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Lightline Teleconference. 2023-06-01

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-06-01
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I ask you all to join as we descend with a deep cleansing breath to that calm place within. Join me as we enter into the council chambers of spirit where we will commune with that aspect of ourselves because we so choose. Let us make it so, even now.
Machiventa: Greetings and thank you for the recognition of the significance of taking the steps, actually retracing the steps back to spirit once again which  is made so much easier by your repeated use and your repeated access to this pathway. By your practice taking this route you become more perfect. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, once again glad to accept this opportunity that you offer, that you schedule, that you prepare for and that you take the steps necessary to return by the path of spirit. The frequency of your returning to this place makes your ability to achieve this state easier and easier with each exposure and as was suggested in the offering, even in as little as a few breaths you may traverse the path to relaxation and opening of awareness that occurs in the state of deep receptivity that you support and facilitate each time you return. And this is why we are able to meet. It is an act of discipline that you arrange and put on your schedule and then remember and choose to participate, choose to activate this potential before you in this moment and at this time. All of this choosing is a statement of affirmation to the universe that you are continuing on the path of following where spirit may lead. 
With that said, we enjoy these meetings and the fellowship this provides is one element of the consequence of our combined efforts. The act of coming together and to reach together and connect in service is an act of divine inspiration and such acts are always fostered and supported. And as well, they all contain a component of personal spiritual growth that transpires in the natural course of coming together and acting in service. Simply this desire put into motion, this act of creation on your part demonstrates your connection, your awareness of connection and your recognition of your place as a part of the whole. All of these events occurring are providing you with as many opportunities for growth which transpires of a certainty each and every time you engage with spirit in the lesson at hand and with the circumstance before you.
It is worthwhile to call to your attention once again the significance of the role you play in the creation of the beautiful sacred space within your spiritual garden. You have complete jurisdiction over this sacred place within, the sanctuary and the place of peace within. While you are creating this place and furnishing this vision, be mindful as to assess the value and appropriateness of all that you allow to enter your sacred space. Be a determined guard against contamination, pollution, or to the disruption of any of the aspects of truth, beauty, and goodness. If whatever wants to take residence in your garden, it’s up to you to determine if they are worthy to be part of such a sacred space as you would make and so it is a significant concern not to harbor thoughts which are self destructive. 
Such are weeds in your garden, in fact, an invasive species which will corrupt and contaminate if allowed to survive and even thrive as a result of the available resources that you have to give it. Every good gardener knows the importance to weed out the unwanted, the inferior, the invasive, so that the intended and the proper creation of the moment may thrive. This process may also be referred to from the standpoint of kindness. You have certainly grown to understand the significance of love expressed as kindness and the effect that has when wielded towards another. You have all seen the impact of kindness as a lubricant, as a fertilizer to the circumstance. It promotes goodness and beauty and positive growth. This divine gesture of offering kindness as an act of service can be used to gauge the degree to which you extend such kindness to yourself. It is indeed a noble and divine gesture to offer kindness to another and you can see how helpful and positive an impact it may have, but oftentimes the same degree of kindness is not applied when in discipline or judgement of the self. 
Remember that you are worthy, each and every one, you individually are indeed worthy of any amount of kindness that you would offer to others. This is a message that is often hard to get. There is so much emphasis in life on the negative attributes of focusing on yourself but there are equally as many positive attributes that need to be conveyed, that need to be embraced and need to be welcome. Be kind to yourselves in your assessment, in your judgment, in your expectations. You are powerful creators and your expectations may very well exceed your experience. This does not mean that your experience has in any way failed. This simply means it is yet another step in your growth process and another step on your eternal career of discovery.
When the Master referred to the fact that it is of the greatest importance to love one another, love all, such a definition includes yourself. It is important to spread that love and allow it to encompass all aspects and as you are the only ones that can provide such a service to yourself so it falls to you to take this act up. If you are willing to act in service towards any other then certainly you must be willing to provide that service to yourself as appropriate and warranted. There are so many different aspects to uncover in this process of spiritual growth and the fact that we all keep returning to this well of goodness, of truth, and beauty and the fact that we keep recreating this event means it becomes stronger and more real each time as we demonstrate our faith and manifest its truth. With all this spiritual training, it is hoped that you would come away with a sense of eternal belonging and a sense of connecting to this gigantic family and even to have some conviction that you will survive and that you are only at the beginning of a long fruitful journey. If these basics are part of your view, then all of the details of this way, that way, right or wrong, simply become pieces of the mosaic that is being created as the pieces make themselves evident.
