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paper- Peace & The Logic Underlying Innate Human Goodness-49.04.00


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ABSTRACT  49.04.00

Peace and the Underlying Logic of Innate Human Goodness

By Daniel Raphael, PhD

Peace and the Underlying Logic of Innate Human Goodness provides a logical proof that supports the statement that humans are innately good by relying on only two premises: 1) Values always underlie all decisions; 2) Our species has existed for over 200,000 years.

As “goodness” is a moral judgment, the topic of this paper lies within a much larger context of ethics and morality:  Ethics deals with the conditions of relationships.  Morality deals with the conditions of life and living.  The values that are innate to humans for over 200,000 years provide the logical foundation for moral and ethical decision-making to demonstrate human goodness.  These are illustrated on page 13.

The Logic Underlying Innate Human Goodness will surely cause a certain amount of cognitive dissonance for readers.  The traditional morality and ethics we were raised with have never been questioned as to whether they are rational enough to support 21st century democratic societies.

That dissonance becomes pronounced when the reader learns that the 4,000 years traditional ethics and morality that we were raised with do not have an internal system of logic.  That dissonance becomes far more pronounced when the traditional ethics and morality are confronted with the proactive and logical system of ethics and morality described here.  Until now, traditional morality and ethics have been simply taken for granted and assumed to be the best.

The central problem with the traditional ethic and morality is that no one has ever identified the arguable premise(s) or underlying values that support them for moral and ethical decision-making.

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