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AUG 2021

  • 08/03/2021 – 11CT-Chris; Correcting Time – 11CT-169- The Great Divide; 11CT-168- The Gift of Being Alive; 11C T-167- Sacred Spaces; 11CT-166- Embracing the Law of One; 11CT-165- The Quiescence of the Soul; 11CT-164- The Sentinels; 11CT-163- Big Brothers, Big Sisters; 11CT-162- Prepare for the Coming Age; 11CT-161- Joy and Accomplishment; 11CT-160- The Value of Hardship;
  • 08/01/2021 – added FAQ#8 on introverts  v extroverts; 

JUL 2021

  • 07/30/2021 – 11CT-229- “Free Your Mind”; 11CT-228- Divinity in the Midst; 11CT-227- Personality and Loving the Self; 11CT-226- What is Saving Grace?; 11CT-225- The Process of Detoxification; 11CT-224- A Lesson on How to Love; 11CT-223- The Freedom to Live and to Love is Yours; 11CT-222- The Greatest of Love Songs; 11CT-221- The Fundamentals of Light and Life; 11CT-220- Experience a “Lollapalooza”; 11CT-219- Healing Effect of Laughter; 11CT-218- The Prayer of Life and Ascension; 11CT-217- Counting the Blessings; 11CT-216- Spiritual Dreams; 11CT-215- Intelligence—Practical and Spiritual; 11CT-214- Cycles of Life; 11CT-213- The Final Agreement; 11CT-212- The Circle of Love; 11CT-211- Patience and Perseverance; 11CT-210- Is There Really a God?; 11CT-209- Spirit Finance; 11CT-208- Ambassadors of Light; 11CT-207- Affliction – Strengthen Your Faith; 11CT-206- The Vital Ingredients; 11CT-205- The Answer to the Questions; 11CT-204- Transcendence; 11CT-203- Finding a Deeper Connection with Spirit; 11CT-202- Want for Others; 11CT-201- Say Hello to Love; 11CT-200- Finding the Path; 11CT-199- Spending Time on the Self; 11CT-198- Difficult Decisions; 11CT-197- Emotion: Who is Master?; 11CT-196- LOVE IS; 11CT-195- The Exclusivity of Belief; 11CT-194- Expressing the True Self; 11CT-193- The Divine Relationship; 11CT-192- The Feeling Network; 11CT-191- 2012 New Year Greetings; 11CT-190- Experience Divine Love; added Spanish-(( 11CT-576sp- Desarrollar el Contacto Consciente -Parte 2; 11CT-577sp- Experimentar el Contacto Consciente – Parte 1; INS210421sp- 3er. Encuentro con los Apunianos; INS210425sp- Apunianos sobre la Sanación y la Partícula Minius; LLN623sp- Diferentes Enfoques para la Curación; LLN622sp- Creando el Gran Circuito – El Gran Atajo a su Guía Interior; LLN621sp- Caminos y Portales; LLN190sp- La Voz y su Contraparte Humana; LLN191sp- Su Entorno los Pone a Prueba; LLN192sp- La Influencia del Espíritu es a Través de los Patrones de Pensamiento; LLN193sp- ¿Existe Hoy la Posesión?; LLN194sp- La Incomodidad del Contacto con el Ajustador )); Lightline(LLN) 11CT-189- Exemplification of Self; 11CT-188- The Great “AH-HA”; 11CT-187- Let Today Be; 11CT-186- WE ARE THE WORLD; 11CT-185- Spiritual Gifts and Service; 11CT-184- Children of the New World; 11CT-183- Open to the Possibilities; 11CT-182- Those Who See; 11CT-181- The True Realization of Self; 11CT-180- Shared Wisdom; 11CT-179- Perfection; 11CT-178- Time is Now; 11CT-177- The Day the World Changed; 11CT-176- Color in the Mosaic of Life; 11CT-175- There Will Come a Time; 11CT-174- Time Alone with God; 11C T-173- Transmutation of Divine Will; 11CT-172- Spiritual Prowess; 11CT-171- Spiritual Duty; 11CT-170- Sustainable Legacy; 
  • 07/29/2021 – 11CT-253- The Springtime of Eternity; 11CT-252- “I Abide In You”; 11CT-251- Following Your Life Plan; 11CT-250- The Walls of Limitation; 11CT-249- Equality and the Untapped Potential; 11CT-248- Spiritual Growth and Progress -Part 3; 11CT-247- Spiritual Growth and Progress -Part 2; 11CT-246- Spiritual Growth and Progress -Part 1; 11CT-245- The Importance of Faith; 11CT-244- Communicate Your Feelings; 11CT-243- Relationships and Divine Guidance; 11CT-242- Self-forgiveness: The First Step Toward Freedom;  11CT-241- Mind and Memory: The Building Blocks of the Soul; 11CT-240- The Viewpoint of Eternity; 11CT-239- Methods to Prepare a Soul for Enlightenment; 11CT-238- The End of Separation; 11CT-237- “Why” Many Questions; 11CT-236- Era of Change; 11CT-235- Maintaining Your Spiritual Health; 11CT-234- The Circuit of Worship;  11C T-233- The Willingness to Change; 11CT-232- Sentinel Check Point; 11CT-231- Life Friends and the Divine Framework; 11CT-230- The Keepers of the Flame; added Institute of Christ Consciousness-Magisterial Mission (ICC-MM) ICC-MM 210725- Activating Humanity’s Potential through Calibration to Universe Mind; 
  • 07/28/2021 – 11CT-259- Give Pause and Let Your Light Shine; 11CT-258- The Love of God; 11CT-257- “Allow Yourself the Space to Grow”; 11CT-256- Spiritual Unity: “A View from the Mountain Top”; 11CT-255- Each According to Their Needs; 11CT-254- Fulfilling the Needs of the Soul; 
  • 07/27/2021 – 11CT-261- The Kingdom of Heaven, What is it?; 11CT-261- The Kingdom of Heaven, What is it?; 
