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This BigMacSpeaks website is an online library archive which brings together searchable access to transcripts, published papers and videos derived from the hard work of many individuals which represents years of dedicated personal and group efforts, time and resources. The intention of this site is to attempt to provide a common place to utilize these materials to assist the mortal mind to understand the importance of relationships. Relationships with others: your families and friends, your neighbors and local community, other nations and most importantly … yourself and eventually with the Spirit within and other unseen friends.

The transcripted communications have occurred all over the globe with some groups still currently operating and are organized by receiving group. In the FAQ section there will be a glossary of words, terms and concepts which may be new. This is created to assist the reader in understanding what is being read. If there are any questions the reader may always use the “Contact Us” tab to send a message for additional clarification or other questions. There will also be a list of the celestials by name, who they are, sometimes where they’re from, etc. Not all celestials will be listed however as there too many. However, if you’re interested in a particular celestial not shown please feel free to search the material for the transcripts of their involvement.

This website will be constantly evolving in format, content and functionality. You are encouraged to utilized its value, stop by often, hopefully find what you are searching for, both on this site and within and ultimately grow and share with others.

The following is a brief history of the Teaching Mission and companion effort called The Correcting Time.

The Teaching Mission started in New Zealand in 1984 when a Urantia Book study group began to get messages from unseen beings. The messages were so beautiful that after a while they sent some copies of the messages to Urantia groups in the U.S. As some of the groups totally rejected the idea that this could even happen, others with more open minds saw the same beauty in the messages and desired to be able to receive messages from these unseen beings.

There are also transcripts from other unseen communicants that date back to 1974. Transcripts prior to 1991, if any, are sparsely available for use. Prior to this period many transmissions were either not recorded, recorded and not transcribed or hand written and not generally shard outside their respective groups. There have also been instances of information losses due to fire or hard drive crashes.

As the groups focused their intention on learning the process, individuals began to emerge who had the ability to receive (silently hear) the messages they were being given and to transmit (speak or write) these words to the group. Thus, the name that was given to these individuals who mastered this process was T/R for Transmitter/Receiver. The enthusiasm in the fledgling groups was so great, they wanted to share their messages (transmissions) with other groups, which they did by typing up transcripts of these messages and sending them to other groups and individuals. The Internet soon made the information readily available and a quick process for all to share.

Very quickly patterns began to emerge in the groups. There was the possibility of several T/R’s in any group, generally there was one main T/R, but where there were multiple they shared the exercises of T/R. The unseen beings were referred to as Celestial Teachers or Celestials, or shortened to Teachers. The Teachers would most often give their names and, if asked, the type of being they were based on information in the Urantia Book. At the time the groups were mostly made up of Urantia Book readers with a few occasional outside visitors. Many Teachers are former mortals from other planets sharing their experiences as a mortal ascender to whatever status they have presently achieved and still other Teachers are beings who had made contributions to the Urantia Book, or other non-mortal celestials from throughout our Universe or from other parts of Creation.

It is interesting to observe that while the different groups had different Teachers and/or other beings speaking to them, the messages of each group for each week was consistent concerning the basic topic of their message with different words and examples. Where there are limitations in language words are created.

After some years the groups working with the Teachers became known collectively as the Teaching Mission which has grown ever since to now cover the globe. These Teachers, Adjusters and other Spiritual/Celestial beings are always available and contactable by individuals. It is not necessary to be in a group. A simple silent request of good intention and desire and a willingness to be open and receive a message is all that is needed to develop a conversation with them.

Most of the messages in the beginning focused on love and developing the practice of spending 10 minutes a day in ‘Stillness’ to learn to hear from their Adjuster (the part of God within, Indwelling Spirit, Inner Voice, etc). The Teaching Mission effort is still a focus today and now includes and effort called the ‘Correcting Time’. All of these T/R and celestial co-creative and co-operative efforts are for this planet’s evolution in mind and spirit, to provide a greater understanding of ourselves and each other, and to help us understand that we are part of a greater cosmic family and existence, and, that we are not alone. Machiventa Melchizedek, as our Planetary Manager,and others are making their presence known in the Teaching Mission community and are here to assist us in our learning and spiritual growth.

It is the hope and desire that this site will introduce you to them, the concepts and their words to see how loving and supportive they are, all the while, leading you to develop your own relationship with them, (your Indwelling Spirit and Seraphic companions), to never feel or be alone again and to live in peace with each other and joy each day to share the Good News!

The following is a brief history/bio of the various TR (transmitter/Receiver) participants -(presented in alphabetical order). More bio’s will be added as they become available. Not all T/R information is available or included in the list below.

