paper- Organic Morality 7.18.01

paper- Foundations 44.05.06

paper- God For All Children 30.13

paper- New Thought Theology 24.13.02

paper- Thought Adjuster & the Conscious Mind 45.01

paper- Understanding Social Sustainability 27.28.00

paper- Designing Sustainable Societies 23.12

paper- Universal Health Care 1.0

paper- God For All Religions 26.10

paper- The Values God Gave Us 32.20

paper- AI: Protocol for Moral & Ethical Standards 39.19

paper- Sustainable Christianity 22.5

paper- Progressive’s Handbook For Reframing Democratic Values – 19.26.05

paper- Global Sustainability & Planetary Management 5GS-PM-19.01

paper- Hypothesis for Dark Matter and Universe Expansion Rate 46.09.09

paper- Moral & Ethical Design-Logic; 7 Organic & Universal Values 3.7

paper- Sustainable Civilizations 40.16.01

paper- Employee Capitalism – Workable Wealth Inequality 1.7

paper- The Intention and Necessary Evolution of Democracies 1.0

paper- Articulating Past & Future Evolution of Democracies 1.0

paper- Social Sustainability-Values-Decision-Policy Formulation 1.0

paper- For Theologically Minded Academics 24.1

paper- The Design Team Process 18.11.04

paper- Democracy for 2017 – 27.3

paper- Making Sense of Ethics 33.35.00

paper- 7 Innate Human Values 42.09.02

paper- Values Based Theory of Ethics 1.04

paper- Quantum Spiritual Metaphysics – 47.03.01

paper- Priorities in Decision Making Graphic 1.0

paper- Feminine Theology for Islam & Catholicism – 48.04.06

paper- Peace & The Logic Underlying Innate Human Goodness-49.04.00

paper- Bending the Culture of Western Civilization-3.01.03

documento- La Lógica que Subyace de la Innata Bondad Humana-49.03.01

paper- Learning Centers for Sustainable Families-36.19.04

paper-Restoring the Greatness of Democratic Nations-35.21.05

paper-Positive Selfhood & Best Parenting & Child Rearing Practices-36.12.01/6

documento- Formación del Ser Positivo; Crianza de niños-36.12.01-6

documento- Siete Valores Humanos Innatos-42.05.00

paper- Tribal Cultures Research Demonstration Project For Native North American and South African Tribal Cultures – 2.01.00

paper- Tribal Learning Centers for Sustainable Families – 3.01.00

paper- Stage 3 Democracies A Design-Build Project – 53.08

paper- Employee Capitalism: Creating Organic Economies as a Workable Solution for Wealth Inequality- 1.0

paper- The Raphael Premise and Hypothesis For the Existence of Dark Matter and the Increasing Rate of Expansion of the Universe – 46.10.03

paper – Developing a Personal Loving God Theology-1.5

paper- Logic for Remediating World Problems-3.0

paper- Progressive Politics- 56.06

paper – Feminine Leadership – 58.16.11

paper – Abbreviated Design Team Process-18.00.00

paper- The Wu-Wei of Planetary Leadership – PM501-4

paper-Societal Morality; Re-Inventing Social Sciences – 59.02.01

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