  • 07/26/2021 – added 11CT Correcting Time (a/k/a 1111-Chris) 11CT- 577- Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 1; 11CT-331- Destiny Points—The Crossroads of Decision; 11CT-330- The Divine Partnership — Part 1; 11CT-329- The Big 3Qs; 11CT-328- Precious is your Life?; 11CT-327- This is Your Destiny; 11CT-326- What is it that you truly Desire?; 11CT-325- The Connection between Centers; 11CT-324- The Many Degrees of Higher Love;11CT-323- Higher Love – The Soul Fuel; 11CT-322- From This Day Forward, You are a Student of Love; 11CT-321- The Power Zone; 11CT-320- The Soul Building Process – Part 4; 11CT-319- The Soul Building Process – Part 3; 11CT-318- The Soul Building Process – Part 2; 11CT-317- The Soul Building Process – Part 1; 11CT-316- The Quickening – Amp-up the Frequency of Consciousness; 11CT-315- Where is Monjoronson?; 11CT-314- “Go with the Flow” – Embrace Change; 11CT-313- Soul Treasure – Practice the Art of Friendliness; 11CT-312- Manifest Love from the Great Potential; 11CT-311- Trust, Believe, and Transform—You are the Conduit; 11CT-310- Real Love is Freedom; 11CT-309- The Great Plan – Life and Purpose; 11C T-308- Midwayer Ingenuity; 11CT-307- First Contact – Primary Midwayer Andrea; 11CT-306- Letter to My Father; 11CT-305- Learn How to Expand Your Creative Potential; 11CT-304- The Divine Riddle; 11CT-303- The Fact of Eternal Life; 11CT-302- First Wave;11CT-301- “What Can I Teach,” and “Who is My Student?”; 11CT-300- The True Meaning of Peace, Love, and Understanding; 11CT-299- What does it mean to “Be in Your Peace?”; 11CT-298- The Journey of the Soul; 11CT-297- Look Boldly Into the Mirror; 11CT-296- Experience a Guided Meditation for Healing the Afflicted; 11CT-295- Morontia Mind – Experience Life from A Higher Perspective; 11CT-294- Love – God’s Integral Relationship with the Soul; 11CT-293- Prepare Your Mind for Expansion by Unclogging the Bottleneck; 11CT-292- Take a “Time-out” and Release the Tension; 11CT-291- Are you a Universe Citizen? Take the Test; 11CT-290- Put Your Imaginations to the Test; 11CT-289- The Necessity for Real Love; 11CT-288- Make it a Personal Challenge to Fine Tune your Awareness; 11CT-287- The “L” Factor; 11CT-286- The “Three Bs” of Universe Citizenship; 11CT-285- Opportunity to Express the Divine Will; 11CT-284- Express the One Truth and Awaken a Sleeping Planet; 11CT-283- Be Counted as the First Ancestors of Light and Life; 11CT-282- Open the Layers of the Mind with Direct Communication; 11CT-281- Techniques for Receiving Divine Guidance – Part 2; 11CT-280- Techniques for Receiving Divine Guidance – Part 1; 11CT-279- Discover What Remains; 11CT-278- Perplexing Moral Dilemma; 11CT-277- This is the Story of Us All; 11CT-276- Alignment: The Key to Inward Movement; 11CT-275- How Will You Answer When the Master Calls?; 11CT-274- The Law of Vibration – The Order of Universe Realities; 11CT-273- Relationships are the Reflection of the Divine; 11CT-272- “Do You Know Which Way the Wind Blows?”; 11CT-271- Meditation for the Expansion of Spiritual Awareness;11CT-270- Prayer of Perfection;  11CT-269- Understanding the Connection to Your Higher-Self -Part 2; 11CT-268- Understanding the Connection to Your Higher-Self -Part 1; 11CT-267- Beautiful Exercise for Raising Your Spiritual Vibration; 11CT-266- “It’s a Matter of Light and Vibration”; 11C T-265- Consciousness and Our Collective Relationship; 11CT-264-Be a Universe Building Co-Creator; 11CT-263- Listen with the Ears of the Heart; 11CT-262- Tap Into Your Inherent Potential; 11CT-261- The Kingdom of Heaven, What is it?; 11CT-260- Prayer of the Child; added GEO050101 – “Intro to Search for 11:11” by George Barnard; 
  • 07/25/2021 – Continued addition  of Butler PA(BUT) BUT16- On the Subjects of Love, Romance, Love, Soul-mates, Midwayers, Light; BUT15- What Is Energy?; BUT14- Human Dissatisfaction, Limitations, Emotion, Defense, Perfection; BUT13- Routine vs. Rut, Life Adventure, Dissemination, Happiness, Health; BUT12- Extended Stillness, Spirit of Truth, Teacher Contact; BUT11- Denial & E-motion;  BUT10- TR Character & Benefits, Ener4gy, Personality, Maturity;  BUT09- Tomas Discusses Money, Economics, Tithing, Progress; BUT08- Loving Service, Manipulation, Sincerity, Balance, Restraint; BUT07- Reviewing Earlier Lessons, Faith, Trust, Understanding, Sensitivity; BUT06- In God’s Time, Teachers, Community, Symbols, Expression, Hospice; BUT05- Becoming Receptive, Seeing Through God’s Eyes, Observation, Discernment; BUT04- Personal Counsel, Teacher Contact, Manner, Health, Human Condition, Menopause, Chakras;  BUT3- If You Cut Your Finger, It Bleeds; Morontia Mota, Accidents, Causality, Victimhood;  BUT02- The Joy Of Learning, Morontia, Healing; BUT01- Simplicity & Tomas’ Bio, Transportation, Sea of Glass; **This completes the transcript upload from the Butler PA Teaching Mission Group**; LYT374- So Come. So Rest. So Learn; LYT373- Unconditionally; 