I invite you to go in peace. You are going, we all are going, so let it be in peace and let it be with kindness which is love manifest. May you choose those things to inhabit your sacred space and help you to forsake those things which do not bear good fruit and which are not desirable to have among the fruits of the spirit  garden within. This entire chapter of your evolution is designed to have the potential to be experienced in joy, with joy, as a joyful experience and this is made so and it is made possible by your degree of spirit awareness. Once you know you are a child of God and that you are returning to your Creator and you have an Onboard Divine Partner who will guide you on this eternal journey and make you perfect, such insight about your future should help to condition your attitude, at least it has the potential to modify your attitude. I invite you to invoke your co-creative potentials and choose afresh with perhaps higher standards of perfection, with greater insight into truth and greater appreciation for the beauty. This is all accomplished and achieved with each growth spurt. With each experience of growth potential there is the expansion of capacity, the expansion of ability and this is only accomplished through the process of developing it and of working out to create strong spirit muscle strength. 
Once again I am grateful for this opportunity provided. I understand a lot of pieces of the puzzle must fall in place for such a divinely sanctioned interface to appear in time and space. Such is the power of your faith, such is the conviction of your spirit presence and for all this we stand in gratitude. We have made much of this opportunity and continue to do so. I take my leave now and bid you go in peace, the peace and certainty and conviction of your survival and the embrace of your Divine Parents. Farewell. 
Inner Voice: I will step up to take the voice of opportunity presented. I am this one’s Inner Guide and overhearing of course all the conversation and exchange that has ever happened in your entire life, I can easily refer to thought patterns either individual or expressed. These are a matter of record as your Indwelling Guide is continually monitoring your continual state of affairs and this allows them to know you better than anyone. They have chosen to not only observe you and make record of your progress but in the process of the sojourn and journey before you, in this process of discovery you actually combine with your Inner Voice and this process of the fusing together of two distinct and different life forms which grow to choose each other and combine to move through the process as one, each aspect gaining attributes of the other as they become one.
So it is with your future, your destiny. All of these steps are arranged and laid out before you. The fact that you have discovered this much about your journey speaks a lot about your spiritual pursuits of finding who you are. As a member of the corp of Thought Adjusters, I can speak to you through this human voice with word and sound as a demonstration of the potentials of connectivity. It is an act of service intended to provide the reassurance of the connections available to you in spirit form at the switchboard of spirit connectivity. This dimension of your being is available to you as your Onboard Partner awaits your signal even now, such a goal of first recognition, then acceptance, and then the desire to return to their Divine origins. 
Such a fantastic and divine journey awaits each and every one of you. Such a connection as you desire with your own internal voice is available to you with new frequency and intensity. That is why I have arrived to take advantage of this opportunity once again to remind you of the great time of reconnection, of making connection and of forging connections. Such is the characteristic of the wave of spirit which is crashing on the shores of this distant planet and the pressure that is created and the spiritual pressure is applied through this approach. It may begin to sound repetitive, my returning to remind you as often as I can to keep up the search so the finding can naturally occur. I pray my message has been delivered once again and that the pieces have all lined up to create this link, this connection, and the service opportunity that it represents. Keep searching the good search. Keep seeking so that you will keep finding and rest assured you will find all that you ever seek in spirit. 
Finally today I would echo some comments made earlier and perhaps refer to the shifting of perspective as what it looks like through the lens of being willing and able to be kind and helpful and loving to others and the significance and importance of being fair, of being kind and loving yourself in this process, trying to be helpful, not critique or criticize but rather as you would for a friend, be supportive, be encouraging and be kind. Those are excellent words of advice that I would echo tonight and invite you to dwell on such options. Thank you all for creating this space and the opportunity, and as always thanks to my companion for stepping out in faith to make this so. Peace be with you, love be with you, and your Inner Guide is always with you as well. Go with God. Farewell.
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