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11CT-564- Enhanced Circuits Explained®

2020-09-20. Enhanced Circuits Explained.


Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA – 11CT #564
Date: 20 Sep 2020
Teacher: The Urantia Collective of Thought Adjusters
Receiver: Chris Maurus



The Urantia Collective of Thought Adjusters. This message is for all souls on Urantia—that they may understand the mystery of the Indwelling Presence of Universal Father living and working in their mind.  Each one of you has a powerful Fragment of deity (the Thought Adjuster / T A) that works with you to see that your souls are progressing by providing insights to your consciousness that you may use for decision making.  The resulting experiences you have in this life of decisions and actions is valuable to the Creator and to the emerging experiential part of Himself known as the Supreme.  Because of the unusual circumstances throughout your planetary history and the ensuing rebellion that changed the intended path of your evolution, there are now “countermeasures” in place to carefully guide souls during this transition period that they may become more aware that they are the beloved children of a loving Creator Father.

There are many dynamic changes taking place in the unseen realities around you that affect the way you are guided that have not been previously made available to you. It is not that you have been abandoned or that guidance has been withheld, but that conditions are now ripe for “enhancements” to the circuits that guidance uses to connect with your human minds.  Guidance comes in many forms and involves a great network of personalities including the deity presence of the Universal Father—that personal Fragment of deity that is focused on your life and soul development—the Thought Adjuster (T A).  We (Urantia Thought Adjusters) have an enhanced circuit to see that you are more inspired by our given insights.

Your angels are also receiving enhancements in their circuitry that help them progress by understanding the insights given to you directly from the TA.  This has never been directly accessible to them previously—they could only hear your thoughts and intuit the insights by the TA and provide guidance through observation of human behavior.  They now receive the TA insights directly even when human consciousness ignores or dismisses TA guidance.  The Seraphim can now use these insights to guide their wards more effectively and provide opportunities for their growth.  This access to TA insights makes the approval process by the angelic supervisors more efficient in granting permission for your angels to manipulate your environment for greater growth potentials.

These providential enhancements also work to bring dark consciousness to light—those humans that are rebellious and devious in their attitude toward others—the angels have more latitude to bring their dark deeds to light. As the insights of human minds are more keen to understanding TA inspiration through the enhanced circuits, deception is more easily discerned and questioned. Whereby before the intentions of dark consciousness was cloaked by the cloudiness of human insight, the enhancement makes known their darkness—that they are responsible for their actions.  Justice serves to bring awareness to injustice—progress is the result of light shining on darkness.

To those that are open and desirous of soul growth, these enhancements can be used to achieve greatness and satisfaction in life and purpose.  Being open to “seeing yourself” is the most efficient way to participate with your guides and T A to realize the greatest opportunities for growth.  We shall have more to say about this going forward.  Know that the Creator Father’s love for you is boundless and We, the Thought Adjusters of Urantia, are committed to seeing you progress and survive in eternity.

With Peace, Love, and Understanding, We are that You are

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