  • 07/24/2021 – Butler PA (BUT) BUT37- Heart of TeaM, Love One Another, Joy, Diversity, Tradition; BUT36- Emotional Excitement; BUT35- Lesson On Opportunity, Urantia Movement, Distraction, Focus; BUT34- Mansion World Teachers, Merging Mind & Soul, Healing, Spirit; BUT33- Assessment of Teaching Mission, Inquiry, Teacher Sons; BUT32- Washing The Feet Of Your Fellows, Service, Differences, Acceptance; BUT31- Original Sin & Questioning Reality, Marital Role Playing, Shame, Discipline, Growth; BUT30- Observe & Discover, Problem Solving, Renewal, Joy, Judgment, Appreciation; Lightline(LLN) LLN192- Spirit Influence Is Through Thought Patterns; LLN191- Your Environment Tests You; LLN190- The Voice & Its Human Counterpart; Tallahassee(TAL) TAL08- Personality, Re-incarnarion, Bible, Parenting, Symbols; TAL07- The Coming Fellowship & TM Interactions; TAL06- Choices, Grace; TAL05- Rely On Strength From Each Other, Death, Anger, Grief, Spirit Poisons; TAL04- Death & Family Reunion, Parenting, Control, Change; TAL03- Group Formation with Will, Transmitting, Trust; TAL02- Will-Sessions 14-26 With Various Topics & Teachers;  TAL01- Will-Sessions 1-13 With Various Topics & Teachers; **This completes the transcript upload from the Tallahassee Teaching Mission Group**;; Butler PA (BUT) BUT29- Cataclysmic Times Are Upon Us; BUT28- Acknowledgment of Great Need, Friendship, Assistance, Growth, Wisdom, Abuse, Socialization; BUT27- Practice T/R Session; BUT26- Understanding Vortex; BUT25- Identifying Otherness; BUT24- Working In Harmony, Grace; BUT23- Growing In Community; BUT22- More About Spiritual Names; BUT21- Handicap of Literal Mindedness; BUT20- Making Choices, Miracles & Mind, Inquiry, Human Condition, Ritual, Exorcism; BUT19- Time to Change Your Oil, Change Focus, Comfort , Burden; BUT18- The TR Process; BUT17- Perception of His Will, Difference, Urantia Book, Prayer; 
  • 07/23/2021 – North Idaho(NID) NID645- Monjoronson Q&A Session 88 – Discernment, Mansion Worlds, Prayer, Materializations, Spirituality; NID644- Forgiveness; added Spanish(( LLN291sp- Supervivencia de la Personalidad )); Tallahassee(TAL) TAL15- Will’s Observation of People; TAL14- The Jesus Family; TAL13- Giving The UB To A Minister; TAL12- Concern About Materializations; TAL11- Learning to TR; TAL10- Doubts About Transmitting; TAL09- Questions About Appearance of Celestials; Lightline(LLN) LLN199- Rebellious Spirit, Creativity; LLN198- Experience Contrast & Redefine Your Position; LLN197- Distance Between Us Grows Less; LLN196- Self Contained Soul Not a Physical Mechanism; LLN195- Christmas 2008; LLN194- The Awkwardness of Adjuster Contact; LLN193- Is There Possession Today; 
  • 07/22/2021 – added Lightline (LLN) LLN219- Mortal Equal Partners with TA; LLN218- TA Work – Unique & Personal; LLN217- Urantia Needs to Learn Cooperation; LLN215- Expanding Revelation of Truth; LLN214- Magical Mystery Tour; LLN213- The Inner Life; LLN212- Elements & Perceptions of Joining with the Inner Voice; LLN211- One May Not Arm & Preach Peace; LLN210- Urantia Good Experience to Develop Strong Souls; LLN209- Using Group Spaces; LLN208- Channels; LLN207- I AM Perfect in All Ways; North Idaho (NID) NID566- Fully Manifest Your Potentials; NID559- Following the Current Downstream; added Lightline(LLN) LLN205- Carry the Harvest to New Cycle; LLN204- You Have Done Your Homework; LLN202- When Darkness Is Subjected To Light; LLN200- Monjoronson – Adjuster Series; LLN623- Different Approaches to Healing;  added Tallahassee (TAL) TAL16- General Multi-topic – January Lessons 1-25 with Several Celestials; North Idaho (NID) NID664- Faith; NID663- Faith Amidst Change; NID662- Monjoronson Q&A: Thought Adjusters, Murder, a New Church, Temple; NID661- Setting the Stage; NID660- Growth; NID659- Spirituality, Attitude, Perception; NID658- Monjoronson Q&A Session 98 – Providence, Reserve Corps, Time; NID657- Right-Mindedness; NID656- Monjoronson Q&  Session 96 – Soul Evolution; NID655- Healing Energy; NID654- Easter Sunday 2010; NID653- Monjoronson Q&A Session 94 – Perception & Reality, Talking in Sleep; ND652- Peace; NID651- Monjoronson Q&A Session 93 – Meditation, Hearing Inner Voicing, How We Prepare; NID650- Leadership of Love; NID649- Monjoronson Q&A Session 92 – Stillness, Decimation, Urantia History; NID648- Monjoronson Q&A Session 90 – Iniquity, Interfaith, UB Religion; NID647- Monjoronson Q&A Session 89 – Transmitting – Education for Spiritual Motivation; NID646- Stillness Forgiveness Change Planetary Management Group (PMG) PMG9- Thought Adjusters, Peace, Soul Growth, Cultural War; 
