TAL99- Love Is Key

TAL98- New Paradigm

TAL97- Share Father’s Light

TAL96- Healing the Planet

TAL95- Active Participation Mission

TAL94- Acting on Faith

TAL93- Allow Spirit Manifestation

TAL92- Influence on Others

TAL91- Connect With Adjusters

TAL90- Patience With Self & Others

TAL89- Individual Paths & Accomplishments

TAL88- Understanding Self, Planting Seeds

TAL87- Changes Happen Quickly

TAL86- Fear & Negativity, Father Contact

TAL85- Living The Lessons

TAL84- Daily Opportunities, Living In The Now

TAL83- Open to the Love

TAL82- Influence, Service

TAL81- The Love of the Father

TAL80- Goals

TAL79- Understanding Others

TAL78- Rebirth, Resurrection, & Renewal

TAL77- Integration of Heart & Mind Circuits

TAL76- Build Connections

TAL75- Change

TAL74- Magisterial Son Mandated for Urantia

TAL73- Patterns of Behavior

TAL72- Your Trials

TAL71- Supreme Evolution

TAL70- What Jesus Wrote In The Sand

TAL69- Use Your Gifts

TAL68- Follow Your Inner Guidance

TAL67- Trouble With Opening Process

TAL66- When In Doubt

TAL65- Tapestry We Seek To Weave

TAL64- Council of Five Speaks

TAL63- Mission Changes

TAL62- Minds Are Stretching

TAL61- Growth

TAL60- Center in Love

TAL59- Simplicity

TAL58- Keep Building Faith

TAL57- Shift In The Wind

TAL56- Listening, Control, Faith, Trust – Sessions 1-10

TAL55- Allow To Be What Will

TAL54- Sticking To It

TAL53- Commitment

TAL52- Balance

TAL51- Anxiety & Humanness

TAL50- Perception of Meaning

TAL49- Perfection, Perception, Discovery

TAL48- Taking Spiritual Paths

TAL47- Free Will Family

TAL46- A Man Named Van

TAL45- Faith & Hope

TAL44- TR Practice Session 1

TAL43- TR Practice Session 2

TAL42- Patience, Microcosm

TAL41- Healing, Perspective

TAL40- Lack of Enthusiasm

TAL39- Your Part, Your Projects

TAL38- Early Transcripts – Part 4 – Sessions 1-14

TAL37- Early Transcripts – Part 3 – Sessions 1-10

TAL36- All Progress Is Traceable To God – Sessions 1-9

TAL35- Early Transcripts Part 2 – Sessions 1-15

TAL34- Disseminating Truth, One on One Sessions 1-8

TAL33- Early Transcripts Part 1 Sessions 1-15

TAL32- More About The Father

TAL31- Importance of Communicating, Celestine Prophecy

TAL30- The Stillness Practice

TAL29- Techniques To Introduce Truth To Others

TAL28- Success or Failure of Mission – Sessions 1-3

TAL27- Stillness As Adjuster Tuning – Sessions 1-3

TAL26- Will Session 1-3

TAL25- Will Sessions 1-4

TAL24- Lessons for Young People – Sessions 1-5 with Will

TAL23- General Sessions 1-5 with Will

TAL22- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-4 with Will

TAL21- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-6 with Will

TAL20- Faith & Listening – Sessions 1-3 with Will

TAL19- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-5 with Will

TAL18- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-16 with Will

TAL17- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-12 with Will

TAL16- General Multi-topic – January Lessons 1-25 with Several Celestials

TAL15- Will’s Observation of People

TAL14- The Jesus Family

TAL13- Giving The UB To A Minister

TAL12- Concern About Materializations

TAL112- Knowing Your Weaknesses

TAL111- You Are Not Ineffective

TAL110- Make a Difference

TAL11- Learning to TR

TAL109- Allegiance

TAL108- Choose the Highest Path

TAL107- God’s Image

TAL106- We Are with You

TAL105- Melchizedeks, Focus, Discernment

TAL104- Awareness, Art of Listening

TAL103- New Levels of Energy Activity

TAL102- Negativity, Light, Process, Study

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