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Lightline Teleconference 2023-02-16

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-02-16
Teacher: Machiventa, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: We welcome all the participants to the gathering of spirit, in spirit, with spirit, as spirit, welcome friends. Divine Parents, you know all things therefore you know that we assemble to approach you at this time, that it is the genuine desire to approach you and to be with you, to commune with you as the family that we are. I am sure our intentions are pure and our petitions of the heart to be with you are always received. We always are blessed with the response to our petition to commune, even to communicate through this construct we have developed to make it so. We stand in gratitude for this entire arena, the space that has been created wherein we might have such a gathering, such an exchange, such an experience of spirit, in spirit. It is with gratitude we once again approach as we spread our spirit wings and attempt to catch the air currents of spirit that are ascending and invariably we are rewarded with the support of spirit, even to the point of flight. These are the thoughts, these are the words that condition thought and communicate intention and now this represents faith in action as we commit to follow through with the act, the deed of following through and taking the steps necessary to make it so. Let us enjoy the fruits of this effort, even now.
Machiventa: Indeed, I accept your gesture, your toast, and I would gladly join you to drink of this cup of goodness. I am Machiventa and it is my pleasure to enter once again your classroom, the classroom of your creation that you have kept established and in order for quite some time. This experiment that we have been involved in since its beginning has provided us with the unique opportunity to share the adventure together. And having invested so much of our energies and time to this experience, to this project, we have grown familiar with each other, as familiar as comrades in arms may get with their partners in association, even to the point of friendship.
Taking the steps to develop a relationship into a friendship that is chosen by both parties as being desired requires the combination of simply wanting to enjoy one’s company to make for a richer experience, one that is shared and that is appreciated by a companion, a fellow, an associate who is choosing to become friends. Choosing to dedicate the energies necessary to form and maintain a friendship represents the beginning of a unique combination of potentials and traits and values and distinctions. Every combination of relationships is unique by virtue of the fact that all participants are unique and the combination of any two will therefore be unique as well. This combined experience, this combined perspective serves as a bond created between the participants that may well endure any restraints of the material plane or conditions of time that may be imposed.
This is accomplished by the nature and magnitude of love. When there is love between any individuals there is a third aspect created, the combination of the two individuals becomes its own entity. Therefore, this relationship of choice, born in love, has the potential to endure beyond any mortal limitations, just as your eternal career is not subject to any mortal limitations. Your love for your Divine Parents is immortal, is timeless and is forever. The children that you have in this life have the same eternal spark within them. They will survive all mortal conditions and it is the aspects of love that will endure. It is the path forward, it is the way. Love endures, whatever you invest your love in, survives.
There is a question I am aware of that has been suggested as a topic for consideration. The question paraphrased is one of having a sense of greater awareness of the power, potency, and significance of working with spirit to condition your energetic contribution to be effective. It is becoming clearer to you as you have observed the potency and potential of directed thought and intention of prayerful petition, of soliciting the guidance and advice from on high, the fact that you have concluded that your function as a spiritual ambassador is to flavor and condition the environment by virtue of the fact that you bring to the equation a set of higher values and meanings and grander purposes, that you are fortunate enough to have seen with your own spirit eyes, so to speak. 
This is an accurate assessment of one of the roles you may play and so the question arises: How to be effective? How to creatively and effectively manage the direction of energy in this regard to facilitate the elevation of the circumstance into a higher plane of spirit awareness. And the key to manifesting this version of reality, your reality, your version of reality, enables you to bring some characteristics and traits and values and meanings to your interpretation of life, your assessment of circumstance. And your art of living is to navigate your influence into the surroundings with purpose and intention and your purpose being to elevate the level, the vibration, the frequency, the tone, to raise the entire level of the race, the level of spirit, the frequency on which there’s harmony, balance, the frequency of love that nourishes all souls.
This is how you function as an instrument of peace. You as the instrument can direct your vibrations, you can choose the song you will portray. You can create the atmosphere by conditioning it with your intention and even modifying it with the purpose of elevating it, expanding it, raising it, and claiming the space and holding the space for it to exist, for it to be not only alive but for it to thrive in this favorable environment, the environment prepared for just such an event. You may consider that you are small, only one voice, but when you are acting as spirit liaison, when you are performing as an instrument of The Father’s peace, then you are the channel through which the gifts of grace may be bestowed. You are the custodian of these waves of goodness, these frequencies and tones of peace and your small and individual desire to make an offering, your desire to assist and help and sponsor the love you have come to know, this request from the part when made to the whole, elicits an enormous response. You may be an individual voice with an apparent small surrounding but when your prayers and petitions are in league with the greatest forces in the universe and you are aligned with these desires, then there is the coming all the way around, the establishment of the circle of existence.
Doubt not that your petitions are ever unnoticed or small or insignificant. The fact that you are choosing to connect with your Divine Parents by forming such a petition and spending the time and energy necessary to formulate and create your vision, all this energy that you have spent in this process has strengthened your connection, has demonstrated your faith and surely assures your benefit of inclusion, your relationship to all that is. This brings such a peace of mind, of perspective, that allows you to become creative with your desire to influence the environment. To make a great show when in consideration of how best to do this, consider what your most successful attempts to date have been and what was required to make such a successful endeavor. Invariably it comes down to your directed efforts and intentions manifest, even to the point of your willingness to provide the direction, the theme, the stage, the entertainment, the nourishment, the satisfaction of good will among men. 