  • 07/21/2021 – added Butler PA (BUT) Altered States of Consciousness; BUT38- Tomas, Emcee of Personal Teachers; added Arcadia (ARC) ARC219- Michael On The Planet Again; ARC218- Stillness, Most Important Time In History; 11Correcting Time (11CT) 11CT-333- Human Drama – The Spirit Toxin;  11CT-332- The Divine Partnership -Part 2; GEO170608- In My Name; GEO170606- So Fortunate! The Outright Winner!; 
  • 07/20/2021 – added new video for UUI Cafe – The Mind of Jesus; Human & Divine-Part 1 (background & Childhood); added Spanish-(( JSP26sp- El Plan de Dios para Ustedes; ICC-MM 201122sp- Enfoque en el Cumplimiento de mi Destino Espiritual; Sosteniendo el Planeta en el Cumplimiento del Destino Espiritual; La Justicia Divina de Monjoronson Impronta sobre el Enfoque de Cumplimiento Planetario, Calibrando a la Firma Energética de Maquiventa; ICC-MM 210711- Mantener la Mente Urantia para Calibrar la Mente del Universo en la Justicia Divina; CNF36sp- Conferencia- IC02 Uso de la Mente del TR (’02); CNF37sp- Conferencia- IC02 No Piense en el Apocalipsis, Piense en el Crecimiento (’02); CNF38sp- Conferencia- IC02 Estes Park, Apariencia de Jesús, Asuntos de Actualidad (’02); CNF39sp- Conferencia- IC02 Preguntas para la búsqueda del alma (’02); CNF40sp- Conferencia- IC02 Idea de la Iglesia de Urantia (’02); CNF41sp- Conferencia- IC02 Nuestro Objetivo (’02); CNF42sp- Conferencia- IC02 Alcance de la Intervención Planetaria (’02); CNF43sp- Conferencia- IC02 TM Creciendo sobre el Mundo (’02); CNF44sp- Conferencia- Aspectos Destacados de la Conferencia IC02 (’02);  INS210603sp- Los Apunianos se encontraron con los Arcturianos – y luego fueron 7; )); TAL20- Faith & Listening – Sessions 1-3 with Will; TAL19- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-5 with Will; TAL18- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-16 with Will; TAL17- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-12 with Will; No. Idaho(NID) NID1063- Message from Monjoronson – Circuit of Mercy and Compassion; Pocatello (POC) POC192- The Magisterial Mission; POC191- The Magisterial Son;
  • 07/19/2021 – added Tallahassee (TAL) TAL22- General Multi-topic – Session 1-4 with Will; TAL21- General Multi-topic – Sessions 1-6 with Will; added Lytske (LYT) LYT201128- Practicing the Presence In You; LYT201121- Come and Confide in Me;  LYT201030- The True Meaning of Love; LYT201013- Your Ultimate Destiny; LYT200920- A Matter of Priorities; LYT200912- Your Thoughts Are Pure Energy; LYT200824- Each Honest and Sincere-Of-Heart; LYT200815- The Greatest Visible Sign; LYT200809- The Goal of Finding the Creator; LYT200801- The True Purpose of Life; LYT200727- A Boundless Giver; LYT200710- The Prize of Great Value; LYT200705- Life Everlasting; LYT200620- Remember This; LYT200607- A Lesson on Awakening; LYT200524- In Love Lies Abundant Healing; LYT200510- A Lesson on Connecting; LYT200509- A Lesson in Effort and Struggles; LYT200423- A Lesson on Awareness; added 11:11 GeorgeB – GEO170914- The Same Project; GEO170829- What Troubles You So?; GEO170821- Unity and Cooperation; GEO170814- Compassion — Innate and Learned; GEO170710- Messages from the US West Coast; GEO170703- Setting the Record Straight; GEO170618- Caring for the Family; added Anyas (ANY) ANY201123- Saturate Your Soul with Benevolence; ANY181224- What Makes Your Soul Quiver?; added 11CT 11:11 Correcting Time (11CT) 11CT-349- Through the Eyes of Love; 11CT-348- The Neuro-Network – A New Campaign of Light; 11CT-347- The Most Essential Relationship You Will Ever Know; 11CT-346- Wholeness and Realization of Completeness; 11CT-345- The Doorstep of Fateful Elections; 11CT-344- Co-Creativity, Opportunity, and Divine Timing; 11CT-343- Relationship with the Real-Self; 11CT-342- Renew — Change the Mental Landscape; 11CT-341- Spirit University: Path to Perfection 101; 11CT-340- Focus — Your Access to the Greater Spirit Network; 11CT-339- We are Partners — Light and Life; 11CT-338- The Mirror Effect; 11CT-337- Vulnerability — The Condition for Attraction; 11CT-336- The Challenge of Being Human; 11CT-335- Are you Still Picking up Seashells?; GEO141219- Warfare — Never an Excuse; 11CT-334- This Feeling is your Heart-Space;
