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Lightline Teleconference  2023-03-30

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-03-30
Teacher: Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers
Michael: Greetings and thank you for the request of my presence. I am Michael and I am always pleased to hear the call of my family that are seeking my presence. It is my greatest desire to respond to such petitions for my association and presence and so whenever an opportunity so plain and bold as this one arises it is a joy to respond as accepted. 
I understand that there are thoughts from the service workers, the light workers, the peace workers and the many laborers in the fields of our Father. The call to duty for one engaged in service can be strong and to the degree that your faith compels you to commit to service, you may become driven by the process. The process may then become routine, normal, average, and even boring. Service is always a positive experience as it is an exchange of love. You may be inclined to define an act of service as more or less successful, but I assure you all acts of service are acts of love and all acts of love are real, true, good, and beautiful. They all have inherent spirit value. There is no insignificant act of love while in service with the intention to channel love to  another or the self. Any focus of intention may be an act of service. It may be infused with love and become a real, true and genuine act of love recorded on high as a great success in the process of spiritualizing a people.
In continuing to perform dedicated service it is tempting to want to see results, to want to see the impact of your efforts for yourself, to desire a sense of mission accomplished in your efforts and it’s important that you realize that each and every effort spent in this action of love is a success, is a treasure in the universe. The expression will be unique and individual. It will be a unique contribution to the mosaic of love manifesting, becoming real, and the exchange of love is the mode of operation. All such actions, even genuine love and maintenance of the self, are equal acts of love. Taking care of oneself and tending to your individual spiritual growth is a service to the self and all service is sacred. All acts of love that are issued are received on high.
So fear not that your efforts are somehow in vain or unappreciated for you will never be granted the opportunity in mortal flesh to see the ripples occurring and reoccurring from your contribution made in faith and in love. You are familiar perhaps with the phrase: “The act is yours, the consequences are God’s.” Be at ease in your journey as it is meant to be a positive experience of growth. This necessitates the opportunity for growth spurts in the form of challenges and obstacles on your journey. Nevertheless, even now, as we fellowship you are familiar with our relationship and your relationship to the Divine and to the Eternal. Even now we fellowship and enjoy this awareness and embrace these truths and this peace.
Surely your journey is made easier with the simple awareness that you have friends and you have associates you can call on and you have your Inner Guide, your Onboard Portal to all that is. All this has been designed for your edification and for your growth as a place conducive to experience the mortal dimension, the physical aspect of reality and then, as your destiny calls, you are transformed from a creature of flesh and blood, dependent on your atmosphere and water and nourishment for your very survival, to a creature of spirit origin who returns to their origins by way of experiencing the levels of reality between the most physical beating of hearts to the most angelic spirit presence. 
Such a magnificent transformation beginning here with the flesh and blood, the beating heart, the mind for choosing, the body for doing and spirit to guide you, center you, and welcome you to the dimension of your future. It is all of your composition that survives, the rest is simply the address of your temporary experience and even as such, we are connected. You are not so far remote that you are unconnected or unknown. You are equally as encircuited in the universe circuitry as any or all, the magnificence of connection, of belonging and of being accepted into the family of man and the emerging family of God in spirit. Such a transformation is currently underway and on schedule and in progress.
I am grateful for the opportunity to share this voice and bring these words of love that you might embrace them and take them in so that they might bring you peace, the peace of association, the peace of identification, the peace of family and the peace of belonging, so that no matter what the journey may hold before you your destiny is assured, is a forgone conclusion as these acts of love all manifest and create the reality of your choosing. Such is your power as the spirit within the mortal framework with the awareness that it is so. It is a joy to reflect with you on attributes of the self, of the family member, of the light worker and of the devoted student of spirit. I bring you my warm embrace for this dedication of your faith that makes this circumstance that we both enjoy possible. Faith is such a powerful ally that it may create the most magnificent manifestations of love when applied. Such is the case about these meetings wherein the space is created for us to fellowship and use the word to communicate and share values and principles as seen through the perspective of spiritual and eternal perspectives. My dear ones, be at peace, enjoy the ride and call me in if you ever need assistance. Call your Inner Guide as well. This stands as my personal invitation meant for you who have the ears of spirit to hear.
Father, welcome these divine stewards of light into what I will call a hall of fame for service workers. No doubt, this dedicated devoted group of volunteers have all earned their stripes and deserve their badges of merit. Truly you are all veterans at this game of service. Please know in your hearts that these many acts over all of this time have all been graciously received as the devoted transfer of love that these acts of service have been noted and recorded. They have value, they have meaning and they have purpose. These are the aspects of the equation which are divine and therefore eternal. The threads that are running through these acts are of eternal nature and enduring truths. 
With all this mindset of continuing service, as has been performed before, there always comes a time of consideration of whether the mission is still appropriate, is still valid and successful. As you have noticed previously in this movement you’re referring to of the Teaching Mission, there has been ebbing and flowing continuously as the system has been continued and repeated. You now are registering that the demand for such labors and efforts may be waning, the interest may be faltering and that there may be less value involved in your efforts than you might like. But let me assure you, that all efforts reflect in your own personal spiritual growth regardless of what else becomes of your efforts. The fact that you have engaged in the efforts and been faithful to your process and your commitment is of great benefit and value.
