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Our Message

As we begin to individually evolve, so will our families, our society and civilization. This Covid-19 virus has provided us with the time to examine ourselves, our relationships, needs, identity, what’s most important in our lives and, what is not. Let’s take what we are learning and enable ourselves to move above and beyond the current paradigms and update our minds to a sense of Oneness with each other, for the betterment of each other, without the caveat of, “What’s in it for me?” or “I must have more than I need!”.

Take some time in these quiet moments with yourself and listen to your inner voice. The one that gets drowned out by the busy daily living before the virus forced us into our homes and removed the daily distractions and mindal noises. To do this, let’s elevate our visions of who, why and what we are as human beings. Take some time to, “imagine a world 500 years from now that is sustainable, more centered with love and kindness, with willing co-operation with each other.” What would that world look like? We can make it happen, really we can.

Let’s incorporate into our daily psyche what it means to have a fair, wholesome, healthy and sustainable culture.

Let’s recognize the desperate need for sustainable options, choices, decisions and actions which will honor both the material and social realms of human existence.

Let’s consider the long-term consequences of those choices not only for ourselves in the immediate present but for all who come after us. Quantity has no meaning to Life, if Life has no Quality of living.

Our civilization, our communities, our government, our families and most importantly, ourselves really needs to be based on Fairness, Service, Beauty, Truth, Goodness and Love, all of which are applied through our innate core values and ethical systems of behavior and thought. Let’s not repeat the cycles of prior declines and failures of past cultures (including this one). We have a unique and wonderful opportunity right now to start to be different.. to be as we were intended to be and to claim our birthright as a good human family – not only where you live but globally – we get a chance to press the ‘reset’ button.

We will need to use all of these social pillars to establish our connection to each other and develop our personal relationship to our Creator and toward a more lasting and certain future. Peace be with you. Let’s do it!!

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Teaching Mission & Correcting Time Group Abbreviations

11CT – 11:11 Correcting Time, NC

ABH – Abundant Hope

AND – Andover, MN

ARC – Arcadia, CA

ALG – At Large

BKF – Bakersfield, CA

BBK – Black Brook, BR

BOG – Bogus Basin, ID

BUF Buffalo, NY

BUT – Butler, PA

CDM – Corona Del Mar, CA

CDT – Co-Creative Design Team, CO

CIN – Cincinnati, OH

COS – Circle of Service, FL+NY

CNF – Conferences

CRC – Costa Rica, CR

CRV – Corvallis, OR

CWM – Conversations With Monjoronson, CO

DBC – Denver-Boulder, CO

DNV – Denver, CO

DTX – Dallas TX

EBY – East Bay, CA

ECU – Ecuador, EC

ERE – Erethea, UK

GYR – Good Year, AZ

HMB – Halfmoon Bay, CA

HAM – Hamilton, ONT

ICCInstitute of Christ Consciousness, FL

IND – Indianapolis, IN

KNA – Kona, HI

LGH – Laguna Hills, CA

LLN – LightLine, CA+ID+NY+FL

LVP – Long View Project

MAR – Marin, CA

MGMMagisterial Mission, MI

MJS – Special – NOCO Monjoronson: Special Session

MLV – M Levasseur, CN

MZV – Mezza Verde, BLZ

NBG – New Beginnings, FL

NEC – New Era Conversation

NET – New Era Transmission

NID – No Idaho, ID

NCO – No Colorado, CO

NSH – Nashville, TN

NWZ – New Zealand, NZ

OKL – Oklahoma City, OK

P2K – Pre 2000 transcripts, CO

PBG – Pittsburgh, PA

PFL – Post Falls, ID

PHL – Philippines, PH

POC – Pocatello, ID

RCR – Rock Creek, CN

RIO – Rio Rancho, NM

SAR – Sarasota, FL

SBK – Sea Brook, MD

SEI – SE Idaho, ID

SLC – Salt Lake City, UT

SLL – School of Light & Life

SLO – San Luis Obispo, CA

SCO – So Colorado, CO

SPK – Spokane, WA

TAL – Tallahassee, FL

TMC – Temple City, CA

TRD – Trinidad, CA

WAS – Wasatch, UT

WDCWoods Cross, UT

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