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ICC-MM 210228- Focus on Moral Courage and Redemption

2021-02-28.  Focus on Moral Courage and Redemption

Magisterial Son & Planetary Seraphic Collaboration Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

February 28, 2021

Topic:  Focus on Moral Courage and Redemption

T/R:     Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER:  Paradise Trinity and Divine Parents, we appeal to you for more spiritual energy to pervade the planetary system of consciousness of mind here on Urantia. You know exactly what we are going through, and we are grateful for the bestowal of our Magisterial Son and for the efforts our Planetary Seraphim make on behalf of this world, helping the individuals in their various sectors of involvement to awaken to the call of Spirit Within. We thank you for engaging with us in this intention today for more light to pervade the planet, for more truth to resonate within the human heart, and for our morality to evolve and be directed toward your GOODNESS, Father in Paradise, and of all the divine attributes that take origin in you. We thank you for connecting us as one in these circuits of Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Personality, and we thank our Indwelling Spirits for keeping our gaze focused on the Father within us, that where we are guided to place our outward gaze in working with the collective is affective and aligned in your WILL. So, as we deepen into this intention today to be of service to our world, to our brothers and sisters, we thank you for the divine action of divine WILL prevailing through your GOODNESS, GRACE, and MERCY. Thank you.

MONJORONSON:  Beloved brethren, greetings one and all! This is Monjoronson, and I am pleased to be with you once again in this forum of light to bring about more of the spiritual dynamics necessary for this world to continue on its trajectory toward Light and Life. The MERCY of the Father in Paradise is a quality of such magnitude and grace that the human mind and soul can hardly fathom at this point of your development. Nevertheless, I encourage you to spend a few moments communing with your own Indwelling Spirits and asking for His MERCY to become a more vital and potent dynamic within your being, for you will need this now as you see what is occurring on your world as this outworking process continues.

Take a few moments to enjoin with your Spirits. Ask for Father’s MERCY to infuse you and to hold you in that stabilized spiritual dynamic that your mind may become more powerful tools to use today in our focused session. We will give you these few moments of communion with the Father as you gain strength from His MERCY through His GRACE and LOVE for you. Receive Him now.

Each one of you is dearly loved and cherished. You recognize that your Divine Parents, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia love you and support your evolution to the higher leadings of the Father within you.  But now it is time to trust more in the Father and what is occurring on this planet as the influx of MERCY that allows for the outworking of the rebellion legacy. You are in a dynamic time of this parting of the ways, and many people—your  brothers and sisters—are highly confused and demoralized about what they see happening on the planet.

However, you who are faith sons and daughters know that what is occurring is this dynamic parting of the ways that you may, as a planetary culture, reflect more of the divine guiding values of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY to support planetary transformation. As you focus on the Father within you, feel that intention for you to embody more of these divine ideals which are available to you through the Father’s MERCY, helping you grow in your capacity to not only live these dynamics each day but to demonstrate them to others who need to see living examples of these spiritual values and ideals.

Before we engage with you to focus more spiritual energy into planetary mind, I ask you to simply listen to these words I share with the intention that the Father’s presence within you  continue to shed more light into your heart and mind, that you become more fully prepared to handle the challenges that this world is undergoing. Many of your brethren have lost their moral compass they are looking for something and they don’t know where to find it. Their ability to make decisions based on moral choosing has been curtailed due to this legacy of rebellion that has polluted human thinking, colored your emotions and kept many people in states of fear, anxiety and confusion. To counterbalance this, what we ask of you is to simply focus on these words now: MORAL COURAGE.

Ask your Indwelling Spirits for this infusion now of MORAL COURAGE.  You may wish to ponder what this means for a few moments and you can certainly bring this to the Father within, but after you have done this simply wait. Stay in a restful mental posture. Let your heart open and let Father fortify you in those areas of your mind where MORAL COURAGE provides you a certain level of fortitude to help you discern what you perceive in your outer reality and to help you make better choices based on MORAL COURAGE. Simply allow these dynamics to move in you now as Father holds you in His embrace of LOVE to fortify you in this area of your own inner being.  MORAL COURAGE: inviting this to move in you now to deepen into how you perceive what is going on around you.

The subtle sophistries of the false liberty perpetuated by the rebellion agenda has led this planet on a dark path of deviation and destruction. It has become such a strong pull, you might say, on human mind that simple decision-making about what is correct has been highly damaged. Discerning truth from error, moral right from wrong, goodness over evil has been, not only obscured but highly distorted to the point that your ability to choose has been corrupted and weakened. Many of your brothers and sisters are operating in this way. They listen to the distortion. They pay attention to it and yet there is another dynamic gaining strength.  It is this inner yearning for freedom of expression, for a longing to be an authentic person and to have the ability to choose who you want to become.

It is important that more people be imbued with this MORAL COURAGE to help them perceive TRUTH, to help them recognize that they have the ability, the courage it takes to change direction. Some people are still so beholden to the rebellion mindset that it will take time for them to recognize the gifts of choice given to them by the Father Himself.

And we invite you now to shift your focus into planetary collective mind and ask for this infusion of MORAL COURAGE to stream into various circuits of mind where your brothers and sisters need to be fed with this fortifying energy that enhances one’s ability to recognize right over wrong, truth over error, goodness over evil, and to have the fortitude, the strength to let their minds be moved in this direction. MORAL COURAGE will support them. MORAL COURAGE will feed them and help them have a discerning voice, open a path for them to perceive the correct way in which to think and respond.