T/R – AlleneV

Allene Vick has been part of the Teaching Mission since 1991 as it was developing and beginning to spread. Allene was blessed to attend the TM group that was forming in Sarasota, FL led by Patije Mills, who was actively involved in receiving and sharing transcripts online with the known groups around the country and a long time teacher of the UB. Studying the UB and learning to hear from the celestials in the Teaching Mission was a life changing combination.

Observing the commonality of the messages regardless of the celestial teacher, transmitter or group, Allene decided to start a national newsletter so all the fledgling transmitters and groups who were so unsure of themselves would be able to read what others were transmitting to relax and accept the process giving them confidence in themselves and the process. 

Since then Allene has stayed in contact with the Teachers and now has developed a team she calls her MTeam – Michael, Mother Spirit, Machiventa, Monjoronson and Me (her thought adjuster) with occasional visitors such as Dr. Mendoza and Charles. Allene says that her M-Team is always available to give her guidance and support with the many future projects she plans to bring forth when the time is right. 

T/R – Anyas

T/R – BobS

T/R – CathyM

T/R – ChrisM

T/R – Daniel Raphael 

The NOCO and other Colorado transcripts that were recorded in Loveland, Colorado and other locations and via conference call from 1994 to the present. The primary channel for the NOCO material has been and still is Daniel Raphael. Until recently, those recordings were transcribed by Roxanne Andrews and now Jim Travis has graciously offered to the carry-on with transcription work. Huge thanks to Jim!! The NOCO content of this site would not exist if it were not for Roxanne’s persevering dedication to Teaching Mission and Christ Michael’s Correcting Time plans – eternal gratitude to Roxanne. The various NOCO material may be found under different year spans by the following group names: NOCO Northern Colorado (NCO); CCDT-Evergreen (CDT) Co-Creative Design Team; Monjoronson Conversations (CWM); Denver-Boulder CO (DBC); Monjoronson Special Sessions (MJS); New Era Conversations (NEC); New Era Transition (NET); and Southern Colorado (SCO); as well ICC Conferences and other various group involvements as T/R.

During Daniel’s recovery time of four years in Salem, Oregon, he spent two years living in the basement of a Metaphysical Bookstore where he became intimately acquainted with the wide spectrum of non-physical beings who populate the universe. From his experience since 1972 reading The URANTIA Book, it has been his single focus to channel only the spiritual beings who “occupy the corporate structure” for the management and administration of the universe, particularly for this planet.

The various orders of spiritual beings that he has channeled include Universe Creator Sons and Daughters, Avonals, Melchizedeks, members of the Most Highs, numerous orders of angels, Spiritual Teachers (graduated mortals), Midwayers, his own Spiritual Teacher, Mor-Gan, and many others. He is in frequent daily contact with the God Presence (Indwelling Spirit) within, as well as his Guardian Angel, Leah, and the currently assigned Melchizedek who has acted as his silent muse, mentor, advisor and congenial critic for Daniel’s prodigious production of concepts and papers, particularly since 2006 to the present. These esoteric materials that were co-creatively written are collected here on this website, and those that are not spiritually or esoterically oriented may be obtained by request through “our contact us” tab.

T/R – DonnaD

Lifelong truth seeking led Donna D’Ingillo to explore the realms of consciousness and spirituality.  A student of The URANTIA Book since 1975, reading the Life and Teachings of Jesus and the cosmology of the revelation that drew her into a life committed to healing and transformation.  Donna began to consciously receive the teachings of spiritual helpers in 1992 with Teach Welmek and hosted a group of truth seekers in California from 2000-04. 

She also communicated messages from our Divine Parents—Christ Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia from that time until the present.  Conscious contact with our Magisterial Son Monjoronson began in 2004, and she began a meditation group to collaborate with Him and our Planetary Seraphim in 2010, which continues to this day. 

She founded the Center for Christ Consciousness in 2002, which then grew into the Institute of Christ Consciousness (www.instituteofchristconsciousness.org) in 2019, and the ministry continues to provide spiritual transformation and healing services to truth-seekers. Donna has has authored inspirational books, developed meditation CDs, and provides individual and group spiritual education and experience.  She is committed to individual spiritual and creative transformation, and to help our world evolve into a heavenly planetary culture.  

T/R – GerdeanO

T/R – HenryZ

T/R – JerryE

T/R – JerryL

T/R – JimC

T/R – JoAnn

T/R – Lytske

T/R – MarkR

T/R – MaryJo

T/R – MichaelL

T/R – Rebecca

T/R – VickiV

T/R – Vince

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