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Lightline Teleconference  2023-02-09

Subject Lightline Teleconference  2023-02-09
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers
Machiventa: As you have established the environment by projecting thought, word, and now deed you have once again strung together the elements necessary and created this environment of your choosing,  your platform of awareness and sharing. It has been my great pleasure to be with you throughout the formation of some degree of your platforms or your levels of awareness. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and nothing pleases me more than to see spirit growth and the fruits that are produced by such growth.
I have to mention each time, the deep gratitude that is felt for our companionship even our friendship. That is what it is, your willingness to associate with me, with us, and form bonds and even friendships is perhaps one of the greatest gifts of grace to be had in this process of growth. Friendships are in fact one of the elements in life, one of the connections and circuitries that may be created, developed, grown, sponsored, maintained, and because it is spiritual in nature it carries the potential of eternal survival as it is one of the sacred acts of individuals, of the parts of the whole to choose to bond in friendship and it creates the cords of relationship. The circuitry of friendship is the creation of a live circuit. The relationship itself is alive by virtue of the willingness of the participants and the creators to choose it, activate it and foster it. It then may be grown and established and deepened and cherished for all time because it has spirit value, it has real meaning and purpose. It is good, it is beautiful and each one is true for the creators. The only greater thing that you can do as a human to be in an even closer bond is to bear children and feel for yourselves the sacredness of such a bond, the enduring nature of such a bond and the firm grasp of such a bond.
I reference these bonds of friendship because we share some. We have been engaged in this process for some time. Your faith in relying on our friendship has been the basis to sustain it and move forward in the direction of spirit. Consider the value of friendship in so far as it relates to your relationship with your Divine Parents. Michael has on a number of occasions made request to be considered no less than a friend, one who has your best interest at heart, one who brings a depth of pure love unmatched, one who is keenly interested in your survival as a member of His family and one who has the capacity, which is difficult to fathom as a mortal of the realm, but has the capacity nonetheless to be in all the places He is welcome at the same time, at any time, at every time and all the time.  He has the time and He has made request of you to expand your relationship and expand the potential of friendship with your Father. 
Such a radical idea and yet such a basic and simple act of the part to the whole. It is your faith, your conviction and your passion that are the wind in your sails and bring you the power you need, the power to harness and direct and help you get across the unknown stretch ahead. In faith you go within to discern the proper heading, even through the darkness. Such is your faith, such strong faith will certainly see you through, will bring you that which you need and that same faith will bring you that which you want, that which you choose such as friendship with your Creator, a close relationship that you may share at will. This is clearly within your grasp. You who have been on this spirit pursuit for some time have long since learned the value of approaching your Divine Parents, of coming near to them with your prayerful petitions. Now that you have become aware and even been requested to find friendship with your Divine Parent and now that this direction has been presented and afforded you, it is simply unfolding as per divine plan and this invitation to become friends with Michael is personal, individual, and sincere, true, beautiful, and good. All such divine energies meet with success as they find their manifestation in the material plane in accordance with the vibration and tone that they were generated. 
Thank you for the opportunity to take the microphone for a few minutes and attempt to throw you some lures, to put some bait out that may be attractive, some options yet to be considered has been presented. It’s been a pleasure to share with you once again. I now take my leave to allow the platform for access by others. Good day to you all. 
Jonathan: Hey guys, I greet you again. This is Jonathan and I am here in response to the request for friends to come and visit. Certainly I was a friend in the flesh, one you could call and talk to, one who would have an opinion as a fellow individual. And in the flesh we chose each other to form a friendship and a bond and this friendship, as you will witness, has grown to a great depth and we have enjoyed each other’s company as comrades in the spirit search. That bond, or circuit, or connection was forged throughout all of those years of maintaining it and building it and working it and choosing again and again to donate our energies to keep it alive.  As a result of all that time spent in friendship building we were also building the bridge, the connection and even the circuit upon which we communicate even now. That’s what the bond represents, this connection is in the form of a circuit that allows an impulse of energy or a transfer of energy to be exchanged and conditioned by the users. 
The infrastructure of circuitry has been developed and created and having built such a circuit and having exercised it and kept it alive, it stands as a testament to a method and a means of connection and communication that transcends the mortal vehicle and continues beyond the realms of time and space. This is how we are communing even now as we are connecting our circuits of friendship to the circuit of communication that we have developed. You are all becoming aware there are many connections and circuitries available to you that may be accessed and chosen and implemented to the degree you are aware of their existence, of their purpose, and of their impact. This is where spirit guidance may come in. When circumstances arise that defy the mind’s approach, there is always another way, there’s always to take the circumstance into the stillness and seek guidance from another dimension. Invariably inspiration will transpire leading you in some direction and succeeding in taking you off of the paralysis that not knowing and not being inspired can have on you.
