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POD109- Death & Dying Part3 – The Afterlife

Wisdom from our Planetary Manager – Machiventa Melchizedek.

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Podcast 109 – Discusses The Afterlife.

Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast #109.

This podcast series consists of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek, our planetary manager, and perhaps other celestial personalities who are here to assist us depending on the episode topic. The topic for today is on, Death and Dying Part 3 – The Afterlife.

What you’re about to hear are messages from Machiventa’s bi-monthly presentations that have occurred regularly over the past twenty years and still continue today. These are available at: If you have any comments or questions you may send an email through that website.

This topic discussion is on The Afterlife, delivered today by Celestial Teachers Charles and Monjoronson. These teachers and others comprise the Triumverate for this planet’s Correcting Time intended to assist and guide us into what is termed, the days of Light and Life. These excerpts are from several sessions with celestial teachers Monjoronson and Charles. Here now to speak is Monjoronson.

Good day. This is Monjoronson. Drink in the events of your life with great richness. This lifetime truly is what you will live on and feast on in your morontial life as you gain new experiences. You will see this brief archive of history of your soul’s growth and development as a resource for interpreting your new experiences and for re-interpreting the experiences you had during your lifetime.  This is all there is!  This is what you get.

This is the material feast of your eternal career. You have the opportunity to fill it to the greatest extent. That is why we ask you to live life consciously, joyously, fully and deeply! Your resentments, your hostilities, your hatreds prevent you from moving ahead peacefully and gradually into physical death. Your negative emotions strive to keep you locked into your body and you will have less to use in the afterlife for your lessons that come along.

When individuals awaken in the resurrection halls, it is as though they have just woken up from a sleep. The last thing they remember was that they were in a hospital bed, or their own bed, or they were in a car when they were killed, or in some other situation that brought about their death and this is literally the last thing that they remember. When they wake up, it is much like as you were when you were a child, when you went to sleep at your parents’ friend’s house in another state. When it was late and you were asleep, and they bundled you up and put you in the car and then drove you back home.

The next morning when you awoke you were now in pajamas and in your own room. Waking up in the resurrection halls is very similar to waking up from surgery. You may have been injured or needed some kind of medical attention which required sedation to put you to sleep and the next thing you knew you were waking up from surgery.

A bit groggy, and there are friends around you looking over you in your bed as you recover. So too, it is very similar in the resurrection halls when you wake up in a strange situation. You are now seeing with morontial eyes, you are now hearing with morontial ears and you are now sensing so many other inputs into your sensory faculties that you never had before. And so it is. And quite confusing to you for a bit.

It is as though you were being hooked up to a computer and all that you had coming into your mind are ones and zeros in different strains and strands, and so on. So, when you wake up in the resurrection halls, yes, it is very much different than it is in any other prior situation. Your surroundings will be quite different and very strange to you and the more that you had dissociated yourself from the eternal and angelic realms in your mortal career the longer time it will take for you to acclimate and become acquainted with your new surroundings.

And if you were of a stubborn nature with what you thought was right in your mind on earth; when you come to this realm, what you believe is right and different in your mind will be vastly different to what you see. It will be as though you woke up on another planet, which is completely correct. Thank you and I bid you good day. I will now turn this over and continue with teacher Charles.

Hello, I am Charles, you are now part of the four-dimensional material universe. Your chore during this lifetime is to grow in awakening and in awareness of your oneness with all the universe. To understand and know that you are truly a son or daughter of God, that you have a spiritual career both here and in the afterlife. When you pass from this realm, you will enter the resurrection halls where your God presence, your Guardian Angel and your soul registry will be joined together once again and here, you will be given a morontial material body.

You will progress and differentiate from the physical, then to the morontial, on to the spiritual, and finally to the infinite. These are four levels of realities that you will eventually traverse through, during the morontial realm, which could last many thousands of years, you will have approximately 570 new states of consciousness where periodically you will receive upgrades similarly as your computer receives upgrades, so that you may have a greater capacity of mind and of soul growth.

You will see and understand that your mind has an infinite capacity to grow, to learn, and to develop and when you go with the Father Spirit presence within you, you intentionally grow and your mind will receive upgrades during your lifetime journey. This allows you to be more wise, more capable, and more careful in the decisions that you make.

All that you do here is important preparation for your lifetimes ahead, to give you the beginning of a large library, you might say, of experiences on which you can draw much wisdom, and enable you to reflect, and engage in spirit growth. Just as a large city has parishes or boroughs, counties, wards or districts, so does this local universe. You may think of this local universe, as you view the galaxy Andromeda, so far away.

Your local universe is similar in nature, and populated with billions of other inhabited planets. After your passage through the resurrection halls, you will begin your first experience at the district level, and I say district cautiously, as it is not the actual word used, but used here to help you understand. And from the district level here, you will traverse through the many schools, and then you’ll move, so to speak, into a larger district, where you will engage in further schools, and so on.

Life is not all work. Life is divided into thirds: one-third work, one-third play  and one-third rest. So you see, it is very beneficial to the wholeness within you. This is a holistic process of experiential growth. You can take a retreat, you can take time out and pursue hobbies and do many things that you wish to. You can put your ascent on hold for a time before you re-engage the journey. So I hope you get the point. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey of tremendous growth and adventure. The difference is when you receive your body in the afterlife, there is no disease, there is no psychosis, there are no psychiatric problems. You will be surrounded with light at all times. It is not as though you work and become tired. You work, you study, you rest and during the resting process you integrate what you’ve learned into new knowledge and new wisdom. There is always a necessity for time to reflect.

As with your time here as a mortal in taking time apart for reflection and to wonder, “What was that all about?”, “Is there a lesson here?”, and, “What is the overarching wisdom of these experiences?” You will ask these same questions in the Afterlife, for this is the process of growing up, becoming more mature, and becoming more complete.

We leave you for now. Both Monjoronson and I wish to thank you for this opportunity for time together to share this discussion today. Thank you for listening and we hope it gives you a greater understanding of your life here and beyond. Good Day and peace to you all.

This concludes the discussion on Death and Dying part 3 – The Afterlife. We hope you enjoyed this discussion. We also encourage you to read and become familiar with the Urantia Book, that’s spelled. U-R-A-N-T-I-A and you can find it on Amazon or from any other book reseller. Additionally, you can search the entire text on or or other Urantia book websites.

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Additionally, other links to discussions on the 7 core human values and several sustainability concepts may also be found on the website: www.7 We hope you enjoyed listening and found this podcast informative. Thank you for listening and until next time, peace be with you. Be safe and well and may God bless.

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