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MSG211011- Special Message From Machiventa on Upcoming Disclosures

2021-10-11. Special Message From Machiventa on Upcoming Disclosures

The following is a special message from Machiventa for the reader to consider their reactions and choices to made when various disclosures occur. It’s also a request to explore your feelings and thoughts in advance of any disclosures to enable you to be more thoughtful for the directions you take and the decisions you will make.  Journey inward and listen. Thank you.

Machiventa: Good Evening. This a Machiventa. I appreciate this opportunity to discuss this information with you at this point in time because I think it’s a very important message. The time is approaching close when certain people and their activities around the globe are going to be revealed and disclosed as to what they’ve done, are doing, and continue to do which are truly horrific crimes and atrocities against humanity. These initial disclosures are going to have repercussions for generations for this society. Some of the perpetrators of this current virus and vaccines had no idea what the consequences were going to be nor did they care.

I am speaking today of the vaccines. There are many other aspects to these vaccines that are horrifying and will be horrifying. It’s not going to be a long time in coming because information is coming out more and more these days. What I really want to accomplish with this message today is that now is the time to think about the horrific things involving the perpetrators and the others involved when what they have been doing is disclosed.

Take time to think about what the situation would be after the disclosure. How are they going to be punished? How will they be treated? What changes need to occur to prevent future travesties? Also think about forgiveness and mercy for those who did not participate willingly and were perhaps forced to be involved due to threats to themselves, their families or loved ones. There’s a very big difference whether one is knowingly committing an atrocity or that they had been threatened and forced into being involved.

The ones who had the ideas and thoughts that this was a great idea and were all for it and enthusiastic about what they were doing – that’s one thing. If somebody else gets roped into it who happens to be a scientist or has an ability or talent that was needed or whatever and were made to be involved by threatening them for those things – that another thing.

We’re coming into a time when there’s going be a level of consciousness and awareness and these perpetrators are not going to be able to get away it like they used to. It’s the start of a transformation or the open transformation of society and one which does not perpetuate more hate and anger or hidden agendas. Think about forgiveness and mercy.

The overall purpose of this message is for people to think about this disclosure and what it will mean to them ahead of time. The time to talk and think about these things is now before it happens because when it happens everyone will be very emotional, angry, upset, fearful and vengeful along with all of the other emotions that will arise when this awful truth comes out that rationality could be overrun.

Now is the time for people to go quietly inside and realize what the situation really is. There are the perpetrators who did these evil horrific things on purpose and they deserve severe punishment. But the punishments should not be meted out wholesale to those who got caught up in the process without their real participation or even knowing the scope of their participation because they might have been a worker not even knowing what they’re doing. Some didn’t even know – they were just following orders. They believed what they heard and this is also true of your media. The top ones in control knew exactly what they were pushing and the rest we’re reading the scripts that they were given to read.

It will require an awful lot of forgiveness on everyone’s part and from those people and their families who have taken these vaccines. No forgiveness for the ones who decided to force this upon people. They will judged at a later time. This is a very broad subject with many different facets, little eddies and currents to it. Don’t be led by fear and anger and hate but for some – show compassion. Now this will be time of judgment that’s under the purview of a civilization as a whole and not an individual. That’s their right as a civilization and in order to have a civilization you have to have laws and you have to enforce them in ways that are  meaningful and operate under full transparency. The spiritual part of what’s going to happen is when people come together to comfort each other. There’s going to be many of them in the same boat so to speak. Extend their hands in compassion and love. They’re going to learn a lot about loving and helping and reaching out supporting and comforting each other. Your growth as a planet will be ushered in. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of my words. Good Day.

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