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paper- Learning Centers for Sustainable Families-36.19.04


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ABSTRACT  36.19.04

The skills of effective parenting are not hereditary — they are learned and must be refreshed with each new generation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has many families across the world sheltering in place, in quarantine, or some form of social isolation, a situation that is very uncomfortable for many families, many of whom are not well prepared.  This paper provides an opportunity for all families to consider a new social institution that does not exist, but is as needed as public education.  Almost no adult today has ever been intentionally taught the “best practices” of parenting and childrearing that would be immensely helpful to their family situation.

This paper, Learning  Centers  for  Sustainable  Families, provides a design for teaching pre-family individuals, parents, children, and grandparents the best practices of parenting and childrearing for each developmental era of an individual’s life.  The goal is to prepare each new generation of parents with what, how, and when to teach their children to become socially competent, capable, and responsible; and that those children learn how to do the same for their own eventual children.

Because parenting and childrearing skills are learned and not hereditary, those skills need to be consistently refreshed with each new generation.  A Learning Center in every school district of every democratic nation would provide initial and refresher training for parents, children, and grandparents.  Parenting skills and childrearing skills prepare children to become responsible parents for their own families.  When those skills also include training in the skills of non-religious ethical and moral training them those children will be far better prepared to enter into their society as socially competent, capable, and responsible adult citizens.

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