I give you these as examples of your success at being the instruments of peace and I assure you that every offer made with such devotion and sincerity is well received by legions on high. Even if the crowd gathered is small, the unseen friends and observers rejoice with you when your efforts meet with success and you have been successful in fulfilling your role as an instrument of peace. Your soul has been grown as the result and you are a different individual, one with greater capacity, greater awareness, greater perception. And I point out to you that all of this has transpired at your discretion with you at the helm of this journey. You have invested the time necessary to explore this dimension of spirit and you have developed the faith that propels you to explore further and expand your dimensions. These are the factors that drive you and they are under your command. With so much accomplished to date, the future certainly looks bright. The future for each one of you individually looks exceedingly bright as you are just setting off on your eternal career, your eternal journey, and you are setting off well with the highest of intentions. The future of your world also looks bright and I understand that does not appear so from your perspective. What makes me bring that up is my perspective, a more long term enduring perspective and from where I look out upon the circumstance, I see a great influx of spirit energy, as if a cavalry was riding over the hill to save the besieged planet of Urantia.
These are all instruments of The Father’s peace. These are the songs they come to portray, songs of peace, songs of love, of hope, of joy, of gratitude. These are the sentiments to be portrayed and just as you are the instruments who find yourselves here on the moral plane, they are arriving and finding themselves to be instruments of the peace arriving from a different dimension but with the same goal and intention of claiming this World of the Cross as being settled in Light and Life after not only surviving, but conquering the dark and negative influences. A world where love will rule, a world that is even now being conditioned, being developed and having room made for peace to live and exist. Even now much work is being done within, on the spirit plane, and as you may have observed, the beginning is always in spirit, the physical is always the shadow, the manifestation of spirit.
I stand once again in gratitude for this format, for this place, for this space that has been created and maintained and fed and nurtured. It’s a place of great comfort and I’m grateful to have this place to share, to commune with you, even to join you in friendship. All this is possible because you have made it so and I stand in gratitude for that. Be of good cheer my friends as doing so makes the instrument have such sweeter tones and much more divine frequencies as good cheer is one of the most powerful and potent characteristics to foster and support. Be of good cheer because you are loved and appreciated by the likes of your Divine Parents and all of the fellow associates and instruments of peace, some of which have even become friends throughout this process. We all share gratitude for this connection. It brings great joy just to stay on the same frequency with you and enjoy the fellowship together even in the stillness. Farewell until we meet in the classroom again. Be in peace.
Light: I bring my greetings to my family. I am Light and all this talk of the qualities of friendship and the permanence of such a relationship invokes my very presence as if pulling up a chair for me at this great feast. It brings me great pleasure to join you on this sacred frequency, this tone so rich and full of love. This pool that we share and that we can draw from is what we so eagerly desire to return to, this place of embracing peace, of acceptance and belonging, this place of love. It’s a joy to meet you here and fellowship with you and to come close with our energy signatures and bring our characteristics and traits, our flavors and tones and simply be together as a result of the desire of the individuals to join together again. This relationship of friendship and this bond of family brings with it an eternal potential. This beginning has the potential to be forever. It will be up to each one to maintain the bond and the connection to the thread of attachment that runs through each of the participants.
Having created these threads of attachment, we may utilize them, draw on them, exercise them as we do even now. It is the circuitry of such bonds of association that enable such a certain connection. It brings me great pleasure to check in on you and drop in to say hi. We have perhaps an eternal future together but it is made one step at a time, one investment at a time, one contribution. The developing of the relationship is what is the true gift of grace in the experience. The true rewards come in working together for the common, working two individuals as combined traits and talents and the result formed is a living energy field that is spirit based and therefore contactable by spirit and available in spirit form.  
Indeed friendships can be enduring because they contain love. They operate in the frequencies of love and under the jurisdiction of the qualities of love. Love is in fact the foundation of all circuits. It is the root and basis of all circuits. It is common throughout all available circuitries. It is the language spoken and the method of dissemination and it is also represented in the act of service in all the instruments of peace that gather together for any project. I appreciate being welcome by this group and the opportunity to join you and relax into your space of spirit and enjoy the room that you’ve created for such an exchange and even the place that you set at the table for me as well as the other participants.
As has been said go now in peace, with peace. Take the peace that is here, take that peace within. Take that peace with you so that you may share it as the instrument of peace that you are. There is no small service, no small act of service. There is only service or the lack of service. If you are in motion, if you are in service, then it is a grand gesture. Under any circumstance, under every circumstance it remains a grand gesture. To be in service and to be in league with your Divine Parents in service and connected in this way is a divine gift of grace. Be sure to drink this cup as it passes by you. Stay in peace as it is yours, as it belongs to you and you belong to it.
Farewell and be in peace, bye now.
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