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Lightline Teleconference  2023-01-19

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2023-01-19
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Invocation: Divine Parents, let’s do that, let’s approach in this way, let’s forward our conviction, forward our faith and our trust. Let us stake a claim on the reality we would have and let us do this in spirit with pure intention and as a manifestation of our purpose and may all of this please the will of The Father. Let it be so, even now.
Machiventa: In a very real sense, your wish is the command of the universe. Your intentions projected condition the environment of your choices. Your faith, and your trust that your intentions are conveyed and received makes them so. Your faith that your petitions are received creates the certainty of such a truth. The whole process of casting your intentions out before you is like planting seeds that may flourish in the time it takes you to arrive at their location in time when the fruits of spirit have grown. 
I am Machiventa Melchizedek, pleased to report to the classroom once again. This construct of the mindful consideration of the process of creation through the steps necessary to take the inspiration of thought and then to describe such thought into a form that may be shared with the process of words and then acting as if, acting as if you believe, as if you have faith. Simply acting in accordance with your degree of faith and taking such steps will result in certain manifestation. The space that you have claimed and conditioned and created now exists. It then may be experienced, it may be shared as it is a comforting energy and a place of great peace. 
The inspiration to forward your intention is the beginning of a miraculous process in the universe, the beginning of creation. And so it is with great pleasure we observe that the principles of creation are being applied with such purpose and such intention by the children of such Divine Parents. Surely when you seek the embrace of spirit, you are invariably furnished with a response to your request. A greater cord of attachment is created through such requests and petitions and with such conviction of communication and such faith in the connection that produces the Divine results that only a deep and abiding faith can bring forth. Such results are yours for the taking, are yours for the making, are yours to create at will.
You are certainly becoming more comfortable if not fluent in the language of spirit, in the tone and frequency of spirit communication. More and more you are conditioning your inner environment with your own construct to do so as a means to seek where spirit is leading. More and more your faith brings you the rewards of your effort in the increase of your capacities and the expansion of your perspectives. These are all byproducts of the simple communion of the part with the whole. It’s an honor to be allowed this channel, this frequency created at this time and in this place within you in time and space, this classroom of your choosing. I stand in gratitude for your willingness and your steadfastness in providing this forum, this hall where we meet, this safe place that you have created wherein we may commune and enjoy our connection. 
I bid you all a good day, a safe journey, and the opportunity to exercise and use your faith for it is the strength of your faith which determines your capacity to embrace that which you seek. Peace be upon you in the process. Embrace the grace of connection and the grace of belonging, farewell.
Inner Voice: Greetings, I am once again honored to be given voice as well as the latitude and the use for my own purposes and intentions. I am this one’s Inner Guide, Inner Voice, inner inspiration you might say, even referred to as the Little Voice, the one you should check with as to the value contained in any life circumstance. I have been given the opportunity to address you all because you are aware of Me. You are aware of your Internal Guide. Your spiritual pursuits have brought you to this awareness, have brought you to this place of acceptance, of trust. Your faith has been strengthened by the success of your efforts and by finding and seeking you have been growing your soul.
We have spoken about of the importance of conditioning your reality by conditioning your inner environment. Consider conditioning your inner approach. Your expectations, your willingness, your level of acceptance of uncertainty, doubt or fear condition your expectations. These are some of the aspects which must be reconciled, which must be conditioned to accommodate the reality you would project. All of these factors serve to condition the environment as well. All of these extraneous responses are part of what must be conditioned within to insure the parlor is properly arranged and put in order in accordance with your faith.
Realizing the significance of all of the factors at play is required for you to fully manifest your vision, your dream, your purpose. It is not enough to simply have a dream, a vision, a projection, but then there must be an awareness of all the surrounding factors which must be considered and conditioned into working harmoniously for the outcome of the vision or the healing, or the relationship. I would encourage the idea put forward to go through the process of creation, of putting forth the vision, the thought of manifesting such a vision into word and with word, direct this intention. Then, after having chosen and directed, appreciate the success and be in gratitude for the granting of your petition, the accepting of your vision, the offering you make, the creation of a higher truth and a greater reality.
