WDV582- Patience & Experience

WDC730- Correcting Time’s Next Generation

WDC729- Motivation

WDC728- Mother Spirit in the Correcting Time

WDC727- Stillness Amidst Storms

WDC726- Heart

WDC725- Negativity

WDC724- Michael’s Birthday Celebration

WDC723- Change Patience

WDC722- Adventures in Meaning

WDC721- Chemicals for Fear

WDC720- Action

WDC719- Growth 2

WDC717- Growth 1

WDC716- Joy

WDC715- Mother

WDC714- Evolving Belief

WDC713- Progressive Faith

WDC712- Celebration of the Birth of Michael

WDC711- 20th Year Anniversary

WDC710- Growth of Meaning through Service

WDC709- Acting Within Your Gift

WDC708- Change is Inevitable

WDC707- Progress

WDC706- Working in Faith

WDC705- The Correcting Time Advances

WDC704- Progress

WDC703- Maturing Manner of Communication

WDC702- Manipulation & Control

WDC701- Emotion & Logic

WDC700- Michael’s Birthday

WDC699- Acceptance is Key

WDC698- Communication

WDC697- Regret

WDC696- Health-Competition-Stress

WDC695- Sacrifice-Devotion

WDC694- Self-Esteem

WDC693- Life’s Troubles in Perspective

WDC692- Movement 13

WDC691- Challenge of Growth

WDC690- Movement 12

WDC689- Beginnings, Guilt & Regret

WDC688- Sensitivity, Hope & Joy

WDC687- Off the Path into Gossip

WDC686- Communicating with Mother

WDC685- Waiting on Spirit for Action

WDC684- Mind is Willing

WDC683- Practice Enables Fulfillment

WDC682- Finding Fellowship Important

WDC681- Changing From Within

WDC680- Spending Time with Father

WDC679- Seizing the Moment

WDC678- Life Evaluations by Age

WDC677- Movement 11

WDC676- Learning to Transmit & Receive

WDC675- Without the Father I Am Nothing

WDC674- Support of Friends & Family

WDC673- Success in Correcting Time

WDC672- To Live A Balanced Life

WDC671- Spiritual Gifts

WDC670- Allowing Our Spirits to Be Cleansed

WDC669- View Situations with Compassion & Humor

WDC668- Urantia Remains Experimental

WDC667- Learning from Your Personal Ministries

WDC666- Activities of Mindal Health, Stillness

WDC665- Individual Assessments

WDC664- Jesus Problem Solving

WDC663- Take the Truth as It Is

WDC662- Personal Freedom

WDC661- Movement 10

WDC660- Movement 9

WDC659- Relaxing Into Deeper Learning

WDC658- Spiritual Balance

WDC657- The Labor of Love

WDC656- Embodiment of Meaning

WDC655- Worry Not What Your Eyes Can See

WDC654- Focus on the Real

WDC653- Manner of Parental Love

WDC652- Flexible Minds

WDC651- Flexibility in Mind

WDC650- Preparation for Light & Life

WDC649- Living out Truth

WDC648- Versatility of the Supreme

WDC647- Confidence in Faith

WDC646- Perspective in Progress

WDC645- Flexibility in Mind

WDC644- Journey to Healing & Wholeness

WDC643- Potentials Manifesting as Actual

WDC642- Nature of Human Experience

WDC641- Pioneering Faith

WDC640- Honest with Oneself

WDC639- Work to Accomplish

WDC638- Kindness in the Community

WDC637- Responsibility in Relationships

WDC636- Beauty in Relationships

WDC635- Perfection – Real & Illusion

WDC634- Sharing in the Growth

WDC633- Father Assigns, Michael Empowers

WDC632- The Master’s Nature

WDC631- Love of Truth

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