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paper- Understanding Social Sustainability 27.28.00


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ABSTRACT    27.28.00    Understanding Social Sustainability

Understanding Social Sustainability lies in the continuum of the general category “sustainability.”  There is material sustainability, social sustainability, Planetary Management (sustainability), spiritual planetary sustainability, and local universe sustainability.  As material sustainability, (decrease usage, reuse, repurpose, and recycling), is a consequence of the social values of the dominant culture social sustainability must come into existence to effect the values of that culture.  The object or intention of doing so is to enhance the perpetuating longevity of that culture and its societies.

Social sustainability can be succinctly defined as all attempts to sustain the continuing survival and existence of the society.  What is required to put that into place are people who really care about forthcoming generations, including their own children’s generation!!!

Understanding Social Sustainability is all about providing the very basic understandings and concepts to fulfill that intention, and more.  Of all the generations that will have to learn how to sacrifice their own sense of entitlement, arrogance, privileged positions, and surrogate authority is the present generation — those who are age 55 and above.

As the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a “time-out” or “reset” of our culture what comes into being in the next 10 years will be momentous.  This short paper will prepare you for what comes AFTER the Covid-19 Pandemic and Cataclysm.

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