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POD103- Death & Dying – Part 1®

2020-09-12  Podcast Series 103 – Death & Dying- Part 1

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Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast

Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager

Podcast 103 – Death and Dying

Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast 103.

This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek, our Planetary Manager, and perhaps other celestial personalities who are here to assist us depending on the episode topic.  The topic for today is on.  DEATH and DYING.

What you’re about to hear are excerpts from Machiventa’s bi-monthly presentations with follow on question and answers sessions that have occurred regularly over the past twenty years and still continue. These are available at:  If you have any comments or questions you may send an email through that website. Here, now, is Machiventa Melchizedek on Death and Dying.


The conscious death is one that is magnificent, and the person who has been in the process of dying is able to easily move through this thinner and thinner veil of consciousness to the other side, without loss of their own consciousness. This truly is very similar to the passage of those in worlds which are much more advanced and approach the days of light and life.  Conscious passage through the veil of death is a wonderful experience for those who experience it.

There is an agreed-upon development between the soul, personality of the individual, and the Thought Adjuster. This is a three-way decision. There is the arrangement for the completion of the course of one’s life, the learning of lessons and that of being of service. Truly mature souls understand this before they come to this lifetime, and as they grow in their development, they re-establish that agreement and choose to live with intention and they choose to die with intention.

There is a service to others, even in death, and that is to teach those who remain, something about the aspects and the facts of life, rather than the facts of death. The deceased do not feel sorrow. What they feel oftentimes is like they wake up to a non-sequitur. There is a very distinct disjuncture from their prior experiences. Their state of existence is so abruptly changed from the past that sorrow is not one of them.

Sorrow indicates a disappointment or loss of attachment, whereas when a person is deceased and becomes aware—and many do not become aware that they are deceased for some time—that when they become aware of their existence, they know it is separate and apart from that which was, and they take great joy and awe in their next few steps of this journey.  It is one of wonderment and joy.  There is a wonderment in the inexplicable, the unknown, but delightful passage forward that they are underway.

There is a reflection in those who have passed over of your sorrow, and that they truly wish you to understand the joy of their new existence.  Many who are left behind feel the sorrow of the loss, do not appreciate the awe, joy and wonderment of the one who has gone. Truly, those of you who are consciously striving to grow spiritually and broaden your understanding of your place in the universe are preparing yourselves for a conscious and easy passage into the afterlife.

We speak of those who die of natural causes or easily, as opposed to those who lose their life suddenly, as in accidents, and so on.  Some of those are prepared for that, but few are. Humans are social creatures, and they receive their validation for who they are, what they are, what they feel, and what they know from others.

It is important that you grieve with others, that this be a shared experience, so that you know that this era is real, it marks a passage of time, and the completion of events, and that you have done socially what is necessary for your own individual personal and emotional clearing and healing.  Social grieving is important, though it has been taken to far extremes in some cultures, and to the detriment of those who remain.

Good grieving is authentic, it is genuine, it is heartfelt, it is spiritized for the individual, but it is something that eventually comes to completion and it is time to move on, but it does need to be done and is done best with others.

The saddest deaths of all are those where we see the individual dying within, where their spirit, their esprit is dying, is going away.  They can be young; they may be old, but they have given up on life already, and they are hollow shells, automatons going about the business of the routine of daily life, yet on the inside they have no awareness of their thinking—great thinking or wrong thinking—they are simply going about the motions. These situations are extremely sad, where people lose hope.

We do not understand how it is that people can totally reject the spiritual life, but on the other hand, we can see that it is done actively, it is done in total violation of the God/personal relationship.  There is actually some vitality to that, for when these individuals cross over and are on the mansion worlds, they will see the wrongness of their thinking. They will either continue to adhere to that and become part of those who have vanished, as though they were never here, or there are those who will see this as an opportunity to begin anew, and do so with the same fervent, energized state of being. Those of you who have mental aberrations, of depression, of latent psychoses—those with mental aberrations who are unable to manage their thinking—this is most sad; were the angels to cry, they would cry over this for sure.

But you speak about the dissolution of death, and so the next saddest state that I will engage is the premature passing of one who has so much potential to know God in this lifetime, whether they are in their infancy, their childhood, pre-adolescence, adolescence, early adulthood, adulthood, or the elderly. It is very sad to see those people with grand minds, who have the capacity to know God intimately, and who do not, who pass prematurely from this acquaintanceship, from acknowledging this wonderful eternal handshake, between God within them, and their own conscious mind. These lives are not wasted, and do not mourn about that, for there is an avenue for growth that is always granted to those who cross over, who wish to continue.

This truly is a very conscious existential decision that is made by everyone who has a sentient mind, who is invested by God, the Thought Adjuster, the Son Spirit, or the Infinite Spirit. Detach yourself from your own body, recognize that you are a spirit, in the presence of another spirit.  Many of you see speaking to the dying about death as an imposition, a faux pas, so to speak.

However, there is a reality about death that almost should compel you, require you, to address that spirit, from the spirit within yourself.  There has been much preparation for you in hospice to engage this process, but there has been very little preparation for the dying to engage this process as well.  By this conversation we are having today, you are thinking about that process yourself; those who are hearing these words think about that process as well.

Dying is as natural as birth; it is as natural as growing flowers in the garden, as growing vegetables for dinner. The act of dying is natural.  What people have done, cultures have done, whole societies have done, is to see death as the end of a continuum, which is not true. Death is simply stepping across a line in the sand of life; it shifts, you can cross it easily; you can see across it to the other side. You, who have good early morontial vision, can see across to the other side.

It is not scary; it is simply something you have not done. The truly evolved individual makes the intention to live as long as they can, learn lessons and be of service to others. Once that has occurred, they choose to exit this lifetime. You have seen very often in friends, families, and acquaintances, those whose life seems to have come to completion, and they cross over. Their work is done; they have finished the course of their life, the race is done, and so they cross the finish line and move on.

This concludes the discussion on DEATH and DYING. We also encourage you to read and become familiar with the Urantia Book. You can find it on Amazon or any other book reseller. Additionally, you can search the entire text on or or other Urantia book websites.

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As mentioned earlier, many celestial transcripts, documents and other related resources may be found and searched on the website Additionally, other links to discussions on the 7 core human values and several sustainability concepts may also be found on the website We hope you enjoyed listening and found this podcast informative. Thank you for listening and until next time, peace be with you. be safe and well. and may God bless.



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