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Lightline Teleconference 2023-05-11

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-05-11
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice, Jonathan 
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Join me in a petition to our Divine Parents to once again enter this arena of grace, this place of peace that we come to and meet with all of our spiritual friends. We come to this place with that part of ourselves that is spirit and we seek to commune with the others in this space. Let it be so. 
Machiventa: Thank you for ringing the school bell and calling class to order once again. I am Machiventa and I would wish to integrate the thought pattern of coming to the meeting in spirit form, coming to this place with that part of yourselves that is spirit and consider the vantage point that this provides you. You have access to all that data that stored data has to provide for you through the mind circuits and when you avail yourselves of your spiritual dimension and avail yourselves of the circuitries available and the access to divine wisdom, when you bring all of this together you have all that you will ever need. Between these components of your being, these circuits that you are a part of, you are tied to the grand whole and as such you have access to the support of these circuits.
Often, as a mortal of the realm, during one short life an individual may not become fully aware or aware enough to actualize the potentials that they become aware of while still in mortal form so as to assume the dual role of a mortal and spiritual being and with that, the capacity of eternal survival. So it is that you find yourselves at this place of growth on this platform of awareness that you have created that allows you to realize while still in the flesh that you may also function in spirit capacity as well as in the limited mortal capacity and that this is possible even in the mortal state with the condition of awareness that this is so and with the faith and courage to pursue where spirit leads. Such is the gift of grace of the composite being whose experience you are having even now, a being with animal origin and eternal destiny. Such a glorious transformation designed to occur through this process of step by step growth taken in faith and earned in devotion. I am sure you all join me in gratitude to the Creators for such a divine plan and for such a magnificent experience. 
I encourage you all to ever keep in mind to hold the mission high, the mission of your growth, of your journey, of your accumulation of truth, beauty, and goodness and your desire and willingness to bring this experience, this unique expression back home to the First Source and Center, to share the glory of the experience as a thread in the tapestry of this gigantic enterprise of the family of Michael and Mother. Indeed, what a gift of grace and what a joy to watch unfold as it transpires, as it becomes real as it is chosen and supported and created and fashioned into your version, your vision, your expression of divine values. 
I appreciate the opportunity to join in the flow of gratitude as it is expressed in every form. I now withdraw to allow for others to use this space provided. Farewell. 
Inner Voice: I will take the reins of the voice at the offering of my companion and I will extend my gratitude for this access. I am this one’s Inner Voice, Inner Guide, and I would step forward because this opportunity has been provided. I step forward in response to a calling, an urge that has sounded throughout this troubled place. This calling begs to spread the news to be of good cheer, that you too have an Inner Voice, an Inner Guide. You too have a fragment of The Father, a gift of grace and this partner that is onboard with you even now is destined to make this journey back home to the Creator with you. This Divine Fragment will unerringly lead you in the right direction as is their purpose. But all this is dependent upon your efforts and actions to reach for the connection, to stretch your faith muscles and lean into your faith support and simply make it so.
You all know whereof I speak. You know the power of faith. You know that all things are possible with your Divine Spark, with God. And so it is my associate and I have agreed to respond to this calling and to share this message of joy of these new avenues, new means of connecting and reconnecting old circuitries and building new ones because it is the will of the Creators to make it so. Among this good news of epic swings of connection there is the greater news that this means you, this means each and every one are subject to this spiritual pressure applied, this coming together of all the individuals into a unit.
So here is the inspiration I offer to seize the opportunity provided, to reach and extend perhaps beyond current limitations and to accept that joining together with your spirit guide within is your destiny and you choose the circumstances of this and the timing of this. You choose the connection, you choose to revisit the connection and to build greater connections through repetition and devotion. That is the purpose that the faith has been extended to accommodate, that is a miracle in action, a service rendered towards the goal of perfection. Already there is great success in the simple act of recognition and appreciation, in the simple act of gratitude.
I stand in gratitude for this extension of faith, this opportunity provided and this choice to take the opportunity before us and attempt to be the most perfect instrument to deliver this grace, this peace, and this love, this message from on high and now, from within, the message to rejoice. The lifelines have been cast and the connections will be made and will be further established. I have delivered my message of hope and my gratitude for the opportunity to do so. I encourage you to avail yourselves of this spiritual pressure, this flow of connection and reach to those things that you desire to be connected to. Stretch your spirit potentials to allow you to reach and touch and connect with those destinations you seek. 
Come to your Inner Guide to access the connection that you have to the Divine, your connection can attach to become part of this greatest connection. You can join through your Inner Guide, they most certainly know the way but it is all up to you, the choices to make, the effort to spend, the faith to develop, the desire to grow, are all factors at play which determine much about one’s progress and must be navigated in spirit. Returning to spirit, returning to your Divine Spark within realigns your awareness, changes your perspective and fosters your growth. This opportunity represents such a great milestone in what faith can manifest and this unique opportunity shows the depth of faith required to go where spirit is leading in this case.
It has been a joy to simply share this space with you that we might feel each other’s energy signature and become even more familiar with each other. I pray that this purpose has been facilitated as well. I now take my leave and offer my commitment to show up as I am led to continue this exercise. Be in peace. Farewell. 
Jonathan: Greetings friends, this is Jonathan here. I just wanted to stop by because I can and because I too am keenly interested and have heard this calling, this new format of operation being instituted on your world. I am able to keep in touch through meetings such as this and I still feel like I am on the team and all is moving forward, even enhanced with spiritual pressure and light from on high even as we are here to observe it. The isolation that we encountered and the insulation from all the circuitries meant that we were denied the opportunity to sense that and connect to it and feel what it was like to be connected to the system at large as well as through the individual.
I see that you are still maintaining your devotion to your Onboard Partner and Inner Guide still throughout all this time and I call to witness that you are as deeply invested in faith as ever in your process, allowing you to reach for the distant prize. You are so confident in your faith that this is meant to be that you are able to proceed forward as if it’s meant to be, thereby making it meant to be. Such faith is inspirational my friend and I am honored to be able to share that with you, again, as a result of your faith. Well done my friend and I’m inspired to encourage you to keep going, to pursue your direction, your purpose, and continue to manifest the fruits of your faith as we all enjoy even now.
It’s a pleasure to share the gratitude in real time. It’s a pleasure to join you in gratitude for such grace and it’s a real pleasure and an honor to be able to simply be with you, simply communicate with you, simply hang out with you. Thank you, thank you my friend. Carry on in peace, in gratitude and with love as you know so well. Gently down the stream, because life if but a dream. Farewell.
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