 So even if there were no audience, no participants, no other part of the equation, your very act of service has been rendered, has been tendered to the self first and you’re becoming familiar with the fact that you may not see the fruits of the seeds that you plant. You may not see the ripples impact but your faith propels you to make the impact, make the contribution so that it may have an impact and in this act, you are completely successful. There is no negative component. You have been a purveyor of love, an instrument of peace and this even in my name or for my sake. Such acts are sacred contributions to building the tapestry of love that will envelop all of Urantia and forever claim the space as being throughly conditioned by love, reclaimed from misdeeds and missteps but welcomed back into the family and so conditioned by a pervasive love of which you are all a part. This earthly plane is in transition of becoming the place of peace, the place of love manifest, the place of grace conditioning the environment to manifest love. This represents my desire, our desire as your Divine Parents, because it also represents the desire of The Father, the First Source and Center. 
Let us be about this grand project together in awareness that this is so and that we are participants. This is the landscape and we are the gardeners tending the fields and the gardens in accordance with our desire to be of service, a desire we share, a purpose we both share, a function we both provide and a connection we both have. All who act in service share this divine connection, this channel of love, ready for distribution and implementation through the likes of the workers in the field, the conduits of light who manifest truth, even in advance of its manifestation. Such is the faith and the courage of these light anchors and all these acts done internally and individually create such a positive force, a wave of expression because they are of love. They find support in this space for their existence, for their arrival and their presence. Such conditioning of the space is a small fraction of the types of conditioning in such a transformation.
This project is my mission to unfold and unpack. I intend to deal with this situation myself. I have a deep love and investment in such a grand planet as this one with such a grand family of man. I intend to follow through with the mission I began so long ago and this time, when I take up this mission, I report to duty with my modern day apostles who are hearing my words and attempting to find meaning and purpose and even being concerned that they are not doing enough or being effective enough to please me or to please themselves. I hope I have brought words of love to assure that all acts of love and kindness are cherished in this environment. It is like mining the gold that is present and bringing it out to change the environment.
Truly the commodity that is most precious and most desired to be shared, to be had, to be felt, is the commodity of love. It soothes all manner of distress and calms the anxious mortal state of being. Love has as part of its nature a peace that comes from knowing it, a peace that brings you back for more, a peace that you want to identify with and relate to as part of your process of finding love, experiencing it in such a manifestation. Peace of mind is another dimension of a peace that is an aspect of love. Many times the mind may trigger doubts and uncertainty and when one refers to peace of mind, referring to a state of no tension, a state of no adversity, a state of no stress, such a state is induced through this transfer of love. Peace of mind can be one of the greatest gifts of grace that can be found and accessed by those who pursue spirit.
The mind is indeed a powerful tool but it is not the driver behind the self. It is not the observer that sees all. It is the onboard computer that helps to define what is being encountered based upon its past experience and data recorded. The mind is only capable of chemical reactions causing information to be retrieved that may be applied to a circumstance based upon its relevance in past circumstance. The mind becomes quite ready to cast its diagnosis, its discernment of the situation and then trigger a previous response based upon the need to do so as the situation calls for it. This reactive conditioning demands that you return and replay old patterns. As the observer behind, you have access not only to the mind and the body to house the mind and the spirit but the only way you can add to and get a greater result in your routine behavior is to have the influence of spirit in your process. This is where inspiration comes in. This is where seeking guidance from higher sources comes in and furnishes you with the inspiration, the direction, and the way forward. The mind is required to process all of this both in its own stored data base and as well in the search through the spirit dimension for even greater truths than can be contained in the mortal experience. Coming to terms with these different aspects of your being and their interplay, their relevance and significance, this is what the experience as a mortal of the realm is, discovering truly who you are, where you came from and where you are going. 
Leaving here today, I am comforted to know that those gathered here have some basic awareness and understanding of these issues through our interface and fellowship through the seeking and the finding and the faith of those gathered. There has been the foundation built upon which you might stand, the foundation of knowing who you are, a child of God, where you came from; you have Divine Parents and a Divine First Source and Center and where you are going is to return to this Great Source after many transitional experiences allowing you to experience the entire gamut from an animal in the flesh indwelt by spirit through the process of becoming spiritualized and transformed into spiritual glory throughout this eternal process of returning home. 
These words are my gift of service to you or my transfer of love to you. It is my acting in that capacity and I invite you to embrace my efforts as successful, embrace my desire to be of service to you and to take in this gesture, my gesture to you as a gift of grace shared from on high and delivered to you who are here to receive. Make it so, even now. Peace be upon you as it is even now. Peace go with you on your journey and I am happy to go with you as well. Drink this cup with me as I share the love in service, as you receive the love in service, as we do this in faith and then until we create this opportunity again, farewell and may peace be with you.
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