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11CT-530- These Progressing Worlds are often Changed®

2019-11-03.  These Progressing Worlds are often Changed.


Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Date: 3 Nov 2019
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris Maurus



Citizens of a world that are at the threshold of Light and Life (an enlightened age) have one thing in common that unifies them regardless of their nation, culture, or beliefs.  These progressing worlds are often changed from a state of slow growth, to an accelerated growth by a single uniting factor, and this “Change Agent” first comes from within and not by some outside influence or any political leadership.  The Universal Father (The Creator) Himself is integral to this catalytic transformation—it is inherent in His Fragmented nature—the Indwelling Spirit—the Thought Adjusters.

Many of you look out into your world and see this slow but steady rate of change through the progressive thoughts of individuals and groups that are concerned for the environment, human rights, and the development of inclusive spiritual movements—all connected globally through your Internet, and this is a real phenomena—it is a “ramp-up” to enlightenment that comes from within these receptive individuals that are receiving guidance from their Thought Adjusters.

This growing awareness is a precursor for a sudden change in the energies and circuits that the Thought Adjusters use to communicate with their Human hosts.  In concert with the Will of the Creator Son of that local universe and the Universal Father, there is an agreement that global contact be made in the minds of all peoples to move them across this threshold which closes the door of the past behind them—they will have been forever changed after such an event as actually receiving contact from within and knowing that they are the children of a loving and merciful Creator.

I AM not here to confirm any revelation, but to state what has occurred on other worlds entering Light and Life—that the relationship with the Thought Adjuster is the one most influential factor for planetary change that begins at the moment this Inner Light turns on in the minds of all citizens of an elected planet.  This is not to say that some souls will experience this and then deny it happened, but that the planetary consciousness as a majority will come to an understanding with it and begin living their lives much differently in terms of what is of value to them going forward.

The result of this unifying event becomes the bridge to the healing of the nations to find solutions to political, economic, and social problems that once divided and blocked real progress.  The movement of the Universal Father (via the Thought Adjusters) on the worlds of time are one of the most spectacular events to be witnessed in the universe.  Blessed are those souls that already have a relationship with their Indwelling Presence of the Father within, for they shall become the teachers that lead others to the knowledge and understandings that shall be sought out as a world seeks for answers to the greater questions about life and their potential futures.

Myself and all other celestial and ascendant mansion world teachers have been speaking to you about the importance of understanding and having a relationship with your Thought Adjusters.  Most of these lessons speak to this in one way or another and this most important concept was and is the central theme and gateway to all enlightenment.  It has been a part of your curriculum from the beginning because the teachers all know that this is the single most important relationship to foster.  There can be no ascension of a soul without this vital and most intimate of relationships with the Indwelling Spirit of the Father—the Thought Adjuster—for it is your soul’s reason for being.

I admonish you to seek for Equilibrium with your Indwelling Spirit—to acknowledge this Divine Presence and to work as partners together while you live upon the Earth. Here to support your willingness to understand, I AM Uteah.




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