So I call you all to witness that friendship endures even now as this example between participants, even on different sides of the wall. Such exercising of this bond of friendship only serves to strengthen it and make it more powerful. And so it is that we have more and more trust, having greater and greater faith in the process as it has been more and more certain and as it has been regularly fruitful in its application. I send my best wishes of peace. I am aware that there is a great deal of struggle and uncertainty and there have been great shifts in the sand beneath your feet. There is an unsettled feeling and never before have there been more opportunities for service, more opportunities to share higher truths, more opportunities to seek common ground. When everything is in flux and is being changed, someone needs to direct the settling out of the pieces and the restructuring of the new way.
This is the time you find yourselves in. This set of challenges, this particular mix of opportunities and challenges and puzzles for you to put together about how to create a better way, a more perfect picture, a more advanced circumstance, these are the ideals that you may bring into the equation as the participants, the participants at the unravelling of the old and the rebuilding of the new in accordance with higher values, greater meanings and grander purposes. You have been graced with the opportunity mentioned of having been born in interesting times and now your task will be to maintain your centered composure. Though the storms may rage around you, you have the potential and ability to maintain your own environment of peace, of wellbeing, of love.
Go now with this idea of peace, with this idea of companionship and friendship, this notion of accepting Michael’s offer to greet Him on the fields of friendship and accept that this is His desire, this represents His will so therefore perhaps it should be your will as well. Such an opportunity during such a life on such a planet. I take my leave and bid you farewell. Peace be with you and upon you and among you. All is well, your eternal survival is guaranteed and there is much to do as we set out in the darkness to find the trail of spirit and we lean on our faith and find the direction. Take care my friends until we meet again. My friends, I cherish the relationship we have formed, each one. My love I send to you all as I’m sure that is compatible with the will of our Divine Parents. So be it, farewell. 
Dr. Mendoza: I appreciate your invitation my friend, I am Dr. Mendoza, here for some verbal counsel. I wish to bring you my observations that you performed quite successfully your duties as physician’s assistant for yourself. You took the steps necessary in preparation and throughout to maintain the field of energy of healing, to create and then hold the environment wherein the event could transpire. This involved the conditioning of your environment from different angles and approaches. On the material plane it was required of you to take the proper medications, to injest the proper diet and to provide yourself ample opportunity for recovery and rest as part of the physical attributes of the equation. Making sure there was enough water for hydration, enough food for nourishment, enough medication for pain relief and controlling all of these chemical reactions indeed brought in the factors of a favorable environment for recovery.
As well as these physical aspects required to maintain the balance of the mortal organism, there were a number of environments unseen to be conditioned. You had to wrestle with your own approach, your own acceptance, your own willingness, your own doubts and fears, your own predispositions and your own ignorance.  All of this had to be examined  and confronted as a matter of making such a choice and decision. It was equally as important to condition within, the environment in preparation for any episode of healing. Just as you want to make sure to avail yourself of the proper medications and foods and liquids, you also want to monitor your peace level within, that is, the degree to which you are at peace, that you even embrace the various attributes of the circumstance, with the objective being, not to wish them away or deny their existence or their significance but rather to develop the approach of the expectation of grace and what meaning and value may be imparted to you through this circumstance. To look for the goodness within changes what you will find.
I wanted to make this contact with you in verbal form to be witnessed by the other physician’s attendants, that the job certainly requires both material and spiritual counterparts. All the efforts provided are undertaken under the banner and the shelter of tradition or what may have worked before. As the spiritual pressure is applied more so to your world, connections will be made easier, will be established quicker, and will provide for an awakening to such potentials, an awakening achieved through material-esqe means but still requiring a spirit investment and acknowledgment of the existence of this factor in the equation.
Well done my friend, my comrade, and well done to your assistant for her dedicated service on your behalf. Peace be upon you and now I take my leave after the brief consultation. The patient is doing quite well and the prognosis is for complete health and the restoration of complete health. After this incursion of trauma the vehicle will be in even better shape. 
Mark: Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace. Thank you Dr. Mendoza for your gifts of grace as well as Jonathan, my friend, and Machiventa who I might be as bold as to infer is my friend as well. Thank you my friends for reaching back as we reach out at these times the way friends do, for the same reasons friends do, the genuine desire to join the circuit with you, to join you on the same energy field that we create. Well done, well done my friends. Be in peace, farewell.
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