This same process is used in healing and the channeling of healing energies to make the petition of what your needs are. To formulate such a petition makes your will known and this may be received by your Divine Parents who then may place into motion the acknowledgement of your petition and the awareness of your condition. Then comes the inspiration of divine wisdom and love that is transferred to you through your attempts to make communication. Your wishes are indeed my command to assist. I am the liaison between your individual self and your interface into the spirit dimension. I am the door through which we will enter onto your eternal career. 
As your Inner Guide it is my great pleasure to have access to make clear and plain in word that we are together, we are sojourning together, side by side even now. The fact that you are aware of this truth, of this certainty, may provide you with the conviction of your destiny and your purpose and that is my mission, that is our mission at hand to bring you to this place of conviction and certainty arrived at through the application of your faith to seek for it, to search for it and to find it. Such an exchange as we enjoy even now constitute the fruits of your internal labors to grow in spirit and have the capacity for this exchange.
I assure you, each one, that you are so lovingly attended by your Onboard Partner and that you are so infused with this love that you are unaware of the separateness or distinction of such a love. It is the purpose of your Indwelling Guide to surround you and embrace you with the love from on high and this is happening even now. Even at this opportunity we co-mingle our presence’s and in this way become closer and closer, stronger and stronger in faith as we relax into the results of our faith applied. Remember that when you do your work in spirit, first you project your intentions in the form of your offer of your prayerful petitions, then apply your conviction and demonstrate your faith in gratitude for the successful creation of your vision.
It is always welcome when you take the time to go within and to return to the parlor of spirit where you can commune and connect. It is a great pleasure to meet you in this place, in this sanctuary, and to use this format is indeed a gift of grace. We stand in gratitude for such a gift and in awareness of the magnitude of the gift. Thank you for drinking this cup, for sharing this cup and passing it around to enjoy the satisfaction of sharing this cup of goodness, truth, and beauty. It has been a pleasure to join you in such an opportunity. All is well comrades, all is well, and in fact is getting better all the time. This is the observation from our vantage point. The trajectory looks wonderful, the ability to direct the vessel is effective and the heading is guaranteed with the return to the stillness within, return to spirit contact and association of the part with the whole. Bringing the potential and the power of the whole into the equation is simply another act of conditioning, an act of will. 
Be in peace as this journey is meant to be one of joy and one of peace. Embrace that truth, expand to accommodate that reality. This eternal journey is designed to bring you truth, beauty, and goodness. And so it is, even now, in the dark recesses of time and space, still there is love and light, there is peace and grace, there is an environment conditioned for your survival. There is an army of comrades and assistants. Let us be about this journey more arm in arm, more as a team. That would be the dream, the hope, the vision of your Onboard Partner to simply be more involved, more connected, more chosen and this is getting better all the time as well. Great progress is being made on these fronts of connection. 
It may seem as a matter of routine for you but I assure you the connections that are made and inspired and grown spring from the truth of the connections we bear witness to even now. Find us within, the not so little voice that may be consulted with that will most willingly provide you with insight. Such a relationship already exists, it is just the growth and expanding of these potentials. Thank you for the opportunity to open the doorway to such a connection. It is my great honor to be allowed a forum for such an exchange and I assure you, as with all efforts of spirit growth, it gets easier all the time. 
Attempt to feel the connection, to sense the affiliation, to register the overlap of spirit, and then simply relax into the connection and into the embrace of spirit. Peace be with you all tonight as we have spent this time together on divine frequency, sharing and taking this cup of goodness. Return to this well as you have need of it, return to this place of sanctuary and rekindle this fire of spirit. You may always find peace in this place of your creation. Thank you for allowing this connection and for allowing us into your sacred zone. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to another opportunity, farewell.
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