC236- Conditions To TR

POC235- Christ Forgave Me, Paul

POC234- Over-Control of Urantia

POC233- Self Preservation, Self Forgiveness

POC232- Self Forgiveness

POC231- Need To Grow Socially, Intellectually, Spiritually

POC230- Stop Listening to Negativity, Listen to TA

POC229- A Holiday From Stress

POC228- Be At Peace With Your Humanity

POC227- Michael’s Birthday

POC226- Reviewing Negative Views of Being In The Flesh

POC225- Satisfaction of Meeting

POC224- Undoing Prejudice, Men & Women

POC223- Self, Potentials

POC222- Please Be At Ease With Life

POC221- Planning Service

POC220- Faith, Trust, & Expectations

POC219- The Issue of Patience

POC218- Joy

POC217- Relationship To The Supreme

POC216- The Evolving Supreme

POC215- Personal Teacher Presentations

POC214- Inner Peace

POC213- Learn Patience

POC212- World Awaits Your Message

POC211- Magisterial Son Dispensation

POC210- Share Your Creative Nature

POC209- Kindred Spirits

POC208- Dealing With Surprises

POC207- To Aid Adjutant Mind Spirits

POC206- Men/Women Duality

POC205- Service

POC204- Sharing From Abundance

POC203- On Sharing, Magisterial Son

POC202- More On Mistakes

POC201- Male & Female

POC200- Physical Existence

POC199- An Exercise

POC198- Doing Work

POC197- Magisterial Son Speaks

POC196- More On Mistakes

POC195- Mistakes

POC194- Perspectives

POC193- Return of Midwayers

POC192- The Magisterial Mission

POC191- The Magisterial Son

POC179.1- Resurrection

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