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Lightline Teleconference 2023-03-09

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-03-09
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, join us as we circle up once again, as we come around to fellowship in the goodness the truth and the beauty that your presence brings us. We are very grateful for this circumstance, this chance, this opportunity in time and space to grow and to get to know you more and more as we pursue you in our everyday choice. Let it be so again.
Machiventa: I too stand in gratitude for this opportunity. I am Machiventa Melchizedek here to follow up on the observation of the many dimensions and potentials and possibilities that exist around your experience and the recognition of the attainment of your awareness that changes things that may have seemed extraordinary or different by virtue of simple unawareness.
The lessons that it took to bring you to the observation that you too are connected, you too may be represented personally and these challenges brought before you to bring you to this realization have been your gifts and with the fact that you have been willing to change your course and alter your direction based upon your observation of what has been successful in real time has meant that the student no longer needs the master as the master has imparted all that the students have need of and they just have been made aware by the teachers and have been shown by the master their true composition. Certainly when one realizes that they possess the same characteristics and abilities as the master then they can see themselves as identifying with this component or this aspect of their being. 
The blackbelt is only earned by the one who has demonstrated all the necessary components to entitle them to such a rank and you are all earning your belts by degree, by executing the tasks of growth, by accepting the challenges of the exercising required to grow the self. As you earn the degrees of your belt, you no longer require the assistance of another to show you the way, to demonstrate how and to help you improve in your abilities. You eventually become the master and it’s a joy to watch you return to the arena and work out time after time and to even practice using the various methods and tools from your toolbox that you have gained in training and to see how you have mastered some technique in the process.
I tell you this is just the beginning of the unfolding of your potentials, of the prospects before you should you so choose. You have within you inherent capacities and predispositions and longings and desires and there is running through all of these circuits a sense of connection, a sense of being connected, a sense of belonging to the circuitry, a connection to a common web, a feeling of extension of perception by virtue of this connection. These potentials will rise to the surface as you are ready, as you are willing, as you are able to take the next one on. Many layers may be uncovered to expose the true meanings and values underneath.
The shift to operating on a higher dimension will bring an enhanced peace of mind. There is an effort to foster a safe place, a safe gathering place. All of you here tonight know well of a safe place to be in spirit, a safe gathering place to meet with others in spirit. These are merely mortal techniques and may be adjusted as needed for greater effect but this returning to spirit, returning to calm, retuning to quiet, returning to peace, this is what is required to condition the environment, the inner environment to receive the answers to your prayers, the guidance you seek about directions forward, the sense of connection and family that is only enjoyed in the spirit process of gratitude and love. 
It is always amusing to bring ideas out that might tease you into trying them, to point out that all this is certainly within your grasp. Even as your Master said: “You will do all of that and more,” you are learning that you are self contained with all that you need to make your journey and that the one you need to trust to guide you is already onboard and within. Therefore you may be bold about setting out on your journey, knowing you have the ultimate guide and a purpose and meaning to your trip to return home and recombine with the First Source and Center. Such a magnificent journey and you are just now waking up to some of these potentials which you may certainly choose to make real and actual. 
Well done comrades, this stage of growth is moving along at a wonderful pace. Spiritual pressure being applied has manifested in certain growth and has made it easier to make and establish connections. A joyful time we find ourselves in as Michael’s world is reclaimed into the divine graces and brought forward as a shining example of the triumph of love, of the simple dispelling of the darkness by bringing the light. Certainly Michael’s world will not only endure the challenge but will rise to it, to meet it and to exceed it.
I now take my leave after basking in the glow of the spirit presence of such light anchors, peace anchors, instruments of The Father’s peace, playing the tones of peace. Be in peace as you spread this peace. The more you share, the more there is. Such an effort pleases your Divine Parents immensely and we all stand in gratitude as always. Farewell to you all. 
Jonathan: Greetings my friends, Jonathan here. I cherish the opportunity to openly communicate with you and express the sorrow for his loss to my friend. However I know that he is aware that the only loss is one of personal association. More has been gained than lost by any means in this process and the awareness and conviction that that is the case provides certain comfort to those involved. Even greater comfort is bestowed because of the connection we enjoy even now. This connection represents the ability to maintain such a connection across the boundaries of mortal flesh and time and space. Here and now we provide a necessary construct and pattern that is proven to be effective to make communication over the wall.
This ability is a side effect of opening the broadcast communication circuit and expanding the potentials therein by direction of Michael. Great energy is being put forth towards connection, towards reconnection of missing circuitries and fostering and building of new ones required to handle new opportunities. Fortunately, though the task is large, the resources are greater. That which The Father desires, will be, therefore whatever is required to manifest, will be, and whatever impacts that has, will be. The magnitude of shifts and changes that are behind the scenes of your stage are grand and will require a show of force with many hands on deck to pull it off, and that is exactly what is underway. The forces of the universe are gathering as we speak to be instruments of peace for this mission, just as you have been in training and receiving your tools for your toolbox. All the forces are certainly being rallied for the cause. Oftentimes the storm is at it’s worst when it’s at its darkest but the light will return, the light will be brought from on high to cleanse everything, to expose all surfaces, to bring life.
I stand in gratitude for the chance you provide me to share with you this experience. You maintain a place for me at the table, you offer me an open heart every time and so it is I feel welcome. I feel as though I belong in this house of spirit and it is my pleasure to remind you that as events come and go, they always pass and even what seemed like major structures may be so changed and so rearranged as to pass on the old versions and move forward with the new structure built with higher intention and greater purpose. This too shall pass so fear not. That about says it all my friends and it’s my pleasure to remind you of those simple thoughts. Go in peace, be in peace, spread the peace. Peace is the new now and you may rejoice as a messenger of such having been informed in spirit that it is so.
Enjoy the ride my friends, enjoy the connection and the anticipation of the goodness ahead and we will speak again by the grace of God and you and I. Let’s make it so again, farewell.
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