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WDC400- Body Wired To Receive Adjuster

2003-03-09.  Body Wired To Receive Adjuster

Woods Cross #400

Topic: Body Wired To Receive Adjuster

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teachers: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying this wave of energy here this evening.  Your insightful contributions are most appreciated. I look forward to each week when we can meet and build upon our ideas and concepts. Well done.


Now that I am without material form I have good communication with my Father. It is very much different from where I am then from where you are to communicate with that Indwelling God. I have not the fetters of the mortal body to scramble messages that may be from Father. I would say a few words on making the most of your contact with the Indwelling God.

There are literal receptors within the brain that connect to Spirit. The mortal body is wired to receive from the Indwelling Fragment. When the physical body and mind are not in optimum performance then can divine messages be scrambled. This is not to say you become separated from Father, no. He never leaves you. You are simply somewhat buffered against His presence.

Everyone knows those activities you can do to optimize your physical body to see to that successful communion with the Spirit. Good food, exercise, limited chemicals, whether it be environmental or for medical purposes. Many of your daily activities of intake can interrupt those receptors that connect with Spirit. The more disconnection you feel, the more you should rethink those choices of what you consume. Also stress, anxiety, worry and other various Spirit poisons can create interruption between you and the Father Fragment. Daily stillness is a wonderful antidote for these interruptions.

Many people wonder why it is so difficult to perceive the will of God. Much of it is the mortal body and mind, as you will see when you are freed from this life you will see divine contact in a whole new way, but for now this material experience is required. It is the exercise that will strengthen you for the life ahead. The divine Adjusters desire so much for your success in your eternal career that they diligently work to educate, adjust and modify your thinking. A life of ease does not work toward a successful destination to becoming one with the Fragment.

A father who would give his child everything does not teach the child to work. A father who would make his child’s life easy does not teach the child to learn for themselves. A father does however make time to educate the child even if it becomes repetitive, for the father desires the child’s success. Most living creatures educate their young so that they may learn survival, so that they may know those skills it takes to live well, to live long. These lessons are difficult, and yet life continues on. All that value and meanings are used to continue on with the business of living.

The Indwelling Father is not to be perceived as a harsh teacher, for it is so much more. The Adjuster is living life within you. They know you as a child, not a student. They know you as a part of all there ever was, is and will be. They know you and love you as you are, and yet they are energized by seeing your potential.

To be fit in all aspects of living makes the Adjuster’s divine message easier to comprehend. Balance in mind and body creates a more clear path for the Adjusters to communicate with you. This time now is critical for you to be in direct  contact with your Father-Fragment, because there are many individuals in the world that will need your assistance by sharing with them the good news.

This week reevaluate your daily intake of foods, medications, chemicals, sunlight and exercise. Make improvements where needed. Create a list of activities you can be actively involved with to reduce stress and anxiety. Let not the fetters of the material body come between you and your beloved Adjuster. Know that your ministry to others depends upon your ability to connect with the Spirit. That is all. Are there questions?

MARSHALL: Yes, Abraham, it is a pleasure to be back. Just anything you may have to offer that is helpful would be much appreciated.

ABRAHAM: Marshall, I perceive you are in the midst of learning to become more balanced. You are learning that your actions have consequences no matter how good your intentions may seem at the time. This is good. This is something to focus on and continue to be open to the lesson. Over all everything is as it should be. Another question?

HELEN: Abraham, I would like to thank you for meeting with me. It helped a lot. I was wondering if you had anything to add before I return home?

ABRAHAM: I perceive you as a light. Helen, do not hide it. Know that Father is ever clearing your path to  greater understanding. All is well and getting better everyday. Have not worry. I am also happy to have had our meeting. Another question?

SIMON: Yes Abraham. I am on my way to South Africa with my son, Will, for ten days. Do you have any send off comments?

ABRAHAM: Have fun. Do not have worry, but exhibit your child-like wonder and take in the experience for what it is. Do not add nor take away. Your son will also be watching you and taking in your perspective, as well as his own. Know that in all your travels, Father travels with you. Carry on. Another question?

