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Lightline Teleconference 2023-03-02

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-03-02
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice 
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I extend my gratitude for your contribution to what is created with our devotion of energy. Let’s shove this raft off from the safety of shore and paddle out aways and find our way in the spirit dimension because we so choose, because we so condition the environment and our repeated attempts have always been met with the grace of success with the response to our spirit petition. Even now we come to this well in faith that we may draw up a cup of the truth, beauty, and goodness in this well, at this gathering of friends around the well where we seek the embrace and the nourishment of spirit connection. As we believe, we would make it so, even now. 
Machiventa: Thank you for your efforts to set the stage and create the environment of a classroom conducive to receiving those truths, the beauty, and the goodness that you seek in your process. I am Machiventa and await your signal that the classroom is ready to receive the students, the teachers, the observers and all the participants gathered at this temple to the connection, this sacred place you return to where each one of you have a thread within that is a piece of the entire fabric of the whole. Whenever you gather and resume normal activities in this temple, this classroom of spirit intention, when we meet we rekindle the fire that we all enjoy. We fan the flames of such a fire with our very intentions, our contributions of energy, our donations of creative thought. Our choices then are our indicators of spirit awareness as the more time spent in spirit at the temple, the more life issues are viewed through this lens of perspective of one who spends active time in connection, in communion, in conversation with spirit.
We have spoken before about your having to learn and adapt and create a new language that reflects the relevance and significance of the meanings and values of spirit truths and perspectives. When these features are brought to bear and when these traits are exposed to the circumstance, they have the impact of shifting the focus, of rearranging priority and redefining the significance. There is always the underlying drive throughout to seek for and to find the meaning inherent in the lesson of the moment. You have long since come to recognize that all circumstances in life are filled with great opportunities to explore the depth of meanings and values and levels of truth. Each time you return to the well of Divine spirit and to the inner temple to commune, you are graced with greater capacity for your very having asked for it, not in so many words but in so many actions.
When you join in fellowship in spirit in your sacred space, you may experience a differentness, a different sense of belonging, a different feeling of recognition and certainly there will be a different perspective coming. All things are in flux, all matters are in flux, and all this change, all this instability in the matrix means there are great opportunities to restructure the model, to rethink the ground rules and the approaches based on a higher level of thought, spirit infused thought because you have achieved it, you have seen it with your own spirit eyes. You can portray it with your own physical voice, you literally have one foot in each dimension as a material mortal of the plane which is also indwelt with an Infinite Fragment from on high.
Checking in with your other dimensions is required to ensure your pillars of support are sound. The spirit leg of the stool requires awareness and exercise. The demands of the physical, of the body leg of the stool are ever present and ever ready to call out for your attention as well as the simple exercise of the vehicle. The challenges of the mind as a servant are great and this leg of your stool requires significant attention to attain mastery over such a powerful tool. If any one of the mind, body or spirit pillars are weak, the stool will not stand. If however, the composition of the components is strong and stable, then they can support their part of the whole. Truly it is thrilling to be on Urantia at this point in time with seemingly so much darkness all around and yet we even now are in this temple together dispelling the darkness by feeding the flames of truth. Side by side these realities exist. The fact that we can discuss matters of spiritual importance, matters of great spiritual significance, the fact that we can refer to your Inner Guide and you know to what we refer. These are empowering signs, these are great signals that are sent by your efforts to foster and grow this construct of communing and sharing and worshiping together, which is why it truly is a temple.
I express my gratitude at being able to be with you through this experiment and through this experience that we have joined together to create. Now I would extend my gratitude for all that you have made possible with your extensions of faith, your examples of faith in action and your demonstrations of your mastery of such faith. It is humbling to work alongside such dedicated seekers, inspiring to all of us who are engaged in the overall plan and process. I stand in gratitude for the encouragement that working with you brings to us as we develop technique and sound constructs of thought and approach. Good day to you all. 
Inner Voice: I will take this opportunity and this voice offered to once again make my presence known in this place of acceptance, place of peace and place of connection. I am this one’s Inner Guide, the eternal component that shares the journey every step of the way with you, our mortal counterpart. This is the answer to our petitions as Thought Adjusters when we are granted our choice and allowed to adopt you as an eternal inductee. It is in fact your choice to make it an eternal career and my guidance which would show you the way and, having chosen the path to return to the First Source and Center, our destiny becomes certain fusion, certain combining so that our journey will be as one. 
