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POD104- The Golden Rule®

2020-09-27. The Golden Rule.

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Wisdom from Urantia’s Planetary Manager.

Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast #104.

This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek our planetary manager and perhaps other celestial personalities who are here to assist us depending on the episode topic. The topic for today is on. The Golden Rule, as explained by Monjoronson who, along with Machiventa Melchizedek and Christ Michael, oversee the evolutionary progress of our planet. What you’re about to hear are excerpts from Machiventa’s bi-monthly presentations with follow on question and answer sessions that have occurred regularly over the past twenty years and still continue. These are available at:  If you have any comments or questions you may send an email through that website.

This topic is on, The Golden Rule, and was delivered by Monjoronson who, along with Machiventa Melchizedek and Christ Michael comprise the Triumverate, the architects of our planet’s Correcting Time which will eventually bring us to the status of the days of Light and Life. Today’s topic is excerpted from several sessions with Monjoronson. You may access the transcripts directly at

Good day, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. The following is the Golden Rule as explained by Monjoronson and is the fundamental element of spiritual growth. Using the Golden Rule is to use your own personal growth in service to others and particularly to yourself as you serve others. The Golden Rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.”, and is a standard rule of social and moral ethics that was in place long before Jesus appeared on the earth.

It was a revealed standard that came to the Hebrews and it came to other cultures as well though it is not as well recorded. The higher value of this rule is that you see others and their behaviors as an opportunity of service. Most of you see the Golden Rule as something to avoid problems as minimum service. Whereas in the evolved personality you see the Golden Rule as an opportunity of immense and infinitely enlarged service to others. “Do unto others” …that would mean to serve others. It does not speak strictly to avoid hurting others but a movement away from that into serving others. It is very similar to the higher value of forgiveness. You forgive the other not because of them but because of the higher elevated sense of being that you assume in forgiveness. It is a challenge to you to rise to the higher standard. The Golden Rule and this state of forgiveness are equally linked. You see the other individual as your nemesis, the antonym of which is your savior. They are your saviors because their presence, their behavior allows you an opportunity to grow into a higher state of being. It is not a state of condescension, of looking down upon others from an elevated point of view, for that is simply your ego in play. The higher motivation of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”, offers you an opportunity to grow into your higher spiritual self.

You see each instance of injury to you by others as an opportunity to forgive. It is an opportunity to see that what they did has hurt your feelings. If they have hurt your feelings then it is truly not they who have done so but your own reaction to what they did. So you attain the level of maturity where you no longer react to what they are saying. You instead act in your highest good and in the highest good of theirs as well. You struggle to interpret the Golden Rule in ways that serve others.

You struggle because of your unwillingness to accept that you are part of the huge web of humanity. That you are one being and that when one being fights against the whole, it is a sore spot in the body of humanity. Your idea that it requires unconditional love to do this is difficult for you. As unconditional love is a high level of existence, a high state of being in personality development which is supported by behaviors which demonstrate that. Such as the application of the Golden Rule to treat other people well as you would want them to treat you. There are many behaviors which underlie unconditional love. It is furthermost important that the individual apply the Golden Rule to themselves. This assists them to grow even further. If they are unable to forgive themselves. If they are unable to treat themselves as they would wish others would treat them. Then their Golden Rule is hollow. It is not truly a developed element within them.

The application of the Golden Rule to others then is, quite hollow. It is a social expression of obligation of equal treatment whereas when the Golden Rule is applied to one’s self, it is required that the individual sees himself truly as a living son of God, that they are worthy of being treated well, of thinking well of themselves and of being good to themselves. We are not talking about self-indulgence or self-narcissism, but we are talking about genuine self-love to treat one’s self to time off, to be free of having to do things, of even having to have busy thoughts. It is important that the individual begin first to apply this within the relationship as it exists between themselves and the God within them. How would God treat them? And this is what they must apply to themselves. Then applying it to others becomes secondary. It becomes truly a response to the God presence within the individual to express itself to others without social obligation or as a social ethical rule.

The Golden Rule is the projection of yourself onto others and that you see others as yourself. That is why I mentioned just a moment ago that it is important that you have a high self-regard for yourself, that you treat yourself well. If you do not treat yourself well and see yourself worthy of being deserving of equal treatment from others and good treatment at that,  then it is hardly possible for you to be genuine in seeing yourself in others as deserving and worthy of good treatment.

You see, in the world of seven billion people you would have seven billion others of yourself and if you have high self-regard, if you know that God loves you and that you are an agent of God’s love on your world then you would want to be of service and serve others for your own highest good. This makes serving the other seven plus billion people a real possibility as a projection of your consciousness of love for the one as you are one of seven billion. Yes, there is a reciprocal relationship but it is in many ways only between yourself and God first and then to others secondly.

I believe we have stated it clearly that this is not done for social image or for the minimum of good relationships socially but for the good of yourself and the good of others. It is not a lubricant for the social organization of your world but as the true essence of who you are. It is a demonstration of your inner self-worthiness. When once people begin to see this in this light then they will see the Golden Rule in a much different way. At what point does serving others becomes enabling of their behavior where they lack the ability to help themselves or even the desire to help themselves?

In enabling others, you become responsible for how other people feel, for their satisfaction, for their lives as they exist, for helping them mature, for striving to help keep the equations stable rather than allowing their situation to destabilize as an opportunity for growth.

Enablers strive to have the others be at peace and oftentimes, and most of the time, this is contrary to the growth of others. You then become responsible for the emotional well-being of others and I mention well-being in a very narrow, narrow sense in that they are no longer throwing tantrums or are in an emotionally difficult situation. This is the complete extreme opposite of the Golden Rule where you become responsible for another person’s emotional peace and this suffocates their capacity to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Remember dear one, that the emotional energy is always equivalent to the spiritual growth of the individual. When others are prevented from experiencing emotional difficulties and growing through them then they cannot grow spiritually either. The question that must be asked is, “Am I doing this for my own peace of mind or for others?”

If by doing for others, you suffocate them emotionally and you are able to stay at peace yourself then you are not working for the highest good for them or for yourself. You are holding yourself back. You are not responsible for the emotional happiness of others. This topic on enabling goes to the heart for the life and death of a society. It is a sense of entitlement but also of narcissism where everyone else is responsible for your well-being, your happiness and this is a very untenable situation and socially and will lead to the demise of a society and to a family. It is the antithesis of the higher realms of the Golden Rule. I am wishing that you and those who hear this understand that the Golden Rule has far, far, far more to do than the elimination of offensive behavior. Every interaction is an opportunity to grow in service to yourself by being more accepting of others and extending yourself into their situation empathically so that you can be of grateful service to them.

Where they are grateful for your presence and you are grateful for the opportunity to be of service. This truly is the root of tremendous spiritual growth in a social environment on a world such as yours. This is a higher value, this is a higher realm of the Golden Rule, this is where your world becomes changed by the work of individuals. This is how the consciousness of a race of people is truly changed. This is Machiventa. Thank you and I bid you all a Good day.

This concludes the discussion on the golden rule. We also encourage you to read and become familiar with the Urantia Book. That’s spelled. U-R-A-N-T-I-A. You can find it on Amazon or any other book seller. Additionally, you can search the entire text on or or other Urantia book websites.

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As mentioned earlier, many celestial transcripts, documents and other related resources may be found and searched on the website. Additionally, other links to discussions on the 7 core human values and several sustainability concepts may also be found on the website We hope you enjoyed listening and found this podcast informative. Thank you for listening and until next time. Peace be with you, be safe and well and may God bless.

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