  • 07/18/2021 – The available conference transcripts were completed today with the addition of the following (NOTE: there were found 59 group conferences which covered from 1 to several days of meeting and discussion on various topics which range from 1994-2019. If there are others we have not located them as yet); CNF49- IC05 Ownership Of Teacher Transcripts Conference (’05); CNF48- IC05 Being On Avonal Staff (’05); CNF47- Conference – Indigo Children Southwest Spiritual Conference; CNF46- Conference- Niagara Falls Conference – Multi Topics Sessions 1-11 (’03); CNF45- Conference- Endless Source of Energy (’03); CNF44- Conference- IC02 Conference Highlights (’02); CNF43- Conference- IC02 TM Growing Over the World (’02); CNF42- Conference- IC02 Scope of Planetary Intervention (’02); CNF41- Conference- IC02 Our Goal (’02); CNF40- Conference- IC02 Idea of Urantia Church (’02); CNF39- Conference- IC02 Soul Searching Questions (’02); CNF38- Conference- IC02 Estes Park, Appearance Of Jesus, Current Affairs (’02); CNF37- Conference- IC02 Don’t Think Apocalypse, Think Growth (’02); CNF36- Conference- IC02 Use of TR’s Mind (’02) – series upload complete for “conferences”; Tallahassee (TAL) Will – Lessons for Young People – Sessions 1-5; TAL23- Will General Sessions 1-5;  Butler PA (BUT) BUT52- Baring Your Chest; BUT51- Motivating Motivators; BUT50- We Are The Gospel; BUT49- Sharing Stillness; BUT48- Super Consciousness; BUT47- Intellectual Peace; BUT46- Toys & Tools; BUT45- 1998 Christmas Message; BUT44- Another 1998 Christmas Message; BUT43- Cosmic Internet; BUT42- Balanced Personality; BUT41- See What You Are Taught To See; BUT40- Relationships;
  • 07/16/2021 – JSP #26- God’s Plan For You;  LLN #621 – 2021-07-01. Pathways & Portals; LLN #622- Creating the Great Circuit – The Great Shortcut to your Inner Guide; LLN224- Journey of Faith; LLN223- Material Compliments of Spirit; LLN222- Gift of Human Faith; LLN221- Victimization & Motivation; LLN220- Human Mind Filter; ANY 201026- Humility Issues Your Permission Slip for Divine Intervention; ANY200218- Safely Crank Up Your Will Power; ANY200217- To Be Human is;  ANY200216- About the Implementation of Wishful Thinking; ANY200118- Home Is Where Hearts Beat in Unison; ANY200113- Agents-of-Grace; ANY200107- Step Out of Artificial Compartmentalization!; ANY200105- About the Telltale Luminosity of Enlightenment; ANY190421- Follow Me All the Way!; ANY190418- We Are in It Together; ANY190102- The Purging of the Soul; ANY190101- The Best Resolution Ever; added List All Documents for 2015;
  • 07/14/2021 – added Stuart Kerr documents, UUI Cafe videos & links;
  • 07/13/2021 – added ICC-MM 20210711- Holding Urantia Mind to Calibrate to Universe Mind in Divine Justice; 
  • 07/11/2021 – added CONFERENCE transcripts from various years – CNF57- Conference- Unity, Ideal, Stillness, Coming Together (’11); CNF56- Conference- IC08 Service (’08); CNF55- Conference- IC08 Eve on DNA Uplift (’08);  CNF54- Conference- Working Team Demo – Unity Village; CNF53- Conference- Closing Session at Santa Barbara (’06);CNF52- Conference- Settling into Light & Life – Santa Barbara (’06); CNF51- Conference- The Prayer Circle @ Cannossian Retreat; CNF50- Conference- Time For Incarnation Has Arrived – Philadelphia Fellowship (’05); added 1111 Lytske – LYT210505- Every Moment of Your Day and Night; LYT210423- I Promise to Lead and Guide You; LYT210419- The Love of God Shall Triumph; LYT210418- Sharpen Your Persistence; LYT210417- Wipe Clean the Slate; LYT210120- Unconditional Love; LYT210103- Hold onto Me; LYT201217- According to Your Faith; LYT201212- Mortal Death – A Door to Eternity; LYT201205- Discovering What Is Truly Important; added 11:11 ANYAS – ANY201128- Inject Your Life with the Plasma of Truth; ANY201124- With the Heart of a Philanthropist; ANY201121- Forgiveness Is a Two-Step Process; ANY201120- Your Dream Team; ANY201117- One Vetted Supremacy;
  • 07/10/2021 – added NET-PMG #8- Celestial Alignment and Sincerity; Planetary Management Objectives; added ICC-MM 210627- Divine Justice Reverberating into Urantia’s Divine Plan; added ICC-MM 201025- Focus on Monjoronson and Michael’s Divine Plans of Evolution for Urantia; Forgiveness and Divine Justice; ICC-MM 201108- Focusing Divine Justice into Planetary Memory Circuits, Holding Focus on I am Forgiving; Focus on Simultaneous Spontaneity of Spiritual Recognition and Remembrance of Father; Worship of the Paradise Father; ICC-MM 201122- Focus on I Am Fulfilling My Spiritual Destiny; Holding the Planet in Fulfillment of Spiritual Destiny; Monjoronson’s Divine Justice Imprinting Upon the Planetary Fulfillment Focus, Calibrating to Machiventa’s Energy Signature; ICC-MM 191013- Focusing GLOBALIZATION OF MICHAEL’S TRUTH into Planetary Circuits of Justification; ICC-MM 190224- Seeding Redemption, Value and Validation of Humans into Circuits of Planetary Consciousness; added Spanish-(( PMG8sp- Alineación Celeste y Sinceridad; Objetivos de Gestión Planetaria )); added paper- The Wu-Wei of Planetary Leadership – PM501-4; 
  • 07/04/2021 thru 07/09/2021 – the host server located in Miami crashed and was due to some damage caused by TS Elsa. It took the entire week to restore the server and to reload the website from backups. BMS was given low priority  for restore since we are not a commercial reseller; we give things away. Anyway, we are back in business and apologies for any inconvenience. 

