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POD101- Podcast Series 100 Introduction®

2020-07-27  Podcast Series Introduction

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Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager.

Introductory Episode. July 2020. – POD #101

Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast #101.

This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek, our planetary manager, and other celestial personalities who are here to help us. Our world has indeed fallen into dark times of greed, inequality, poverty, corruption and so forth.

We are about as far from living the collective, spiritual life as can be imagined.

But fortunately, we are not alone. This planet is being lovingly administered to, as is all of creation, but we’ve been allowed to let our misguided, self-will to run riot, so to speak, to the point where we now find ourselves in our current dire circumstances. We now have an opportunity to change, but it will be up to us to do the changing, along with the help and loving guidance of our celestial associates.

Machiventa, along with Christ Michael, our local universe creator, and Monjoronson, our system magistrate, together comprise what is termed, the Triumverate, and whose plans will be worked out over time to bring our planet eventually to what they refer to as the ‘Days of Light and Life’. These are the future times when everyone will have what they need, exhibit lives based on Love, Beauty, Truth, Goodness in Peace, Safety, & Fairness, rooted with strong morals, ethics & equality.

Wherein, the people of Earth will live with empathy, compassion, & a love for all humanity & recognize that they are never alone. They will have the knowledge that they are part of a greater universe & cosmic family.  Getting to that state of civilization will require much work & effort on our part, shared pains & joys of self-discovery to the awakening of who we really are & what we can be, both individually & collectively. The result of which will be unbelievably wonderful.

It is our destiny & our birthright. Historically, starting some thirty years ago, transmissions from those celestials mentioned here along with many others, began arriving to participate with various TR groups who were mostly studying The Urantia Book at that time. These celestials are attempting to train & teach us to be better individuals, better parents, better friends and better citizens and awaken us to our inter & inner spiritual connections.

They are patiently attempting to teach us to bring light, fairness, equality & sustainability concepts into our communities, our corporations, our governments and all of our social structures. They are of God, just as we are, & they bring with them a vast knowledge, understanding & perspective of the cosmos & our place in it. We live in a friendly universe, populated with all manner of beings & spirit helpers.

Many of whom are here now, serving & assisting Mack aventa, Christ Michael, & Monjoronson in their mission, referred to as the ‘Correcting Time’. They are helping us to understand how to correct the inadequacies & injustices in our current civilizations from those deficient aspects which have developed and persisted over these many centuries. All civilizations of the past have risen to great heights, reached pinnacles, stagnated & declined, &, ultimately and sadly, perished into obscurity.

These celestials are now attempting, through these communications & contact, to help us understand how to transform ourselves & our civilizations & get back on track for the betterment of all & to learn respect for each other & our beautiful home. Planet Earth. & eventually develop a far more sustainable future. This podcast series will provide excerpts & present many of the celestial transmissions, organized into a topical format.

The following is some cursory information regarding Urantia Book. Spelled U-R-A-N-T-I-A, & is the name of our planet on universe records, &, which we call, “Earth”. We would like to encourage you to read & become familiar with The Urantia Book, which was written by many of these same celestial personalities which are also involved in these correcting time transcripts.

Within its pages, you will find vast information about the grand universe, our local universe, the history of our planet, &, the life & teachings of Jesus Christ. Also within its covers, you may find answers to many questions about yourself, your relationship to others & our collective destiny & hopefully you may find even more questions if your curiosity is ignited.

Please consider supporting our sponsors and this podcast series. All monies generated from the advertising on this podcast series will be donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to the spiritual uplifting of our world. You may also listen to or read the many transcript documents from which this podcast was derived by searching the website If you have comments or questions you may send an email through this website or the website.

As mentioned earlier, many celestial transcripts, documents & other related resources may be found & searched on the website Additionally, other links to discussions on the 7 core human values & several sustainability concepts may also be found on the website We hope you enjoyed listening & found this podcast informative. Thank you for listening & until next time, peace be with you, be safe & well, & may God bless.

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