So, engage with us now in this mighty infusion of MORAL COURAGE. Feel your love for your brothers and sisters and for this world, for the need for MORAL COURAGE to be held in planetary mind and to engage with individual mind and fortify it and this very powerful energy. If you wish to use that familiar visualization of the world before you, spiral MORAL COURAGE around the globe in a counter-clockwise manner and we now engage with you, building this dynamic of spiritual energy upon the planet. MORAL COURAGE, MORAL COURAGE, MORAL COURAGE.

Why this is important and significant now is due to a rebellion agenda that wishes to erode your ability to choose the gift of volition from Father in Paradise to become Godlike. Lucifer wanted his system to reflect his own thinking and design. And in that deviation, he took it upon himself to interfere with your ability to perceive Father. What is underway by these recalcitrant individuals still very much beholden to this agenda is their intention to deny you the right to your own thinking and choosing.

There are many influences now tied to this agenda that are doing their utmost to keep humanity in this state of intellectual and emotional enslavement denying your Creator-bestowed right to become who the Father has created you to be. It requires a potent dynamic of MORAL COURAGE to recognize what is occurring so that you can change course. Now I know that I am as you say, preaching to the choir here, because you are all on your journeys to Father.  But so many of your brothers and sisters are confused and have little awareness of the Father within them and the relationship of LOVE that exists between their Creator and their status as a human child. MORAL COURAGE will help them perceive a strength and willingness to change course, to recognize the error in their thinking and choosing, and when this occurs, REDEMPTION follows.

REDEMPTION is an act of GRACE by the Father that welcomes the individual back into the family.  But there must be a conscious recognition and MORAL COURAGE helps that individual make that conscience recognition which is sometimes known as repentance and to seek forgiveness wherein REDEMPTION can be bestowed. These are powerful spiritual dynamics that are underway now, and you can support this by holding this intention for MORAL COURAGE to stream into human consciousness and to be applied into those areas where people are now awakening—awakening to LIFE, awakening to LIGHT, awakening to Father within.

Let them be fortified in MORAL COURAGE. Give them that oomph, as you might say, to support their minds to move toward Father and to help them make correct decisions based on CLEAR PERCEPTION, RIGHTFUL CONCEPTION IN THE FATHER. Let all of these dynamics come together as this synergistic blend of spiritual qualities that liberate human mind to recognize TRUTH, to desire GOODNESS as a behavior for human life and the BEAUTY of the blending of a human nature with the Divine Presence Within. Hold this now for your brothers and sisters as we minister in these circuits of mind. MORAL COURAGE, RIGHTFUL CONCEPTION, CLEAR PERCEPTION, REPENTANCE, FORGIVENESS and REDEMPTION. Let this flow through you and out from your hearts into the planet.

There have been many examples of individuals who have demonstrated great MORAL COURAGE in times of crisis. There is this tendency, if I may call it that, in human mind to be courageous in the midst of challenge and change. There is a record of this courage in human memory.  And we now invite you to ask for this MORAL COURAGE demonstrated by many truth tellers to move through human mind now from an evolutionary perspective to fortify what is occurring through these infusions today.

Think of your Father Michael, as Jesus when He was before the Sanhedrin being judged. Look at the MORAL COURAGE He demonstrated in the midst of the hypocrisy that He had to engage with.  He is only one example. There are many other men and women who have thus demonstrated as He did in the midst of great adversity. And so we invite you to ask for this to be fortified, not only in yourself, but through all human mind and for those memory dynamics to engage now to fortify many more individuals who need this as a means to awaken and become aware of their choices that they may repent and receive the REDEMPTION that spirit provides.

MORAL COURAGE provides you the means to make correct choices based on spiritual discernment and fortifies your faith to live more in alignment with the Father’s presence within. It is your cosmic responsibility to live as a moral being, to choose goodness, to advance truth through understanding and to demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit to your brothers and sisters. Let your courage become stronger and let the Father within you help you make those correct moral decisions that will enable you to become more secure and stable during this time of great upheaval.

Trust in these spiritual dynamics that are in-working into human mind to support your own inner transformation and that of the planet’s entire mindal structure and function. Human potential is being stimulated in ways it has never been before because this is your world and you are making the changes. This is all part of the adjudication process underway. All of these endowments we share with you are components of this process, and we invite you to move more dynamically into this adjudication process so that you are as clear in your thinking, clean in your hearts of your intensions so that the PURITY of the Father within you can radiate outwardly and evoke more change in human consciousness of others to see the Godliness within you. You have it in you. It is already there, it is now a matter of you demonstrating this more faithfully each day and ask your Father Michael, for His human experience to guide you and to help you see your own blind spots when you falter in your ability to live up to these spiritual standards.

You are all growing in your ability to live up to your potential, and we always encourage your striving and make no judgments upon you. It is only an invitation and encouragement we provide, but you must make the effort and do the inner work. And the more you ask for these endowments to bathe the world, the more you are being of service to your brothers and sisters.

So let these words settle in, in our final moments together and continue to ask for MORAL COURAGE to become stronger in the fabric of mind that all individuals may be able to perceive what is good from what is evil; what truthful from distortion and what is correct in Father.

The LIGHT of Paradise is shining upon Urantia and your Parents have pledged that this world will reach Light and Life one day.  But there are many phases that you must undergo as a planetary culture to reach that state. What you provide to us is part of that process, so become more aware of what your part can contribute to the whole. Recognize that this is part of your privilege and responsibility as a cosmic citizen. And stand firm and fast in that awareness, that you can rise above the fray and the din of this noise of distraction in your planetary culture and remain true to the Father and faithful to His presence within you.

I leave you now with the appreciation and gratitude of all of the celestial helpers and Seraphim who have contributed to this time together. I leave you in the Father’s LOVE with my blessings for your peaceful awakening to this greater process of LIFE and all that it has to share with you.

Good day.

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