Now, at this beginning of our relationship, is the only time there will not register in your mortal scope of senses the Onboard Partner that rides with you, next to you and alongside of you as you enjoy the use of your vehicle, your avatar for functioning on the earthly plane. So to find ourselves at this time in your evolution, so very much at the beginning, at the launching of a divine future, and even so, from a planet so far away as one could conceive, there is still the connection of spirit, there is still the belonging to the spirit family, there is still the flashes of light. This of course is where you come in, is where we may come in, is where we may work in partnership to condition and influence our circumstance and environment. I am ever ready to assist with guidance, direction and support for your choices and efforts. 
There is always a better way forward. In any life circumstance or undertaking you may always benefit from seeking counsel within, from your Onboard Partner, to ask for greater perspective, greater insight, greater awareness, and greater capacity to embrace all of those aspects. I must say that as we are becoming more familiar, as time goes by and you are learning to be more fluent in the language of love and as we visit and commune and seek guidance and worship together, you are allowed the opportunity to demonstrate your faith, your conviction, and to manifest your purpose. These are the paths forward. The way to make progress in your awareness is to consider from such angles and open your hearts to the truths that you uncover in your search for spirit.
Once again, I would make bold to use this voice to project a common message out to all those connected to the Thought Adjuster circuitry. I would make bold to formally invite you to approach, to come closer at any time. It is as easy as your showing up here in this temple of worship. Trust and allow that this is the desire, not only of Me, your Inner Voice, but it represents the desire of your Divine Parents as this is their plan, this is their creation.  At this point, those hearing these words are of a level of spiritual awakening so as to have no misconception about eternal survival or about the purpose of the plan created and instituted by your Divine Parents. I stand in gratitude for the plan, for the gigantic enterprise that we are all a part of and that leads us unerringly into divine graces. 
As has been mentioned, there is great assistance to be rendered at this time for all those seeking this ultimate connection. Ask and you shall receive and be ready to take the cup when it comes and nourish yourself with spirit presence. Such an opportunity, such a life, a mortal life, and then the spirit life, and where we are right now is a mortal life with the awareness of the immortal aspect, the true nature of your being. The earthly example of the life of the worm that goes into the cocoon and emerges as the butterfly, a beautiful being of flight. This transformation that awaits all of you is greater than of the tadpole having become the frog or the worm having become the butterfly, these transformations are mere material reflections of the transformations that are undergone within. The transformations that are undergone to that eternal component of your being, your spirit self, your unique identity as a child of God and as a fragment of the whole are all undergone within but result in changes in form to reflect the stage of evolution attained.
So now that you know, I invite you to choose, I invite you to take the opportunity. It is not as if you will not eventually make the connection, the union, even the fusion. It is simply a matter of time, a matter of trying, a matter of pursuing, a matter of desire, and a matter of faith. Be of good cheer as these opportunities arise and you are afforded the opportunity to choose to grow in spirit, to move forward in your ascension career. One step at a time, one experience at a time, one choice, one prayer at a time. I too stand in gratitude for the opportunity to avail myself of this platform and hope that these words of encouragement find a home in your hearts. They are from within, they are meant for you. Feel the frequency, observe the tone and trace the energy back, back to the temple, back to your citadel of peace, your church within.
It’s been a pleasure to join you all this evening and to bring words of good cheer. All these connections are all being established just as the nerves of the circuitry have grown out and are now connecting. Be in peace as you go through your step by step process. There is no rush, there is no stress of forced movement. Your will will be the command of your environment, of your universe. Let it be not only your will, let it be our will as we recognize the will of The Father. I now take leave of the voice and return and recede to my place next to you, with you, beside you, having greatly enjoyed the exchange of energy and contact. I now recede and make way for you to take the helm again and chart a course for us, a course based on your greatest awareness and, of course, that is where I may come in to assist. Call on Me and put Me in the game, coach. I’m on the sidelines until you ask, then I can bring my traits and skills to bear and then we would be functioning as partners and that is the goal, the end result throughout this whole program. I return to gratitude to take my leave, the signature of gratitude is the signature of worship and this energy field is the one to always return to. So be it, we will share an exchange again because it is our desire to do so, and so it will be. Farewell.
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