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Lightline Teleconference  2023-05-18

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-05-18
Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: I thank everyone who is present, everyone who is seen and unseen. Welcome to our gathering of seekers, to our arena where we welcome you in and we join you in spirit, as spirit. I wish to express gratitude for this opportunity, this entire exchange, this entire experience that we have been engaged in for some time now. It is with this gratitude once again we return to this well to get another cup of truth, beauty, and goodness served up from this well of spirit and we ask you to join us in this effort, in this celebration, to take in this goodness, to bring in this love energy and to feel the connection, the circuitry click into place as it so consistently does if we exercise our faith. So let it be so, even now. Welcome spirit friends. We have set the places, made the arrangements and arrive to participate. We intend on making it so. Thank you for joining us.
Machiventa: Thank you for saving us the space, for allowing us this room as your time is indeed precious and for you to choose to spend it in this way, towards this end, signals your intention to the universe and to all of us who are waiting for your signal. Your signal has indeed been received, your call for love has been registered and so it is that we may connect. We may join this same circuit and we may find ourselves back in touch with each other, back in relationship to each other just as we were when establishing these circuitries. 
I understand there is some consideration of the effectiveness of such exercises as this when so much of what transpires is unseen and must be felt and registered on the spirit scale of reality. Let me reassure you that all effort put into what amounts to your own personal growth is well spent. It is what you are here to accomplish in this life. It is what only you can provide to the equation. It is you who is aware that you are a spirit being having a mortal experience and therefore are required to tend to the needs and demands of the mortal vehicle. It means taking your awareness that this is the condition at hand and gladly assuming the responsibility for self care and maintenance as your job, your task to perform in this life. This is a method for you to learn and discover about self worth and about the love and care of the self.
Oftentimes it is far easier to recognize and call up and muster the love and compassion for another and to have this compassion summon your desire to serve and be useful and help another is such a normal and natural part of your process. This process needs to be expanded to include administration of the same care and service to the self that you would so freely offer to others for after all, why should there be any less love and affection for yourself, for your vehicle, for your Indwelling Spirit? Why should there be any less affection and love shown to these aspects than to any others? This mortal life requires that you observe the principles of the life of an animal in the flesh but it also allows you the avenue to become aware of and to take at your choosing to leave the mortal construct of life and pursue your eternal career in spirit. To one who knows this, to one who has the faith and conviction in this, all things become possible and this is where you find yourselves at this juncture. You’re finding that your potentials are expanding exponentially as you explore them, as you test them and as you reach and try.
Pathways and doorways open for you as you learn to connect to all the various circuitries to which you are attached. Each one of those circuitries provide you with a whole basis, a whole frequency to explore, a whole dimension that passes through time and space. But to one who is experienced with the dimensions of spirit and the long term nature of spirit growth and survival, even now you stand on the precipice of continuing your career in spirit form while being in awareness that this is so while still having a mortal experience. Truly, this is the ambition of a lifetime for a mortal of the realm, to discover who they are in relationship to all that is and to become spiritualized to the degree that they are able to commune fluently in spirit. You are indeed learning to speak the language of spirit, learning to translate your encounters into spirit and learning to feel things from that core aspect of your being.
All is well with all of these pieces of the puzzle that are settling into place as always happens with the advent of time. As these things continue to settle out before you, as all the dust finally comes to roost, as it is settling out it may be directed, it may be focused into direction, it may be used to direct the creative force that is in play. I invite you to step into the process as the dust settles out from the changes in the life equations. Be prepared to be mindful of a more divine and perfect pattern that always exists for you to be discovering and choosing. But to one who is aware that these creative forces are at play, you may be in the proper place to interject your vision of a more perfect reality, a more perfect condition, an even better way to manifest. This is where you come in. You are the ones with boots on the ground and responding to the necessities of a mortal life. But as well you are a powerful co-creator with divine attributes of creation. These are your heritage and your birthright.
It is such a pleasure to be at this juncture in your spiritual growth where we can discuss this precipice that you’re on, this turning point before you of proceeding ahead in spirit and the natural course of evolution that is designed to allow for all of this. This would be my counsel and my fellowship for those gathered here today in consideration of thoughts offered. Fear not that mistakes are made throughout the process. They are in fact not mistakes at all, rather they are part of the learning process of trial and adjustment without which growth cannot occur. Therefore, they are a welcome component in the movement of your manifesting forward because they are steps that need to be taken to bring you to the place you want to be and it is required that you spend the time doing these steps and learning from the results in your own time.
