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paper- 7 Innate Human Values 42.09.02


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42.09.02   ABSTRACT    Seven Innate Human Values

Seven Innate Human Values, offers a radical approach for understanding ethics and morality as being an “organic” development of the seven values that are innate to our species.  In other words, the seven values that are organic to each of us provide a rational decision-making value system to respond to our sensitivity to situations of right or wrong.

When we consider the hundreds and thousands of laws that proscribe and punish human behaviors that are harmful to others, we can see a distinctness of the values underlying those laws as being “manmade.”  From the earliest organized social existence of humanity to the present 21st century, all values that founded the organized social existence of humanity have been manmade.  Yes, some of those values are in alignment and even agreement with our organic values, but most are values that someone thought would help their societies function more smoothly.  The problem with manmade values is that their permanence will change as social change occurs in the major culture.

Our species’ organic values are the only natural values that are capable or producing an ethic and morality that are universal to all people regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, culture, and nationality.  Further, because the ethic and morality that emanate from those seven innate values, they are as timeless as our species is timeless in the 200,000 years of its existence.  These values and subsequent morality and ethic are the only “natural” values, morality, and ethic that are legitimately applicable to all human activities of any person and of any organization.

Consistently using these values, morality, and ethic is the only possible means by which our nations and all organizations can transcend the 30,000 years of organizational failures of all nations, empires, dynasties, and all governments, for example.  Diligently applying them in all decision-making processes of all organizations is the only means to establish long term social stability, peace, and social sustainability of our societies and nations.

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