SPK99- Kingdom Building, Agondonters

SPK98- Existential Blues

SPK97- Order & Chaos

SPK96- Melchizedek Schools, Appreciating Midwayers

SPK95- Stages of Life

SPK93- Mercy

SPK92- Human Associations 101, Part 2

SPK91- Evolution vs. Revolution

SPK90- Oasphe Discussions

SPK9- Faith and Trust

SPK89- Fear vs. Faith

SPK87- Our Movement Compared to Nebulae, Part 1

SPK86- Poem, A Day In Spring

SPK85- Abundance of Possibility

SPK84- Enduring Peace & Star Trek

SPK83- Galactic Neighborhood

SPK82- Discipleship, Jesus, Truth

SPK81- Resurrection, Gift of Sonship

SPK80- Human Associations 101, Part 1

SPK8- Quiet Time

SPK79- Social Movements, Ego

SPK78- More On Love

SPK77- Divine Love, Relying On The Adjuster

SPK76- Art of Living, Growth, Balance

SPK75- Perceptions

SPK74- Anger

SPK72- Psychic Circles

SPK71- Time, Teaching

SPK70- Various Aspects of Deity, Part 2

SPK7- You Are Connected to a Purpose

SPK69- Various Aspects of Deity, Part 1

SPK68- Discussions on Service

SPK67- Remote Viewing

SPK66- Council of 24

SPK65- Co-creation

SPK64- Soul Assessment

SPK63- More on Rebellion

SPK62- Rebellion

SPK61- Returning Midwayers

SPK60- Healing

SPK6- Start the UB from Beginning

SPK59- Midwayer Help & Input

SPK58- Our Mutual Kin, The Secondary Midwayers

SPK56- Be Energized To Search For Father’s Will

SPK55- The Millennium

SPK53- Hope

SPK52- New Year Message

SPK50- Collection Sessions1-15

SPK5- More on Heart

SPK49- What the Teacher Provides

SPK48- New Steps But Fear Not

SPK47- About Grace

SPK46- Snow Mountain Conference

SPK45- Values of Your Function

SPK44- Treat Yourself As The Master Would

SPK43- Love

SPK42- The Supreme Adventure

SPK41- Tolerance

SPK40- Intention and Decision

SPK4- Heart

SPK39- Status and Security

SPK38- Lighten Up and Enjoy

SPK37- Words of Truth

SPK36- The Glory of God

SPK35- Take No Time To Worry

SPK34- Socializing Your Religious Pursuit

SPK33- Trust and Have Faith

SPK32- Spiritual Experience

SPK31- Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Language

SPK30- Visualization

SPK3- Taking Action

SPK29- Silence

SPK28- Recognize Problems

SPK27- Judgement

SPK26- The Inner Guide

SPK25- Trust Yourselves

SPK24- Keeping Fear Out of Decisions

SPK23- Evaluation of Mission Process

SPK22- Assessing the Mission Personally

SPK21- Keep the Faith

SPK20- Your Doubts Are Within

SPK2- Seeds Must Be Watered On Occasion

SPK19- Lead Them My Way

SPK18- Joy

SPK17- Keep Lessons Simple

SPK16- Curiosity

SPK15- Material Knowledge – Spiritual Understanding

SPK14- Thought Adjuster Perception

SPK13- Spiritual Understanding

SPK12- Adjuster Fusion Experience

SPK11- Characteristics of the Father

SPK103- Agondonters – Collective Human Consciousness

SPK102- Abraham & Mary

SPK101- Mysterious Incision

SPK100- Confusion

SPK10- Enjoy Your Humanity

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