SEI99- Essential Elements of Correcting Time

SEI98- Additional Discussion on Love

SEI97- Conditions on Mansion World

SEI96- Do Not Let Fear Stop Love

SEI95- Birthday Celebration

SEI94- The Diamond, Lesson on Second Milers

SEI93- Third Lesson on Second Mile

SEI92- Second Mile

SEI91- 2nd Milers Healing the Ego

SEI90- When Turning The Other Cheek

SEI89- Cleaning Out the Old

SEI88- Turning The Other Cheek

SEI87- Journaling Discussion

SEI86- Quiet Time and Journaling®

SEI85- Father’s Will and the Golden Rule®

SEI169- Loyalty

SEI168- Comraderie

SEI167- Persistence

SEI166- Joy and Sorrow, Light and Darkness

SEI165- Family

SEI164- Loyalty

SEI163- Change, Voice of Ego

SEI162- Self Mastery

SEI161- One on One, Collective Will

SEI160- Trinity, the First Family

SEI159- Benefit of Pain

SEI158- Stillness, Safety

SEI157- Family

SEI156- Stretching

SEI155- Who Am I?

SEI154- Group Anniversary

SEI153- Family

SEI152- Concept of Family

SEI151- Agondonters, Self-Worth

SEI150- You Are Important Because You Are

SEI149- Task Is To Love

SEI148- Decision Making, Stillness

SEI147- Material Law, Cause & Effect

SEI146- Faith, Service, Love

SEI145- Being Gentle

SEI144- Connection

SEI143- 15 Year Anniversary

SEI142- Creating Bonds

SEI141- Humor

SEI140- The Integral Universe

SEI139- Remain Committed

SEI138- Core of Experience is Father

SEI137- Issues From the Past

SEI136- To Strengthen Choice, Will

SEI135- Patience, Enjoy the Ride

SEI134- The Floater, The Rock, & The Boat

SEI133- Mother’s Day

SEI132- In The Now Is Harmony

SEI131- Basking In Camaraderie

SEI130- Centering & Personal Peace

SEI129- Peace

SEI128- Normalcy, Commitment, and the Greater Good

SEI127- 15th Group Anniversary

SEI126- Renewal

SEI125.1- Come to The Stillness

SEI125- Persistence, Open the Door

SEI124- Persistence

SEI123- Communication, Listening, Stillness

SEI122- Group Communication, Avoidance

SEI121- Addicted To Diversion, Part 2

SEI120- Addicted To Diversion, Part 1

SEI118- Delight

SEI117- I Am The Fabric Of Your Being

SEI116- Emotional Effects of Disaster

SEI115- Changing Climate & Emergency

SEI114- Sharing Michael’s Birthday

SEI113- Relative Levels of Truth

SEI112- Stillness & Transmitting

SEI111- Finaliter Introduces Herself – Sessions 1-2

SEI110- Learn to Submit to Divine Patterns

SEI109- Importance of Tonight’s Discussion

SEI108- Mission & Spiritual Dormancy

SEI107- Critical Mass That Universe is Friendly

SEI106- Urantia Offers Unique Opportunities & Lessons

SEI105.1- Progress

SEI105- 14th Group Anniversary

SEI104- World Difficulties

SEI103- Manifestation of Love

SEI103- In Father’s Will Teacher Contact Hurdles

SEI101- Takes Retraining To Let Go of Fear

SEI100- Ego & Frustration in Getting to Know Father

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