RYAN: I want to thank you for the past input you have given me. It has helped me in many different ways. I ask if there is any advice tonight?

ABRAHAM: My son, Ryan, I do realize that your life experiences have been difficult, but I perceive you to be a  strong young man, spiritual and mentally. Have not fear. Do not allow others or your experiences to cause you to doubt the God who has so much faith in you. You do well. Carry on. Another question?

CARLO: Abraham, I have never been here before, but I appreciate you speaking. I would just like to ask for some advice. I have some situations coming up where losing my stability, which isn’t a bad thing?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I appreciate your bright outlook even when things may appear to be dim, but forget not  to exhaust your human resources, meaning that you do what you can possibly do to improve all circumstances. Know that in your efforts Father works with you side by side. You need not have worry, but simple faith. Is this helping?

Carlo:  Yes, but what did you mean by exhaust your human resources?

ABRAHAM: Yes, you do what you can, meaning you must make effort always and allow the outcome of any  circumstance to simply be what it is. Know that with God all things are possible. Yes. Is this helping?

Carlo:  Yes.

MIRIAM: Abraham, I would like to thank you so much for the lesson about Thought Adjusters. It is such  a joyful revelation to realize truly how much we are loved. If we could only but drink that in, really feel that. I have a question that I actually got permission from Don to ask. He is having trouble with his back and I was wondering if you had any guidance?

ABRAHAM: I appreciate your words concerning our beloved Indwelling Adjusters. Well said. For Don, my son, I realize the agony the mortal body can bring. I perceive not any mindal activity that would provoke this pain to occur. You have your average levels of stress and I do believe you deal with them in a proper manner. Have not worry, but also seek to exhaust your human resources. Do what you can to correct the physical body and know that God seeks for  your wellness. He seeks for you to have life abundantly. Have not worry and know that as you have this experience, Father also has it with you. You are not alone. Have not worry, simply tend to those material difficulties and know that you are supported and loved by more than you know. That is all. Another question?

AZSURAY: Abraham, I would like to say thank you for teaching. I am a diabetic and I have to take insulin. I was  wondering if that is a chemical and hindering me from getting in touch with my Thought Adjuster? Maybe you could advise me in some way that I could cure myself of this, or help me understand more that I might be able to not have to take so many chemicals. I appreciate it.

ABRAHAM: Understood, Azsuray. Those chemicals that are needed to keep the material form healthy are not a  hindrance, but a help. There are cases where medical technology helps you to become balanced in body, and therefore are benefits toward receiving divine information. Do those things which you know to create good health. Do not make sudden changes, but be open to that divine guidance within. Most mortals at some time or another will need material medical help, just as automobile needs maintenance to continue moving. Have not worry, my daughter. Your physical health is not a hindrance and surely your beautiful attitude is always helping. You do well. I am slipping. One more question.

TECTRA: Abraham, you spoke earlier in the lesson on spiritual receptors that help us make contact with our Indwelling Spirit. Then you went on to talk about eating well, getting sunlight, and keeping chemicals out of our bodies. I am  just curious, can you talk about other ways to enhance our connection other than these. What I am thinking about is can we grow that experience by visualizing somehow that these receptors are growing? What other ways can we grow these receptors?

ABRAHAM: They are for the most part the same things you have always done: prayer, positive attitude, limiting  external stimulus, but also anytime you can master the self, for example being patient, overcoming anger, resisting the temptation to feel self-pity, all make the way clear for these receptors to be open to spiritual circuitry. There is an energy exchange so to speak, while you have thoughts that depart, there are also thoughts coming in. Good question. I would have to say to exercise self-mastery is of great benefit toward opening these receptors. This is something you have each practiced and not at all difficult. This question you present–the answers vary from individual to individual. Different activities may help some while not helping others. I am slipping. Good question, Tectra.


Know that I am ever available for you, my friends. My love goes with you no matter where you go. Until next  time, shalom.

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