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paper- Making Sense of Ethics 33.35.00


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ABSTRACT  33.35.00

Making Sense of Ethicsoffers a radical approach for understanding the human response to situations of right and wrong.

The author intuits that this response is somehow related to the uncanny ability of Homo sapiens to make decisions that have sustained the survival of our species for over 200,000 years.  The connection between those two developments seems to exist at the DNA level.  If that is so, then there should be evidence that supports those two propositions.

Juxtapose that success against the conspicuously dismal decision-making performance of executive, legislative, judicial, personal, business, and governmental decisions for over 30,000 years and you will realize that those decisions eventually resulted in the failure of ALL states, nations, civilizations, cultures, administrations, and governments.  What is not so obvious is that the values their administrations used to underlie their decisions were and ARE grossly faulty.  Even after the establishment of the moral code of Sumerian King Ur-Nammu of Ur (2112-2095 BC), that was later adopted by Hammurabi and Moses among others, there have been NO nations, empires, or nations that have survived intact and operational to the present time.

Logically, because we know that values always underlie decisions, it would be very useful to know what values our ancient ancestors used to underlie their decision-making during the course of 200,000 years. Fortunately, a set of values has recently been discovered that conforms to the requirements that would result in that level of decision-making effectiveness.  (See p 15.)

(Ch. 6, “Which Form of Morality to Choose?” p 51.)

When those values and their subsequent ethic and morality are adopted, the repercussions will be worldwide and affect all personal, commercial, governmental, and organizational venues for millennia.

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