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paper- Stage 3 Democracies A Design-Build Project – 53.08


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Many citizens, Americans, Brits, Australians, New Zealanders, French, German, Italian, and of every other democratic nation are now wondering about the future of their democracy, whether it will succumb to the extremism of the right or the left and then disintegrate as have all of the other nations, empires, states, and dynasties of the last 30,000 years.

Lessons from the Acts of Sedition on the United States Democracy of January 6, 2021.  The painful lesson for the United States and all other Stage 2 Democracies is that the perpetrators attacked the foundations of democracy that provide the liberty for peaceful protest.  I would interpret these acts of sedition as de facto acts of attempted democratic suicide.  The intent of the perpetrators is perfectly summarized by Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Northing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

The lesson for all Stage 2 Democracies, as the United States, is that their government and their public and private educational providers have totally failed to ensure that each generation of children is informed, educated, enculturated, and socialized to personally appreciate, respect, and honor what the processes of democracy give them.

Now, we must ask and answer, “What does a Stage 3 Democracy look like, and how does it differ from a Stage 2 Democracy?”  You will find the cryptic answer(s) in the illustration on page 3, and the following pages.

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