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Lightline Teleconference 2023-02-23

Subject: Lightline Teleconference. 2023-02-23
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, join us in fellowship and join us around our circle of friends, around the flames of our love that we are so nurtured by in this experience. We return to this well of goodness to once again share a cup with you, our Divine Parents, and liaisons and representatives and teachers and friends we’ve developed in this process. I approach now in gratitude for this construct developed and for the platform it provides. Let is be so, even now. 
Machiventa: Greetings, I am Machiventa and I am eager to respond to the call. And just like that, having set the stage and having set places for the participants to be welcome, you then bring your light to shine and open the doors and ring the school bell; then most certainly this reality has been created. The reality now exists as an expression and a manifestation of the purpose of the participants and the simple process of returning to the fire and to take up another cup from the well and to share it in fellowship with others who are travelers with you on this spirit voyage.
Routinely you recreate this entire reality as you choose to coordinate and meet again and engage our energies similarly. The school comes alive because the investment has been made to build it and to maintain it and to return over and over to this sacred space. I refer to it in terms of a school as in a Melchizedek classroom but it just as well may be represented by any church denomination or club denomination, anywhere there is an agreed upon  structure of thought and any such structured thought desires to be embraced and chosen and adhered to, and any movement likes to grow in popularity. These different approaches, different sets of scaffolding, are all trying to bridge the gap between what you are seeking, the grand connection to all, and this mortal reality of limitation and imperfection. 
Your attempts to reach beyond your mortal limitations are represented when you once again visit this sanctuary, this place of worship, this place of welcome. The condition of conditioning the environment to make it favorable to support the group’s energies is one of the key factors at play that you have stumbled on in your searches. The tone must be set for the group, for the movement and for the direction and purpose of the collective there must be the initial formation of a purpose and therefore a direction. Having launched a prayerful petition you have all learned the potency of such a gesture and are learning to consistently launch your vision of ideals, your version of perfect, your interpretation of truth and your portrayal of beauty. You are in constant motion manifesting your version, your interpretation of all that you are familiar with.
Becoming aware that this process is ongoing and repeats itself with every new vision and every new version, and knowing that this is going to crop up as a regular potential in your future and being prepared to guide the next round of inspiration, the next round of projecting your intentions so that they are focused with more divine intention and more sacred purpose as a result of your greater awareness of deeper values and greater meanings, each new opportunity that arises, even each hour, presents you with a new chance to choose either to go through another round of creative experience similar to the last and the last and the last, or perhaps you will decide to alter the trajectory of your next circumstance with the infusion of divine light, divine inspiration or the guidance that you may get by your simple request. 
Such guidance requested from your Inner Guide may always be counted on and you may always relax into the response that you receive. The more aware you have become about how all of this works together the more you’re able to play a better game, to execute a higher choice, to redirect intention as your awareness has brought you more perspective and greater capacity. As you function as this instrument of peace, you are constantly tuning your instrument, constantly maintaining it and practicing using it. And so each time you go to respond to life’s calling, your current attempt will reflect the progress you have made to date, will reflect the depth of your awareness and of the mastery of your instrument. 
What a fascinating experience you have been afforded as a mortal of the realm on Urantia, Michael’s planet of bestowal and the site of tragic default and isolation. And all the while, generation after generation, there are the mortals of the realm grappling with the current state of reality. This happens as the cycles repeat with time, with life, with death, with seasons and with growth. These indicators of the passage of time run deep with the mortals of the realm as a significant aspect to be reckoned with. One must work in accordance with the timing of nature and day and night and winter and summer. As a mortal of the realm so much is required of you to simply survive and maintain your mortal components that oftentimes there isn’t afforded much opportunity to reflect on other aspects of your being that are not so tied to time or space but rather can transcend both and can be projected, can be contacted and can be en-circuited in gatherings of individuals committed to forming specific circuitries.
So many steps are being taken as the circuitries are being reopened, and as these pathways are regained and redeveloped the connection will be felt throughout the entire web of human connection. Like a web where all of the mortals are connected, when there is a force applied to any section of the web, the energy is transferred throughout the entire mechanism. The mortal race is hooked to a gigantic web, feelings are registered in one area and pulses go out that are then registered by surrounding areas and this form of connection and communication is the circuit of mankind. So many different levels of circuits, energy fields, combinations with energy, alignments of energetic fields and it’s such a pleasure to observe as you explore some of these different dimensions of energy and realize that you as well are energy, you as well represent another expression of energy, a first source and center of your eternal future.
I invite you to drink deeply of this cup of fellowship, of sojourning with other spirit adventurers by making yourselves available at this place of your choosing, of your creation, and being afforded the environment so conditioned to not only allow but to welcome such connection and contact, a matter of activating the switches that you may not have been aware you had or the options you may have been unaware were available. Like with any aspect or dimension of your being, first you must be aware of its existence, the space it inhabits and how it manifests in the material plane. 
I stand in gratitude for the time offered to further develop this construct of gathering and communicating and fellowshipping. Simply being in the company of each other is comforting and only made possible with the contribution of the participants for which we are all grateful. I now withdraw, be in peace until the school bell rings again. 
Inner Voice: I will accept this opportunity provided, I am this one’s Inner Voice, Inner Guide, Thought Adjuster, associate and partner. I’m drawn to foster the line of thought of having more intention and providing more guidance to your inspirations and your desires to function as an instrument of peace by flavoring and conditioning that which you would manifest in your process. It may be said, the key element to success with any instrument is repetition and practice which can bring you near perfection in your execution. That truth has the same meaning when accessing and influencing circumstances in your life. Conditioning your instrument with divine frequency is the tuning of the instrument, it’s the making sure that the tones are correct, the relationship between them is correct, the harmonies established are pure. 
This action of looking to finding a new direction is something that you may approach your Inner Guide about and such an approach may be made at any time, at any point. It may actually be done on the fly, in the moment and at the time it is needed if you would but accept that you are close enough and that it is easy enough for you to simply throw that switch and make the connection and formulate the petition in the moment, of the moment, that seeking of divine guidance coming at the time of decision can alter the perspective of the participants. Checking in about whether things are the will of your Divine Parents means that you are set on track to have success in your accomplishments if you will follow through with all the steps of creation, not only the inspiration, not only the inspiration expressed, but the dedication involved in doing the work to make it so, to not act as if there is any entitlement but rather that you are a willing participant simply in need of support. When you are in motion, more may be added to you.
Once again, I am prone to bring up another potential of contact, a time you might consider throwing that switch, choosing to check in to make contact. It is becoming easier and easier and it is your birthright to exercise and to choose. I bring you my words of encouragement to embrace these truths and embrace the reality of your position in this divine family and as such, your connection of the part to the whole. When you gather, the flames of your faith are seen from a great distance and bring satisfaction to all of your Divine Parents for it is the reflection to them that you are aware, you are looking for connection and the flames so evident of your fire surely draw all those who witness such fire for spirit, such faith manifested to create such a bountiful display of faith.
As was said before, be in peace. Accept that grace manifest is why you are here at this place of awareness and that these are the fruits of your having pursued these spirit truths. Enjoy well the fruits of your labors, drink deeply of these cups of the warmth of grace and know well that you are a member of this family of man of which each member is cherished. I take my leave, thank you for this opportunity again. I never will hesitate to bring my words of encouragement for the growth is rampant as the tide of spirit has risen and I stand in gratitude for the opportunity to go through this experience with you in real time, farewell. 
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