Welcome to the "What If?" section. For years the Teaching Mission, Correcting Times celestial transcripts along with the Urantia Book have attempted to instill and encourage our minds and hearts to to evolve to a higher state of being, of thinking, of behaving, not only for the individual but a collective people's overall.. They have provided lesson upon lesson for years encouraging and describing the importance of developing relationships with your indwelling spirit, your higher Self, the Voice within, or however you want to describe it or label it. We've all heard the phrase regarding Thought, Word and Deed; or in simple terms, Thinking, Speaking and taking Actions. The overall purpose of this section of ponderable questions is for you to employ what you've read, learned, have received teachings, experienced and bring them to your mind to ponder and think about the questions being posited. Some of you have read the Urantia book for years and some many times over; some people guide and help others through the Urantia book using their understandings to assist. Now it is an opportunity for an individual to utilize all that has been provided during these times of our evolution and come to some answer. These answers do not have to be shared. Any answers are for your internal compass and some self evaluations and hopefully discovering more of an internal connection. These are ponderables you can ask of yourself or include others if you wish . There are no rules except to think about them.
  • What if… many things that you’ve told has ben a lie?

How would you react? What would you think? Would you believe it? What would you do?

  • What if… it was disclosed that we are not alone in our universe?
    • Would you believe? How would you react? What would you do? Would you be afraid? Would you be happily excited that it is true?
  • What if… the other people and beings out there were friendly?
    • How would you react? What would you think? Would you want to meet them or see them?
  • What if… these off-world people or beings are NOT scary, that they are not enslaving meat-eaters as portrayed by the movies, books, TV shows and computer games? How would this make you feel?
  • What if… some of the off-world people and beings live right here within our solar system? How would that make you fell? What would you think about it? Would you be unnerved, happy to know this about them, nervous?
  • What if… these off-world off-planet people and beings are trying to help us with our understanding that we belong to a greater community and cosmic family? How would you feel or what would you think if this is true? That we are not alone and that we are part of something much greater than we can imagine? What would you think the possibilities are? How would you feel about it or think about it?
  • What if… some of these people and beings are already here living on Earth and trying to help us learn about ourselves and others? What are your thoughts on this?
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