JUN 2021

  • 06/30/2021 – added Spanish-(( PMG7sp- Talleres, Co-Creación, Puntos En Común, Desafíos ));
  • 06/25/2021 – added NET-Planetary Mngt. Group (PMG) #7; added FAQ#7- How to Find My FAQ Response;
  • 06/23/2021 – added Spanish-((11:11 Valdir Soares VAL#171103-171121 ));
  • 06/22/2021 – added 1111 Correcting Time –  11CT#350-359;
  • 06/19/2021 – added 11CT-576- Developing Conscious Contact -Part 2; 
  • 06/15/2021 – added Musings(MUS) #23- Where am I? In the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven?; added Lytske(11LYT) #210108-210220; GeorgeB (11GEO) #171008-171124; ValdirS(VAL) #171103-171121A&B; 
  • 06/14/2021 – added Anyas (ANY) #200219-201113; Lytske(LYT) #210226-210416; George Bernard(GEO) #171204-180318; added document list/month ability for 2016-2018; added additional bio info/picture rendering of Arcturians; ICC-MM 210613- Holding Planetary Consciousness in Divine Justice, Infusing Michael’s Plans of Correction into Urantia’s Divine Life Plan
  • 06/13/2021 – added Spanish-(( PMG6sp- Igualdad, Valores, Transformación de la Democracia, Hechos, Creencias y las “Zonas Fronterizas” ))
  • 06/12/2021 – added paper – Abbreviated Design Team Process-18.00.00; added Musings(MUS) 19-22;
  • 06/09/2021 – added PMG6- Equality, Values, Transforming Democracy, Deeds, Belief’s and the “borderlands”; added Spanish version of Michael & Machiventa’s messages for the Cosmic Insights section;
  • 06/08/2021 – added Cosmic Insights (INS) #210603; added Spanish(( INS #200809, 200816, 200913 ));
  • 06/07/2021 – added Cosmic Insight-Mentori (INS) #200809;  INS- Healyons #200913; added Spanish-(( INS #200809; Lightline (LLN) #619-620;   ));
  • 06/05/2021 – added ability to search Cosmic Insights – FAQ library; added Spanish-(( JSP #24-25  );  updated several DanielR papers published up to 6/5/2021;  added Lightline #619-620; 
  • 06/02/2021 – added Jesus Speaks (JSP) #25; 
  • 06/01/2021 – added Spanish-(( Lightline(LLN) #616; Cosmic Insights(INS)  #210413 ));

MAY 2021

  • 05/31/2021 – added Anyas (ANY) # 200404-201030; added Spanish-(( LLN #615, #617-618; #266-272, Planetary Management Group (PMG) #5 ));
  • 05/30/2021 – added Lightline(LLN) #616; 
  • 05/25/2021 – added Lightline(LLN) #615, #617-618; added ICC-MM #210523; added Spanish-((  11CT #575; Lightline(LLN) #615, #617-618; #263-265 ));
  • 05/24/2021 – added NET-PMG #5 – New Melchizedek intro’s, Workshops, Jan 06,2021, Backgrounds for Change;
  • 05/23/2021 – activated the Cosmic Insights section; limited function to start; no data, only messages from Christ Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek and the BMS website manager. This site section will be continuously expanding, evolving and growing as time and information continues. Enjoy!
  • 05/19/2021 – added 11ANY (ANY) #2010110 – 201020; added Jesus Speaks (JSP) #24;  added Spanish-(( JSP #22-23 ))
  • 05/18/2021 – added ICC-MM ( Institute for Christ Consciousness Magisterial Mission) Apr-Dec 2017; add Jesus Speaks (JSP) #23; added 11CT-575- Developing Conscious Contact; added Anyas(ANY) #201025-210111;
  • 05/17/2021 – added Spanish-(( Lightline (LLN) #251-262 )); added ICC-MM ( Institute for Christ Consciousness Magisterial Mission) Jan-Mar 2017;
  • 05/15/2021 – updated the ‘Cosmic Insights’ intro description;
  • 05/11/2021 – added Spanish-(( NET-PMG #3-4, LLN #241-247 )); added ICC-MM 210425, 210509; 
  • 05/10/2021 – added NET-PMG #4; Growing With God, Democracies & Oligarchies, Ethics & Morality;
  • 05/04/2021 –  added Jesus Speaks (JSP) #22- Who Are You?; added Spanish-(( 11CT #572-574; Lightline (LLN) #225-229, 236-237, 248-250, 608; Magisterial Mission (MGM) #28 ));
  • 05/02/2021 – added NET-PMG #2;Institute for Christ Consciousness

