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Lightline Teleconference  2023-03-16

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-03-16
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Machiventa: I respond to the signal of the school bell ringing with the students in attendance and ready to take notes. I am drawn to respond to such a signal and join you in the process that we have been engaged in for some time. The observation discussed prior in conversation of the importance and the significance of applying your faith in your actions to condition the environment as your faith is one of your greatest accomplishments and one of your most profound achievements. Your faith provides you with your courage and your strength and is a pillar to lean on as you leverage yourself forward and a sturdy foundation to moor your vessel and keep it secure.
This is the value of having developed faith through the process of repeatedly engaging in the process designed to foster your development of faith, your depth of awareness and the conviction that that brings as you make your choices moving forward. Faith propels you to act when uncertainty and doubt may have you paralyzed. Faith can break you free from the chains of uncertainty and the restrictions of doubt. Faith when applied in devout sincerity can in effect move the mountains of obstacles and can ease your journey through the maze of experiences and faith building exercises. The stronger your faith gets, the closer your association is with the spirit dimension and your spirit guide and internal component from on high.
Because faith operates in spirit, in the enduring realm of spirit, faith can transcend mortal reality. Faith can go beyond the circumstance. Faith that all will be well in the end may be the lubricant you may apply during times of great friction in your experience, simply knowing the end, the destiny of the circumstance from the beginning and having the faith to stake the claim on that reality because you so believe and are so convinced that there is no need for worries, doubts and uncertainty. There is no room for them to fit in the equation because you have forecast the circumstance, you have conditioned the environment with the application of your faith, you modify reality. The application of your faith brings you the awareness of the next step to take with the certainty of one who believes there will be one and such certainty, such conviction of faith is always rewarded. 
It is an act of glory as faith demonstrates the depth of the believer. Faith in action is the highest gift to the Creator. It is the signal and response that you are engaged and in play with the entire evolving plan of mortals and even as mortals in this state, the beginnings, you are registering your spirit component, discovering that aspect of your being, discovering that that part of yourself is the enduring component of your soul and even in this mortal life, choosing to follow spirit, seek it and find it in the processing of stillness and choose to exercise that part of your being. The fact that we can discuss the influence of your faith on your spiritual development is a grand milestone in your evolution as an evolving spirit; knowing your capacities in these dual realms of physical and spiritual enables you to further utilize the gifts of grace that are yet to be discovered about the composition of your being. 
I am Machiventa, for the record, taking advantage of this opportunity you provide and attempting to meet you where you are at and attempting to join you in discussion of concerns and considerations regarding the ever changing experience before you. As you know, that is like saying welcome to mortal life, the ever changing experience before your eyes and in real time. Here you are a mortal creature of the realm, bound to the circumstance of time and space and finding that you have access to an entirely different dimension of your being, a different aspect of your composition, a part of your being that may be eternal, that may survive the mortal vicissitudes of life. And not only is there this realization that there is a plan, there is a destiny, there is a future as well, there is an assistance, a guide, a friend, a divine liaison from on high, one who has chosen to grow and develop with you in spiritual nature until you may even choose to proceed back to your origins as one. That close of an associate dwells with you even now. Even in this moment, in this time, there exists your Onboard Partner and your companion to the degree that you provide access.
And here you are as a mortal of the realm knowing all of this and being present, physically here, for the reopening of the broadcast circuits. Such an event that has been prayed for and wished for and envisioned for quite some time is now coming to fruition with the reinstatement of the circuitries, of all the circuitries that were so severed and impacted by the choices of the Most Highs. Clearly the direction has changed and now all manner of assistance is being afforded to correct the course of Michael’s beloved world and to flood the environment with such a field of love that it will be as a light beam to flood Urantia with the light. Such a spiritual pressure will cause the movement into the light and away from the darkness. Such an empowering force of light to guide and attract all those seeking the way. 
Such a powerful signal is amplified greatly by the efforts of all of the light workers, all of the soldiers in the field of the Lord, all of the instruments of peace who respond to the call, respond to the need. Surely Urantia has made a cry for love and the response will be overwhelming in no small part because of all the small parts, all of you who feel perhaps disassociated or unrelated to the action. I tell you you are the action for your immediate environment, your immediate zone of influence, even and most importantly, your zone of influence within. Here is where conditioning the environment is most profoundly effected. This is where the conditioning all begins, this effort at maintaining this structure of connection and clarity and assurance that this connection remains maintained and serviceable which is only accomplished through the efforts of spirit intention and contribution and in the expression of spirit attitudes towards the circumstance. 
So much is to be gained in developing a greater awareness of all the different levels of influence that all aspects of your condition have as potential. The art of using word symbols is only one small parameter of the aspects of this equation. Since we meet in the spirit context, we have access to many avenues of approach and many dimensions shared. We are all connected together in this sense of being part of the grand scheme of things, a part of the same whole and as such we understand we belong to the same whole, the same great spirit force that we are drawn to in our pursuit to return home to our Divine Parents who have created us and who have given us this life, this opportunity and this circumstance. There is a great sense of gratitude for the experience, for the life and the opportunity, the chance, a chance to choose, a chance to dream, a chance to choose the dream, the freedom to make the choice and the faith to guide the truth and the faith to be secure with the choice. 