Well done my friends, classmates along the way towards spirit growth. It’s a pleasure once again to join you in this classroom for this purpose and as well to allow for the communication by others. Go in peace, be in peace, all is well. There are no errors of movement forward, only choices to be made and perhaps remade to achieve the satisfaction of mastering the timing and the circumstance. A good day to you all. Farewell. 
Inner Voice: I will return again as it is my desire to return to honor the calling. I am this one’s Inner Guide, now given latitude to step forward to assume the vocabulary and voice of my host. It is my mission to facilitate the mission of my host to eventually become more than my host, perhaps more than my friend, more than my onboard partner or companion. We actually have the destiny before us of becoming one, of a fusion, two different aspects of your being and moving forward as one. This being the case, I have responded to this calling to spread the word of this new truth that communication, communion, and fellowship may all be established individually and personally with your own Onboard Partners. Your own Spirit Guides can be accessed and consulted with and joined with in purpose with this mission to provide for your eternal survival.
This reality has been made far more approachable and attainable in these times of transition, in these Correcting Times that we find ourselves in together and the combination of the enhanced approach and the awareness that this is so can be the difference between establishing and creating the connection and believing that it’s too remote and distant for you to access. This philosophy of attempting to commune with the Divine as being too lofty or too inappropriate a step for mere mortals must be shifted. Even with this generation, with this time, with the advent of the expanded circuitries, with advent of the spiritual pressure applied, there now is movement towards more divine pattern, a more perfect manifestation of a higher level of truth, beauty, and goodness that we have access to.
This is very very good news for mankind. These adjustments have been made in pressure and in focus to greatly assist and accelerate what is a normal and natural process which has routinely taken a number of incarnations to achieve by moving closer in circuitry each time. Now that the broadcast circuits and the other administering circuits have been fired up, there is great opportunity for exchange and growth. That is the good tidings that has me responding to the call to give them, to be heard, and this opportunity that I have to use this voice to proclaim these good tidings is a miraculous extension of faith that I am in gratitude for, I am in gratitude to be able to employ and utilize and so I will, so I have. I stand in gratitude for the opportunity and the willingness of all of the participants to allow and to welcome the input from one such as myself who may be greatly unknown to the masses of mankind. It is a pleasure to be at a time where there is a turning point in this reality, in this truth, a turning point in the awareness, a turning point in the capacities, a turning point in progress, a turning point in moving more towards the light and away from darkness and more towards perfect pattern because it is our desire to seek it, to find it, and to choose it.
It is impossible for me to impart to you, temporal mortals of the realm, the significance of this turning point or the relevance. It will only be seen in time, it will only be registered in the effects of time and space. I am grateful to seize this opportunity that exists and to be able to once again deliver this message, this message to have faith, to lean on your faith. This message that is here as a result of the extension of faith. Go where spirit is leading, keep pursuing the trail. These messages that have been delivered here today are universal in content and therefore may be shared and enjoyed with a vast number of individuals seeking spirit experience and these ripples, these waves that go out may in fact go out forever.
Remember, you are the first source and center for what is an eternal voyage, and as such this master creator you are constantly creating your next future, your next moment, your next expression. So in taking leave of this opportunity I will once again extend the offer, the offer from within, the offer directed personally to you to join in relationship with your Onboard Partner, your Spirit Guide who is looking to connect, your partner as you go forward even as one. I invite you to explore this relationship, this circuit between us, both on the inside, both enjoying a physical mortal experience but destined to move beyond such an experience.
Let it be so, will it to be so, make it so. It is all under your jurisdiction but I assure you, you have all the support you could ever imagine right next to you, right with you onboard this earthly avatar. I appreciate the magnitude of this expression, the extension of faith, the establishment of circuitries and the willingness of the participants all coming together to make this experience so. What a glorious life when you can actually commune and communicate between the different aspects of your being. Truly, it is a great gift of grace, this experience, these capacities, this journey from mortal to eternal. Go in peace, take peace with you. Share this peace, it is the reward of your having visited the spirit frequencies and soaked in the divine tones of spirit. All is well my dear ones so be still and know that God, your Fragment of God, is within and that is your ultimate connection, your ultimate red line directly to spirit. Enjoy the ride. It is designed to be enjoyable when you are aware of your relationship of your piece to the whole. So let it be so because you are aware that you are a child of your Divine Parents and you have a divine destiny before you as you make your way back home. Go in peace. Farewell.
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