APR 2021

  • 04/26/2021 – added paper – Feminine Leadership – 58.16.04;
  • 04/24/2021 – added Magisterial Mission (MGM)#28 One Size Does Not Fit All; 
  • 04/20/2021 – added 11:11 Correcting Time (11CT )#573-574 regarding the Afterlife; 
  • 04/19/2021 – added Lightline(LLN) #608;
  • 04/18/2021 – added Spanish(( Lightline (LLN) #610-614, added Planetary Management Group (NET-PMG) #2 )); Lightline (LLN) #225-229, 250-272;
  • 04/15/2021 – added Spanish-(( JSP #20-21, Lightline (LLN) #604, 609 )); added Lightline(LLN) #614;
  • 04/14/2021 – added NET-PMG (PMG) #2- Masculine, Feminine, Vibrational Health; added Timothy Wyllie’s Book2, Chapt. 11 – REB2.11- A Terrible Secret; & REB2.12 – The Birth of a Cult; new vocabulary added to the Glossary
  • 04/12/2021 – added Jesus Speaks (JSP) #21; added Spanish (( Lightline (LLN) #230-234, 235; Project Management Group (NET-PMG) #1 )); Lightline (LLN) #604, 609-613; added ICC-MM Planetary Seraphim #210404 & 210228;

MAR 2021

  • 03/31/2021 – added NET-PMG1- Planetary Management, Bring Forth The Feminine, Curiosity Questions;
  • 03/30/2021 – added JSP#20;
  • 03/28/2021 – added Lightline (LLN) #235, 241-250; 
  • 03/27/2021 – added ICC-MM 210321- Focus on our Indwelling Spirits to Experience Father and Focus on the Magisterial Mission Personal and Planetary;
  • 03/23/2021 – added REB2.10- Return From The Wilderness;
  • 03/21/2021 – added Spanish-(( RRS #3sp- Pandemia, Sedición, Equidad, Empoderamiento Femenino )); added LYT #210204; #020518; #201228-210108;
  • 03/18/2021 – added Rapid Response Solution (RRS #3)-[FINAL for series]
  • 03/17/2021 – added ICC-MM #210314Focusing Moral Courage in Divine Justice into Planetary Mind Circuits;
  • 03/16/2021 – added chapter REB2.9- Shame and Disbelief; added Lytske (LYT) #21011-210131 (2021);
  • 03/13/2021 – added Spanish-(( JSP#19 )); added link to new ICC Video on; “Discussion of Conceiving Thought with Spirit” (2021) 
  • 03/12/2021 – added ANY #200405-200604; 
  • 03/09/2021 – added 11CT #360-368 (2015); added 11GeorgeB 180412-181121 (2018); added LYT 210114-210118;
  • 03/08/2021 – added 11CT #572 – The AfterLife -Part1; added Timothy Wyllie’s Rebel Angel: REB-2.8 “A Harsh Mistress”;
  • 03/07/2021 – added ANY200610-201125; JSP#19 – “Intention is Your Sail”;  added musical compositions by Mark Turnbull entitled; “The Quarantine Chronicles- One-Room Show” to MUSINGS tab; added musing MUS#18 – essay entitled, “Taken Away”;
  • 03/03/2021 – added ICC-MM #210228- Focus on Moral Courage and Redemption; 
  • 03/01/2021 –  added new PODcast #109 Dying-Part-3–The-Afterlife