Again the proper application of faith applied when necessary, when called for in the circumstance, is easily applied when the conviction of faith is strong and the certainty of faith bears witness to its success. A significant component of this process of healing is that when one petitions for healing and that grace be bestowed upon their situation and circumstance, it is hard not to simply pray for something, pray for what you think you really need when what you really need is accomplished through your stance of prayer. It is your bid to connect to spirit, your desire to commune put forward and made public. This is also accomplished in your times in stillness, when an effort is made to still the waters and pray at the chapel so that you may hear the communications from on high.
Interesting times we find ourselves in with unique sets of opportunities before us never known before for their uniqueness in all of the history of mankind with unique challenges and unique obstacles to overcome. Things that are different may cause concern because they are unfamiliar and unknown but you as spiritual seekers have long since grasped the significance of willingness to lay down your obstacles and barriers in favor of the personal experience of the spiritual exchange. In the end, all spirit exchange is contributing to the growth of that individual and it is similar to spending time practicing your instrument to perfect its tone and insure that its tone quality is accurate and pure.
I bid you all carry forth as your missions have called to you, even as they call to you in the days to come. As the registered instruments of peace and a peace anchor you will be called upon to shine your light, to shine the light that you have become familiar with because you have practiced, you have seen it, you have felt it, you have wielded it, and it becomes your privilege to demonstrate and expose others to the highest dimension of the reality you can portray. Each time we gather there is a reference made to contacting your Inner Guide and developing a closer relationship with that aspect of your being. Once again I’ll put forward this opportunity that exists because I can, because you are aware of the scope and dimension of such things. You have gone where spirit has led you and it has brought you here to this place of greater awareness where now your choices may be influenced by higher values, greater meanings and purpose. I issue my gratitude and thanks for the opportunity to access this forum and to fellowship with friends. I now step aside to allow for an example. Farewell. 
Inner Voice:  I accept this opportunity offered, this profound gift of grace. The opportunity to choose to participate in a gathering of this kind is indeed a treasured opportunity. I am this one’s Inner Guide and I am stepping forward to accept the reins of voice and to attempt to wield them to faithfully express any meanings and values I will attempt to portray. I am, as your Inner Guide, I am a gift of grace from on high bestowing myself upon you in response to my petition to do so in conjunction with your Divine Parents will that it be so. The opportunity is almost never available for such straight forward communication as we enjoy through combining this process of Inner Guide instruction and transmitter capacity to tune in. The fact that we have these parts to play means that we can combine forces and bridge the normal gaps and navigate the normal obstacles.
There has been some good discussion about obstacles or the circumstance or event and whether these are good aspects or are detrimental to your growth. The application of your faith perspective guides you to forever look at the glass as being half full, to forever see the potentials that may be made actuals, to forever look for a way to make it happen, if it is good and true and beautiful, to bring your faith that it will be. Faith seeks the artist chipping at the stone until the image is revealed. Faith that there is an image to be revealed drives the artist to keep moving forward. Similarly, faith draws you here, each time, every time; it propels you to go where spirit leads you and with the advent of the upgrade in circuits and the rescue mission of Michael, one of the next gifts of grace we encounter to enjoy is the ability to access and utilize dormant or even new circuitries that may be used to further the connection and rebuild the web of mankind.
Recall that this opportunity discussed and brought forward for consideration and offered to you as a potential, this same reality exists for all others indwelt with a Divine Fragment. The circuits are being opened and expanded to meet the passage of all those, who in seeking their spirit connection will find this path, this road to the Divine and choose it. It is in faith that we build these structures on high, is in faith that we construct these emblems of worship, these classrooms that draw those who are following spirit. The changes that are before mankind on Urantia are great in magnitude and any changes that are significant in magnitude simply must take some time. Time is required to move beyond one mindset to another and is required to forgive about the past and let go. It takes time to let the rains and the wind wash away the old dirt and it takes time to recondition the environment, to change the mood and the perspective. 
Thank you for the opportunity to join you in your search, the opportunity to tease you with how close you are to your goal of open contact. Perhaps you will be inspired to pursue contact and close the gap as is your destiny and the destiny of all mankind. I bring you my assurance as your Inner Guide, the validity and the truth of the statement that all things are made right in the end. Your individual experience is no different, your individual life is no different in its destiny and in its finality but you are all learning this as a matter of your faith and as a matter of your personal experience of such. Your conditioning of your environment by virtue of your awareness has had profound effect on your experience and this effect has been rendered because your choices have been elevated, your options have been more selectively chosen and your experience of learning from all these challenges are accumulated and stored and results in the development of your spiritual character. 
Such efforts at building this spirit component are essential in developing peace of mind regarding your individual circumstance. The application of faith and the installation of the conviction of your faith into the equation tips the balance every time and provides you the strength to make the better choice, the more correct choice. Faith has the capacity to change the dynamic of any circumstance when one brings in a vision of the circumstance, a vision that includes the resolution and peaceful acceptance of the change. When you have the faith to bring that into the equation and visualize the circumstance through that lens, you then create the space for such a choice to be made and lead by example in so doing.
Find me in your quiet time. Find me in your hour of need. Accept my contribution openly and with intention and your application of faith is your flipping the switch, is your determining factor. Apply wisely this energy, this straight component and surely you will see the fruits of such an offering of goodness. I now will move to the side once again and relinquish this holy opportunity which you have so gracefully provided for this occasion. I am ever so pleased to return to remind you once again of all of this that is yours and all of this you will come to see and find. Let it be so as it is even now. I take my leave in profound gratitude and offer my commitment wherever I can help. Enjoy the ride my friends. Be in peace. Farewell.
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