FEB 2021

  • 02/28/2021 – added JSP#18; added PODcast #109 – Death & Dying Part 3- The Afterlife; added Spanish-(( JSP#17-18; LLN#605-607; RRS#2 ));
  • 02/26/2021 – added JSP#17-Golden Key;  added Rapid Response Solution #RRS2- The Ways of Love, Discernment, Idealism of the 60’s & Millennials, Celestial Expectations; added Lightline (LLN) #605-607; 
  • 02/23/2021 – added REB #2.7 – Book 2; Chapt 7 – A Resonant Stream; added Spanish(( 11CT #570-771 )); 
  • 02/22/2021 – added 11CT #570-571;
  • 02/21/2021- added new video link for ICC: The Purpose of Context for Truth Recognition; added updated paper – The Progressive’s Handbook For Reframing Democratic Values – 19.26.05; added-Spanish(( ICC-MM #201122 – 210110 ));
  • 02/16/2021 – added Jesus Speaks(JSP) #16; added paper-Progressive Politics 56.06; added Rebel Angel Book 2; Chapt 6; added ICC-MM #20210214 – Rightful Conception in Father; Christ Michael’s Personality Sovereignty; Monjoronson’s Divine Justice, Repentance, and Redemption; added-Spanish(( MGM #1-2,7-12; JSP#16; ));
  • 02/15/2021 – added Spanish-(( LLN#238, LLN#240, LLN#601, LLN#601, LLN#603, MGM#27, NCO111.1 ))
  • 02/14/2021 – added Jesus Speaks(JSP) #15; 
  • 02/13/2021 – added  “Like/Dislike” option  for postings; added Magisterial Mission(MGM) #27 -Love Will Prevail;
  • 02/12/2021 – added Musings(MUS) #17 – “Every Kind of People”;
  • 02/11/2021  – added Book2;Chapt1 REB-2.1- Angelic Conspiracies; added link to the new ICC #6 Video Series on Context, Discernment & Perception; added Lightline(LLN) #230-240 (2009); 
  • 02/09/2021 – added Spanish-(( JSP#14 ));
  • 02/08/2021 – added Jesus Speaks(JSP) #14;
  • 02/06/2021 – added JSP#13; added-Spanish(( JSP#13 ));
  • 02/05/2021 – added Jesus Speaks(JSP) #12; ;  Lightline(LLN) #601-603; added- Spanish(( Lightline LLN#602; ICC-MM 201025 & 201108; 11:11 Corr Time (11CT) #369-371 & 569  ))
  • 02/04/2021 – added Musing(MUS) #16 – poetry, “I AM”;
  • 02/03/2021 – added Jesus Speaks (JSP) #12; added Musings (MUS) #15- The Many Faces of Morality;
  • 02/02/2021 – added Rapid Respponse Solution (RRS) #1; added-Spanish(( JSP#10-11 and RRS#1; Maigisterial Mission (MGM) #6; Lightline (LLN) #599-600; 11:11 Anyas (ANY) #181209-181218 )); 11:11 Corr Time: 11CT #369-371
  • 02/01/2021 – added Rebel Angels Book; Chapter 4 – The Barbarian Invasion by Timothy Wyllie; new update to:  The Progressives Handbook for Reframing Democratic Values 19.26.04 (2020); 

JAN 2021

  • 01/31/2021 – added ICC-MM-210124 with Monjoronson; NET series has ended but the new follow-on series is now referred to as: “Rapid Response Solutions: with the 3-char acronym of RRS; issue #1 to be published soon!
  • 01/29/2021 – added 11:11 Anyas(ANY) #200621 – 201104; added 11:11 CT #372; 
  • 01/28/2021 – added Jesus-Speaks-JSP#11;
  • 01/27/2021 – added a few TR bio’s in the ABOUT US page.
  • 01/26/2021 – added link to find a Urantia Study group near you; 
  • 01/24/2021 – added Anyas(ANY) 200810-200814 (2020); added updated: paper- Stage 3 Democracies A Design-Build Project – 53.08
  • 01/18/2021 – added Musings(MUS) #13 -The Work of Byron Katie- MUS #14- Can We Command Celestial Beings?; 
  • 01/17-2021 – New website design and functionality coming soon – website being finalized; added Lightline(LLN) #273-283 (2010); added 11CT #569
  • 01/15/2021 – added Jesus Speaks(JSP) #10; 
  • 01/13/2021 – added button feature to display a daily message from the Urantia book or a selected affirmation; added Magisterial Mission (MGM) #24; added new documents to the essay, musings area – worth the read and contemplation;  added Musings(MUS) #9 on “Reaping What Has Not been Sown”; MUS #10- Monotheism or not?; MUS #11- Why did Jesus say to others “tell no man”?; MUS #12- The Good Place is within?; ICC-MM #210110 Planetary Seraphim with Monjoronson;
  • 01/11/2021 – added Magisterial MIssion (MGM) #25; added Lightline(LLN) #599-600; added MLavasseaur (MLV) #28 EN & FR versions; added Spanish-(( 11CT #568;  Lightline (LLN) 595-598 )); 
  • 01/09/2021 – added updated paper – Handbook For Reframing Democracy 2nd Edition 19.26.02; 
  • 01/08/2021 – added Jesus Speaks (JSP) #9;
  • 01/07/2020 – added Lightline (LLN) #596-598; added #201227 ICC-MM Seraphim  with Gabriel;
  • 01/06/2021 – added Spanish-(( 11GB #181128-181212 )); 
  • 01/05/2021 – added Spanish-(( JSP #7-8; MLV #27; 11GB 181220-190105 )); added new group (REB)  “Rebel Angel” text & audio for Book 1B-Chapt. 1-19 (2012) by Timothy Wyllie; also a menu item for List Document access;
  • 01/04/2021 – added MLevasseur (MLV) MLS#27 & MLV#27fr;
  • 01/03/2021 – added Jesus Speaks (JSP) #8; GOOD NEWS page added for 2021; GOOD NEWS 2020 has own menu plus a link on the 2021 Good News page; a new drop down was added for access to the document added list by month for 2020 history; new line added for 2021 documents added by month for 2021; 
  • 01/01/2021 – added 11:11 GeorgeB 181128 – 181220; We had  43,000 site visitors in 2020! Thank you for using the site! new additions and improvements are coming throughout 2021. All constructive comments or suggestions are welcome.; Wishing all a Happy, Heaelthy & Prosperous New Year!!

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